The Knighton Hill maize circle: my part in its downfall

Knighton Hill, near Wayland’s Smithy – 7th September, 2009

I thought that my chance to dowse a crop circle had gone this year. My recent two-day visit to Wiltshire’s White Horse Valley had been fruitless in terms of finding any remaining wheat or corn circles, as they had all been harvested. It was only by chance that I checked Crop Circle Connector‘s web site on the off-chance that something might have appeared late on in the season. I knew that I was due to be staying near to London in September, but I didn’t hold out much hope for getting any circle visits this year. To my surprise there was ONE circle still in existence – a geometric formation had appeared close to…wait for it…Knighton Hill next to Wayland’s Smithy!! I had been there only just over a week ago! But the coincidence gets more startling, so read on!


Images Olivier Morel  (WCCSG) Copyright 2009

I had made a particular effort to get to this circle without knowing whether it was still there. Luckily it was – I could see indentations across the fields where I had parked at Uffington car park (not knowing the local roads). I walked purposefully down The Ridgeway path, and courteously skirted the edge of the field of corn until I found an entry point. It was amazing how quickly I got in, and yet perversely the opposite was the case on the way out!

I began my investigations by asking twenty questions that I had prepared for my previous visit to this area only weeks before:-

  1. Was this formation created by human hands? NO. (I would have left at that point if the answer had been ‘yes’).
  2. Are they physical manifestations of patterns inherent in the land? YES.
  3. Were these patterns embedded long ago? NO.
  4. Should they be meditated upon, or within? UPON, not within.
  5. Are they intended to awaken human minds? NO.
  6. Do they contain a message in and of themselves? NO.
  7. Do they connect to other significant and powerful earth energy sites? YES – a neutral ley line from Uffington White Horse to Wayland’s Smithy.
  8. Has a known elemental force been part of their creation, and if so which one? Air and earth elements.
  9. Does their creation involve any force or intelligence from beyond the extent of this planet? NO.
  10. Is Gaia involved in their creation? YES.
  11. Are the circles solely a form of artistic expression? NO – more a cry for help!
  12. Is the knowledge of how and why they are created accessible to the human mind? YES.
  13. Is the message they send being understood as planned? YES.
  14. Was the pattern intended to be understood or decoded? Understood, not decoded.
  15. Is the circle intended for meditation, inspiration, education or revelation? Education and revelation.
  16. Does the circle’s design employ concepts of sacred geometry? YES.
  17. Was the circle’s design conceived before being created? NO.
  18. Was there a single prime motivator behind the design or the creation of this circle? NO – several sentient forces were involved.
  19. Is the energy that formed it electric, magnetic, elemental, plasma or chi energy? Chi energy.
  20. Does any of that energy remain in the circle? Chi energy remains.

For comparison, here are the questions and answers that Kal got when he asked similar questions recently at a crop circle:-

  • was this circle made by humans? no!
  • was it made by aliens? yes
  • are these aliens denizens of this planet – i.e. some kind of fairy type creature? no
  • are these aliens from another planet? yes
  • are they still here? yes
  • do they live here now? yes
  • did they use some machine to make these? yes
  • did the machine use EMF? yes
  • did this EMF propel the wind? yes
  • cro666p

    Images John Montgomery Copyright 2009

    As well as the 20 prepared questions there were some thoughts and queries that arose as I was there based on what I had found so far. The main points were:-

    1. The formation is on a neutral leyline in combination with female earth energy.
    2. The maize stems were broken because of maturity of the plants.
    3. The flow of energy was from The Uffington White Horse through the circle and into Wayland’s Smithy
    4. The creation of the formation was triggered by me noticing the potential for its formation, and believing that it was there, 5 days before it appeared in fact. That was the truly weird bit. I’m not boasting, just remembering how I felt when I first passed it, and what the rods were telling me now.
    5. The trigger for its formation was not due to any interaction I had with other sites nearby, but by walking past the crop and intending it, unwittingly! Or was it more of a premonition? Either way, I had felt distinctly peculiar as I passed the field some weeks before on my way to Wayland’s. I had almost wandered off the path to go into the field to look for a circle, except that it made no rational sense to me at the time, so I carried on my way.
    6. There were still elemental sentient entities present in the circle who had been part of its formation.
    7. The shape of this circle has particular meaning for me and I need to meditate upon it.
    8. The strongest power centre was in one of the small circles! Most of the circles within the formation had a central power centre, and often this was indicated by a column of mayflies swarming at the centre.

    It seems ridiculous, pompous, arrogant and frankly ludicrous to suggest that I in any way caused this formation to happen, and I find that I am very embarrassed to write such a thing in public. I considered not putting this aspect into the post, but then I thought I would be recoiling from my real findings if I didn’t. I did ask about my involvement, and so I should be prepared to stand up to the consequences of my findings. The whole incident of feeling how I did when I first passed by this field, and the thoughts that went through my head at the time, they didn’t seem significant until a week or so later when I saw the location of the last pattern of the year and realised it had been exactly, I mean exactly where I had imagined there would be one, even though I had never heard of a circle forming in maize in this country, and honestly believed at that point that they were all “hand made” by humans. To be brutally frank, I didn”t believe Kal’s findings when he got back from his visit and told me what he had dowsed. Then came this episode.

    So, what I can conclude from this is that the power of INTENTION plays a large part, deliberately or not, in triggering the creation of these crop formations. It seems to be the interaction of a human mind with Nature, and Nature employs her elemental forces to bring out the expression in sacred geometrical patterns from the earth by the involvement of air to knock down the crop in a swirling pattern. I can only say this of this one formation, I don’t know whether this holds true for other crop circles too. There is also the common element of their formation upon neutral earth energy lines, especially those that link to frequently visited sacred sites in the chalk landscape. Whether any sensible theory can be teased out from that I don’t know!

    I decided to leave before it got completely dark. I tried to retrace my steps but for some reason every part of the formation now looked the same, and I wandered hopelessly between the three main circles trying to find the small circle through which I had entered a few hours before. No joy! I started to wonder if I would ever make my way out, then it struck me – this was maize planted in lines – I only had to follow a line until the end and I would be outside again. I did this, holding my hands in front of me to clear the stalks and leaves as I passed. I walked for what felt like an eternity without emerging. Now I was beginning to panic again – wouldn’t someone or something take pity on me and get me out of here? Suddenly I broke out of the corn and into a ploughed field. I recognised that my car was parked on the other side of the field – it was simply a matterof walking across it and I would be right at the car – wonderful! Something had taken pity on me after all.


    In the last chance saloon.

    POST SCRIPT – 14.09.09

    Twice this week I have come across the concept of a mandala being used to train the mind to connect to the Otherworld, the Third World that philosopher Karl Popper postulates as the world of objective content of thoughts. (I have The Orb to thank for that snippet, which I heard in their O.O.B.E track whilst studying philosophy at University). The first reference was from a Red Ice Creations interview with Georgia Lambert who was discussing the Western Mystery Tradition, and the methods of meditating. She mentioned that holding a mandala or symbol in mind was one of the stages of meditative development leading to an opening of the gateway between worlds. Then the reference came up again in Lynne Hume’s book “Portals” that Kal bought recently. As I flipped through it I came upon a few paragraphs explaining exactly the same concept.

    Then I put the two coincidences together: was the image of the crop circle (above)  something that I could use as a mandala to meditate upon to open my own portal to another consciousness? See how it links to three traditional Celtic spheres of beingThe Underworld, The Middleworld and The Otherworld?


    1. TheFool
      Mar 8, 2011

      Look the Serpent in the corn…the same as the the Serpent that winds itself through the stones at Avebury (see W. Stukeley)
      It’s about Rotation and the force it releases while winding from out of this world into this world then out of this world,
      perpetual, eternal, creative

    2. gwas
      Sep 11, 2009

      Post script:
      I have been contemplating this formation for a few days now. Today I noticed something about it. There is only ONE constellation of stars that I can identify in the sky with any certainty, and it is a constellation that I always distinguish easily : Orion’s Belt. Three stars in a line. When I compare this to the crop formation I see that there are three central circles.
      Is this a depiction of Orion’s Belt? I must now check the position of that constellation in the night sky at the time of its formation. I wonder if it was at the same orientation as the formation?

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