Four Knocks: Sun, Moon and Uranus

Saturday 29th May – Four Knocks, County Meath

On the morning of Saturday 29th May I roped Kal into one of my crazy ideas. We would spend the next two days on a modern pilgrimage, just like we had done at Glastonbury the year before. We would find a starting point and then let the dowsing rods direct us from site to site. For me, I would set my intention for this pilgrimage to be to work on each of the seven chakras and to see what came out of trying to do that. For Kal, he would just do what he does – see what happened at each place and go with it. So, with the help of the iMegalith iPhone application and my SatNav system we trekked off to the starting point, which I had determined would be a henge and mound close to Four Knocks.

We didn’t get very far trying to find the henge and mound. The mound was visible in a farmer’s field, but the supposed henge had been… well, let’s assume it was removed and ploughed out of existence! Not a good start. Was there anywhere else we could pick up the quest? Our dowsing showed that nearby Four Knocks would be suitable. As soon as we got the rods crossing we kind of knew that this had actually been the right place all along, but something had been preventing us from dowsing that from afar. We sort of had to be in the area to zoom in on it. Perhaps we had prevented ourselves from ‘finding’ Four Knocks prior to actually being there because we knew you had to obtain a key in order to get in? Who knows. We obtained the said key (by the way – the directions are not very clear – but we found the house eventually and got the key by leaving a small deposit with a nice lady) and went to discover this famous mound’s secrets and begin a quest.

Entrance to Four Knocks

We opened the iron door up (iron – aaargh!!) and began to settle in. I needed some stuff from the car that I had forgotten, and by the time I got back to the mound it was swarming with a minibus-load of tourists from various parts of the world – America, Japan, Australia….all over. Their guide had clearly gone off to get the key without realising that we already had it. Ten minutes later he was in the mound beginning his guided tour of the place, which I earwigged into, of course. Hey – it was free for me to listen!! And jolly interesting it was too, although I could see Kal twitch every now and again, and I was biting my tongue at some of the speculative leaps the guide was making to fill the gaps in the archaeology with fantasy and pure imagination. He was very careful to preface everything with “My guess would be...”, or “Perhaps they might have…”, and even in the dim light I occasionally caught Kal swinging his dowsing rods behind the guide, shaking his head as though to say, “Nope!” It’s funny how dowsing can sometimes make you feel quite confident about being able to find out hidden knowledge, and yet later in the day that confidence would be completely reversed, but we’ll come to that in a later tale.

I don’t know if this is the traditional position but at Four Knocks we have the female on top and the male underneath. Yes, on top of the rounded mound there was female energy all over it. All around the outside of the mound was a male energy line, waving and running around in a sunwise direction. Kal was spending quite a time outside, pacing around and around, working something out, but I decided to get myself inside to take some pictures of the rock carvings and to try to work out what I might have to do to work on my Root Chakra – the first part of my modern pilgrimage. That was the intention, but instead Four Knocks had its own agenda for working my chakras!! I will explain in a moment.

Inside there was more than the usual amount of decoration. Many of the swirling circular shapes were familiar to us, but there was an abundance of zig-zag lines and lozenge shapes carved into the lintels of the recesses in the mound that seemed to be quite unique to this particular chamber, or at least rarely seen in such quantity elsewhere.

Zig-zag lintel decoration at Four Knocks

Three is the magic number

The inner chamber is slightly egg-shaped and has three recesses that are large enough to contain a seated person comfortably. I lit some candles around the chamber to brighten the natural light that comes in through three carefully oriented slots that highlight the three recesses. The United Nations of Tourism had gone off to be uninterested in the next site that was on their checklist, so we had the place to ourselves. In fact, I had the chamber to myself because Kal was still getting answers to life, the universe and everything outside.

Dowsing inside I had the feeling I should look for the symbol or formation of the spirit of the place. I began to trace this symbol and found that it was quite familiar. As I drew the path I had taken around the floor I recognised it as being a triple-headed spiral formation. It was intriguing. Was this an astrologically-aligned or in some way linked to some astrological body? It was! I asked “Take me to a spot that has an astrological alignment!” and I ended up spiralling on one of the three spiral heads. Which planet was it aligned to? The Moon. I repeated this questioning process for the other two spirals and they turned out to be aligned to The Sun and Uranus, which was a bit of a surprise. I don’t think I’ve ever dowsed anything as being aligned to Uranus before. Most unusual.

My next ploy was to find out whether any of these spirals was connected energetically to anything else. Each spiral head took me to one of the three alcoves.

The Fertility Ritual

The question now arose about how this chamber had been used by the people who had built it. It was obvious to me that it had a modern roof and that originally the mound may have been uncovered and open to the stars to which I had just found an alignment. The dowsing rods were leading me into a train of thought that was beginning to get an inkling of what the conditions may have needed to be for this site to operate: a day in which the Sun, the Moon and Uranus were present in the sky at the same time? It was more specific than that, even. The only days during which this site was active, according to the dowsing rods, was the three day period when the Moon was at its fullest.

With the conditions established I decided to try the place out. After all, what was the worst that could happen? Nothing. So, I asked the rods to show me a chamber that was suitable for me to meditate in and it chose the Moon alcove for me. I wasn’t too surprised by that choice! I asked if I would be able to enact the original ritual – NO. I needed two people who understood how the place worked to be sitting int he Sun and Uranus positions in order to achieve that. OK. But could I find out more about the original workings of the place through meditating in the Moon alcove? The rods indicated that I could. So I did.

Some fool meditating at Four Knocks

After a long period of attunement and slowing my breathing pattern to match the heartbeat that I felt coming from the chamber itself – a long throbbing hum that Kal swears was not to be heard outside – then things began to happen. I firstly got some visions of two people sat alongside me in the Sun and Uranus alcoves and I knew that they were directing their intentions and collective energies towards me, I was The Initiate, in this Moon alcove.

I asked whether I was in the right place to work on my lower chakras. In response my mind dropped down inside my body to dwell in my abdomen and I felt like I was rooted to the chamber floor. As I raised my attention back up through my spine I felt a tingling – down below – in a place where I hadn’t expected to feel a tingling! What the…?  I wallowed in this most unusual and unexpected feeling. I felt like my testicles were throbbing and I knew that some kind of fertility energy was flowing through them. I felt like I was vibrating through my lower spine and the throbbing sound all around was getting louder and more inside my head….I returned back to consciousness. Suddenly I knew several things:-

  1. This was a fertility site, designed to make the Initiate who sat in this chamber fertile, ready to breed.
  2. The Initiate had to be Moon-aligned – the chamber would not work on a Sun-aligned person
  3. This site was used by a particular tribe
  4. The energy coming through my body was energy from the combination of Uranus and the Sun

I wonder whether there was a tribe in Ireland who were known to be related to Uranus? Here’s a site that mentions the possibility that this site was aligned to the stars (or one planet in particular):

“Because the passage of Fourknocks is oriented to approx. 20 degrees east of north, it does not point to a sunrise or indeed a moonrise, so an astronomical function would probably have involved the stars.” (source: Mythical Ireland)

I did find one interesting correlation between the elements involved in my meditation – my ash staff lay across me during the meditation, and this has a link with Uranus and with the deity Gwydion:

“For the Celts too, the ash functioned as an axis mundi tree. One of the five magic trees of Ireland, the Bile Uis-nech stood at the magical centre of Ireland in County Meath. In Celtic myth the ash connects the three circles of existence, Abred [the underworld or subconscious], Gwynedd [the earth plane or conscious] and Ceugant [the heavens or superconscious]”

“Robert Graves suggested that it describes the seizure of a shrine [possibly Avebury] by the ash cult of Gwydion from the alder cult of Bran. However, we have already seen that there is a mystical opposition or duality between the ash and the alder and not only in Celtic lore. In Norse myth ash is the father of mankind, while alder is the mother. In Greek myth the alder god Cronos overthrows the ash god Uranus, only to be overthrown in turn by another ash god, Poseidon.” (source:

Like other rituals we had encountered recently this one occurred during the three day Full Moon phase, involved multiple people focusing energy towards an Initiate who would be changed by the process. This particular ritual unified the energies of three chakra centres – the Third-Eye, The Solar Plexus and the Sacral chakras.

I was now looking forward to the next place we would visit to see what could happen there. Four Knocks had been an amazing experience.



  1. Liz
    Jan 21, 2012

    Aaaagh!! I spent ages writing a long reply to this article only for it to get swallowed into the virtual ether! Oh well, I did comment *sighs* our computer is a menace at the moment, it keeps freezing (which it did as I pressed ‘send’) there’s nothing more annoying! This was such a fascinating post too and I had so many thoughts:-(


  2. David
    Jun 21, 2011

    Very interesting Gwas. Thanks for sharing this . I live near the site in North County Dublin and visit it usually about twice a year,especially at the Winter Solstice. Couple of things to add:- (I’m not a druid btw)

    1.There at 2 other mounds in the neighbouring field, which have not been excavated. Wonder if all 3 are connected energetically ?
    2.The site is supposedly aligned with Newgrange ( tripe spiral form is very much in evidence here as you know also…intriguing ?). There is also allegedly an alignment with a mound to the east( with a victorian folly built on it) and further alignments with the Baltray Stones in Co. Louth
    3. I have also experienced the tingly in the root chakra area and the energy moving up the spine…just by being in the chamber around the Solstice…so thanks I wasn’t imagining it!

    4.Let me know when you’re back in the area. I’d be happy to meet you there show you aound the local village pub/restaurant/music scene later on. Perhaps you could teach me a bit of dowsing along the way…



    • Gwas
      Jun 22, 2011

      Hi David,

      Thanks for the additional information and the confirmation of the root chakra feeling. All very intruiging. I would love to come back to Fourknocks and do some more work, and also check the alignments with other sites (which we didn’t do) and to see whether the mounds nearby are related in any way.

      I do plan to come back to Ireland this August, so if you’re around in late August then I will get in touch and we can arrange a meet up. You say there’s night life in the area? Seemed pretty quiet to me! Sounds great – I’ll drop you a line nearer the time. Thanks for the offer. And of course, dowsing lessons we will definitely do. You’ll be doing your own research in no time at all.


      • David
        Jul 2, 2011

        Thanks for that Gwas…yes I’ll hook up with you guys in late August for sure..send me an email in advance of your visit.

        Wanted to make a slight correction on my previous post…the sensation was in my sacral chakra area, not in the root area…and describes the sensation you felt precisely!

        The Naul village is nearby with 1 excellent pub, resatuarant, and music venue, so yeah not exactly hopping…but..quaint and bijoux..:-)

        • Gwas
          Jul 2, 2011

          We do “quaint and bijoux”, so expect an e-mail mid-August to make arrangements with you. Presuming that life doesn’t take us in a completely different direction, of course!

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