What’s in a name?

OK, chastise me if you will, I have been away from this blog for ages. That is not to say that I haven’t been having adventures. Quite the opposite. Many exciting and revealing times continue to pass my way on a almost daily basis.

I am going to have a monumental go at catching up here! It seems a task that may be beyond me. Instead of going back in time and trying to recall my adventures. I will start from this point in time and work my way back and forward.  Good luck to me, I will need it.

Those who are keeping up with our adventures may recall that over the last two years I have gained a few “names”.

Alderley Wizard

The first was “Edge Wizard” and I was given this in a rather unusual way in the forest of Wizards in Alderley Edge Cheshire. I didn’t know what it meant at the time but since then it has become more clear and focused as we shall see.

Ostensibly at the time I thought this was due to my explorations at the edge of normality, which as it happened was true…see below.

Old Yew

About a year or so after this christening I was given the name “Spirit Walker” which I gained as a title at that wonderful old Yew tree in Llangernyw, Wales.

At the time I was given this moniker I was exploring “Death Energies” a truly fascinating exploration of the border between this life and the next. As readers will know it was an uncomfortable and rather scary journey.

Early this year I was given another “nom du guerre” this time it was the odd title of Wand Maker. Again this naming was in that wonderful forest in Alderley Edge.

Enthusiasm in following this “new” path was initially filled with exciting discoveries and possibilities as demonstrated by this website I set up…The Wand Maker blog.

I have been puzzled over the last week about what was going on with all these namings and what they meant for my path. So I had spent some time meditating on this subject and finally the frustration of not getting anywhere had me off to a source of wisdom. Ye oldie yew!

Yesterday, I arrived there in the early hours of the evening and entered the quiet gardens with determination and a list of questions.

Here are some of the answers that were forthcoming…

  • If you lack focus and intent, answers are given in accordance with your state.

I was given these names because that was where my thoughts were at the time. Looking back this makes sense, since I was in a period of mourning the passing of my mum when I first became seriously interested in Death Energies.

  • The initial name was the best descriptor for me – “Edge Wizard” – the other names are a reflection of this name.

Spirit walker is the exploration of the Edge of this world and the next. As I was given to know at that time but had forgotten. In the experiences I gained at the yew and since. It was/is to gain an understanding of “energy” from a transitional perspective. If we imagine a Venn diagram…

a point in-between

A is life and B is death or existence on the other side. This trip to the Yew garnered that whist we are in life our exploration can only concern the life aspect ‘A’ and the ‘A+B’ bit.

  • What of the “B” or existence after life?

The answers I got for this is that it would be fruitless to explore it, In Castaneda’s terminology the “B” lies firmly in the Unknowable. Exploring only leads to confusion and answers that do not make sense. I guess this falls in line with the so many confusing and conflicting tales about what it is like in the after-life.

  • How do the other names fall in line with Edge Wizard?

It seems obvious (as it always does after the fact) Spirit Walker is the ‘A+B’ part of the above and Wand Maker…helloooo! “Wizard”? It seems that dowsing energy has non-temporal properties. Thus the naming is something that we can become.

  • Where does this leave me?

Focus, the absolute key for me at this time is to focus. Co-creation has a key component of focus. I had this really funny experience at the Yew this time.

I saw a car driving along a long road, like the American highways. As it was going along bits were falling off here and there. I saw sign posts along the road which said things like “Goals This Way”…

It was a puzzling vision. Obviously it was telling me that I should or was heading towards my goals but why the breaking up of the car. As I watched this “drama” unfold I got a close up of the car. It had a sticker on the side with the word “Intent” written on it.

After receiving this vision. I wandered to the back part of the Yew Garden to “walk the path of understanding”, which effectively is a wonderful walk-way between the graves but has been very useful in walking and dowsing for understanding of visions.

I got the idea that although we can have an intent which propels us towards our goals (the car) if we don’t look after our other energies then our intent becomes useless (or broken). What are these other energies (that were falling off the car)?

Our every day thoughts, our physical wellbeing, our energetic well being, everything we do has energetic consequences. Emotional being, what we eat and drink. All these things to some extent have an effect on our being. So if we don’t “fix” these then our intent suffers.

What an analogy! I wonder how my brain (Yew Tree?) comes up with these? I am curious because I thought I was pretty good with all this “life balance” stuff. So my questioning/dowsing continued and I got that I was. Actually I was way better at it than a lot of people (ego?)

  • Was this an ego thing?

Apparently not, being “good” at balancing is like being good at art or science. It has no value basis, as in being “better” than anyone else. Phew!

So I have been pretty good at this balancing stuff, well what were the bits falling of the car? It seems that I am on the fine tuning side of things now. Having got rid of the major issues I have now to deal with the fine tuning.

  • The verdict?

Carry on as you are McDuff! Be confident that “you” are on the “right” path for “you”.  Can’t say fairer than that!


Kal Malik ~ Edge Wizard!

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