The End of Crop Circles

On Saturday 31st July Kal and I went to Wiltshire (I think Kal said he was in Somerset! Hmmm.. and he was navigating too!). Wiltshire is the “home” of crop circles and this season has been no exception. We didn’t have far to travel within the county to find the ones we wanted to see, however we only managed to get to three due to the amount of time we spent asking questions at each one.

The Big News

We try to stay away from future predictions, having had our little dowsing fingers burned and our tiny dowsing brains frazzled by the intricacies of future possibilities, but occasionally we do fall foul of asking questions about the future. The answers should always be taken with a barn full of salt (new expression – just made it up), so please take the following information in whatever way is useful to you, or discard it:

Crop circles will stop appearing by 2013. The peak of their complexity will be the Summer Solstice of 2012.

You heard it here first, folks. Do with that what thou wilt. It’s of no use to me, as you will find when you read on.

The process of creating crop circles

Kal and I spent a long time going through all the possibilities we could imagine as to how crop circles are created. We did this with an open mind, and without recourse to any of the available information from the circles themselves, except to be in one when we dowsed for the answers. We ended up with a consensus about a process of how they are made. It goes like this:-

1) Circles appear man-made – they have all the hallmarks and signs of being man-made. When croppies tell you that wheat circles have heat-bent stems, that’s not true in the vast majority of circles I have visited. All three circles we visited this day also had broken stems everywhere. Not one of them was mutated, simply bent as though crushed.

Signs of corn being woven by human hands?

The dowsing rods explained this phenomenon thus:- whoever is making the circles is making them look man-made, but they are not.

2) The energy that is creating the circles has three sources

a) sentient energy sources from outside the planet – this is a galactic force that is neutral, not interested in humans, and is simply sending more complex energies out to all planets.

b) This energy has been detected by the siddha – a level of transcended human beings.

Let me explain this quickly – in a recent post I talked about Theodora whom at the time I called an Ascended Master because that was the closest term i had available to me. Since then I had spent many hours getting a better definition of what this Theodora spirit guide energy form is, and the best term is a Siddha. A Siddha is a human being who has undertaken a transformation into a spirit consciousness, transcending the physical form and the boundaries of time.

The Siddha are translating the energy form from outside the planet into a geometric pattern.

c) The Siddha then transfer/transmit/assign this pattern to aliens living on the earth who they use to actually produce the pattern in the crop.

Yes, I said aliens. Yes, I know. All rationality has departed on The Mothership! Trust me, I have no interest in the concept of aliens. I am sure they’re “out there” somewhere, but I don’t believe they have any interest in our tiny world. Still, this is what the dowsing rods reacted to, and only this concept seemed to get a positive reaction.

What is the importance of crop circles?

The patterns are the important part – not the patterns themselves because there is no meaning in the actual pattern as such. What the message of the crop formations is, is simply that they represent a mathematical and geometrical expression of the complexity and strength of the energy forces that are reaching our planet from outer space. What we should be focusing our attention on is the degree to which these energies are complexifying because that is an indication of the strength of the cosmic energies.

A circle without any visible means of entry

What can we do with those energies? I think, simply be aware of them, open to them, and ready to react to whatever changes they bring about in our mental attitudes, abilities and though patterns.

That’s all they are – nothing more. There is no need to spend ages interpreting them as signs – they ARE signs, but simply footprints rather than a symbolic language. There is no message contained within them, they are simply an indication of the arrival into our atmosphere of complexifying cosmic energies.

I don’t believe a word I say

This is completely nuts, we know, and I don’t actually believe it, even though I dowsed it. And for that reason I am giving up my dealings with crop circles. They have nothing for me. I will watch their progress until they stop in 2012, and then I will ensure I am ready for whatever changes this cosmic radiation may bring. maybe this is the DNA change people talk about, maybe the gamma explosions occurring at the edges of our atmosphere will have some effect upon us, maybe this is an opportunity to bring about a global change, maybe this is all nothing at all an 2012 will simply pass us by without anyone even noticing. Let”s just wait, and try not to get too hysterical about it all.

I can’t tell you whether this process is correct or not. Honestly, crop circles appear man-made to me. But I can’t prove it one way or the other. The dowsing says they aren’t – my rational mind says that there are signs everywhere that they are. I can’t decide between those two sets of evidence.

Corn braiding: Which was woven first - the warp of the weft?

A couple of things are strange though. Firstly, the order in which the crops are laid down is often unusual. It’s hard to see how or why some of the paths could have been laid the way they are. Often there appear to be stages of laying that don’t make sense. And why do the dowsing rods detect a primal energy flow that can be followed, and which seems to follow the correct order of the crop laying? These things are impossible for my rational brain to figure out.

Yet, there are some aspects that are highly suspicious, for example, at the Alton Barnes site two of the circles have an earth pit at the centre that looks like it was the site of a pole.

A suspicious earthy hole in the centre

At this point I stopped trying to work it out and simply went to the third and last crop circle at Alton Barnes. This final circle would be altogether different, but not for the reasons I had expected.

The Dragon Crop Circle at Alton Barnes – The Final Straw

As I walked into the crop circle below Alton Barnes White Horse I took off my shoes. Quite a dangerous thing to do with spikes of straw threatening to lacerate your soles at every step but I felt I had to do it. There was something different about this circle that made me want to be close to it in the way I was beginning to understand – feet on earth meant a solid connection.

View of the White Horse from the crop circle

Kal and I had briefly talked about this circle. It was supposedly a symbol of a dragon. As we stood in the most powerful of the many circles (we’re talking primal energy here, not earth energy, or radiant energy) I told him about why this circle might be particularly important for me. I told Kal about my crop circle experiment. I had tried on two occasions in the last week to intend a crop circle to appear that had dragon symbolism. I said to myself that if such a crop circle appeared in time for me to visit it withint he week then this would be too much of a coincidence for me to overlook. I had worked with my spiritual teaching spirit energy “Theodora” to try to make this happen. I had a theory that her level of sentient energy form was both capable of creating such a circle, and in fact was responsible for most of the formations that occurred. This information I had only barely discussed with Kal, not wanting to sound too egotistical, like I was going to create a crop circle or something. But there were several criteria for this crop circle:-

  1. It should appear in Wiltshire
  2. It should be somewhere accessible
  3. The crop circle must be a representation of a dragon, seeing as I was working with the idea of “waking the dragon” at the time.

Last year I had missed visiting a crop circle in field below the Alton Barnes white horse by a matter of an hour and had consequently missed seeing any real crop circles at all last year. I spent a lot of time walking around the White Horse looking down at the remnants of the newly-mown circle and it became THE place I thought of when I thought of crop circles.

Now, here I was, in that same field, a week after intending the creation of a crop circle with dragon symbolism in it, and the dragon was here, in this field below the White Horse. Too many coincidences? I had to dowse to see whether this was all just coincidental. Question after question confirmed my suspicions – it was my circle!

This was too much, I couldn’t take this, Whether or not that was true it was too much. I am done with crop circles now. This is surely the culmination point. They have nothing to offer me energetically, and now I am beginning to lose my mind over them. I was beginning to think that I was capable, in conjunction with a supernatural spirit energy, to co-create a crop formation because I had intended it to cocur and had spent time sending that intention to this spot. This had to stop.

Magickally this incident told me everything I needed to know about intent and how magick could work. Cool. But as for crop circles well, they were everyone else’s domain now. I am finished with them. They’re bending my sanity too far out of its comfort zone. I’m going to have a long hard think about working with Nature and working with sentient energies. Something needs to be sorted out here, especially as I am about to go into the next eighth part of the year from Lammas to the Autumn Equinox, but I’ll tell you all about that soon.

Gwas Myrddyn.

p.s. You think our explanations are “out there”? Try this one for size: CCC article on White horse circle.


  1. t.jones
    Mar 16, 2011

    Hi, I find your artical interesting, and would like to add, I had a meditation experience which informed me of an event occurring in 2012, and that certain elements were being prepared to be saved or rebuilt. I haven’t thought about this since, but am learning slowly to dowse.

    • Gwas
      Mar 16, 2011

      If you’re learning to dowse then you’ve come to the right place. We have an entire history recording our history in the dowsing field. Just scan back to our first posts to see where we started off and where we’ve ended up now.

      “An event” occurring in 2012? Can you be more specific? “Certain elements” to be saved or rebuilt….again, anything more to that at all? Perhaps the dowsing you are doing can verify this or dig deeper into the symbology or circumstances of these events to come. It is a divination tool, after all.


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