Map dowsing

I wanted to be city bound this Saturday but still wanted to do some dowsing. So on pure inspiration I decided to do some map dowsing. A few days ago I picked up a map of Barnstaple, the place where I am staying at the moment and dowsed as follows…

Basically I started at the edge of town (on the map) and traversed it, asking the question..

  • Show me points that would be of interest to me?

At each junction I asked whether I should turn left/right/straight on as appropriate. In each new street I would ask, is there anything of interest to me in this street? If the answer was yes. I would ask whether it was less than half-way down it, etc until I had a rough approximation of where it was.

In this (rather painstaking way) I manged to plot 6 places on the map. Now it was time for phase two of my plan. Go and explore!

  • The first place turned out to be a spiritual hall for gatherings/meetings and other such talks. Definitely worth further investigation.
  • The second place was a purveyor of crystals and other such items at a shop called Aluna. Again definitely worth another visit.

Note that although the shop looks quite ostentatious it is off on a side street that I would never have found if not directed by dowsing questions.

  • The 3rd place turned out to be a Arts and Crafts shop. Again it was well off the beaten track and quite aways from the town (walking wise). A great find, I have already thought of some projects to pursue.
  • 4th was a hairdresser? I have no idea why this would be of interest to me? Hmmm?
  • 5th was a Ye-Olde-Ancient book shop filled to the rafters with 2nd hand books. If I hadn’t just given up a couple of thousand books to charity I would have been sorely tempted to buy a few…patience!
  • 6th – no surprise – was a graveyard. Oddly though it was out in the middle of nowhere with no accompanying church either. I was quite surprised because I had to go past a lot of warehouse type places to get to it. These obstacles weren’t on the map of course.

Wow! I had never expected such a great result from map dowsing. To be honest, although I believed it could be done, I wasn’t a fan nor did I think it would give such great results. Just goes to show you…

Another dowsing day, another skill learned

Kal Malik – Explorer


  1. Rustus
    Nov 15, 2010

    Kal – I’d not heard of that particular method of street dowsing. What a great idea! I’ve always gone by either the X/Y edge of map axis or the quartering method. Will have to give this a try over the next few weeks.
    I’ve done this type of dowsing/questing with the same question in woodland/nature areas. I’ve always been rewarded with a great experience, several of which have been beyond the norm. I’m pretty intimate with my hometown but am going to give this method a shot at my first opportunity.

    I look forward to hearing about any follow-ups to your targets. Who knows about the hairdresser? Maybe you should go get a haircut and strike up a conversation? One minute you’re talking about the weather and the next you’re discussing ley lines. šŸ˜‰ Maybe you’re being led there for a reason?

    • kal
      Nov 18, 2010

      Thanks for your comment Rustus,

      this was my first foray into map dowsing and although I have heard of other methods, this seemed to me the best way for me to go about it. I have a feeling that several of these places will turn into sonething interesting. As my upcoming round-up post of the year will say. I think it is more that the “universe” puts options before us and its up to us to pick one or more from them. And that if we don’t then it matters not as around the corner other and the same options appear again (as Gwas will testify)

      Thanks for reading and commenting

      Kal Malik

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