Astbury Church – spirit release en masse

The weekend of the 20th February M and I had one of our now-regular meetings with our friends Mike and Maddy – our psychic dowsing friends. We had made plans to go dowsing in the afternoon but firstly M and I had to overcome a slight problem – we had locked ourselves out of our house by mistake! An hour later we were back in courtesy of my lovely helpful mother coming down to rescue us. Not an auspicious start!

When I met Mike one of the first things he said to me was he had to pass on an urgent message that had been related to him by his spirit guides several times over the previous few weeks. The message was that I was to begin to dispense with the dowsing rods. I should begin to trust my intuition and to develop my psychic skills with a view to not needing the dowsing rods except to act as confirmation. I understood what was being asked of me – it was something that I had even said to a friend who had asked me about what dowsing was, to which I had replied, “We used tools to reveal the information but really the aim is to do without the tools completely when we master the feel for the energies.” Now here I was being asked the same thing the very next day!

After a hearty lunch together we made our way to Astbury Church, near Congleton – a place I’d passed many times and always wanted to visit. Maddy had been before and mentioned that she had felt a crushing pressure of the weight of the energies there, and a feeling that there was a sadness associated with the church which she couldn’t explain. I was keen to see what the energies were like around the church and noticed firstly that the church was called St.Mary’s – my first hint at what lay ahead. Apparently Bronze Age urns were found in a reputed barrow site opposite the church’s current position, where the cemetery is today, which showed me that the site was probably older than the current church building would lead you to believe. I went off dowsing as Maddy began to give M a lesson on dowsing.

Site of Bronze Age urn at Astbury, Congleton

I went directly to a female power centre at the south-western edge of the church. This was linked to a strong female line coming out of the western porch. There was another line coming out of the other side of the porch. It was a female arch over the porch. The source of this female energy was somewhere inside. Possibly the two holy wells that the church is reputed to have been built over?

Now we moved on to try to find more interesting things about the church and its energies.

Mike felt that the south-west power centre was the site of a sadness, a female shade that was still around but sad for some reason. I confirmed this by dowsing these aspects. She was 17 when she died. She was connected to the church somehow, maybe she worked within it. She was homeless and the church had allowed her to live at or around the church area – certainly she considered it to be her home and her workplace. Mike saw her lighting candles as part of her work.

The shade's site at Astbury church

We moved around to the southern side of the church which was quite the unhappier side! Mike asked what I felt as I walked past one of the southern doors. All of us, Mike, Maddy, M and I all felt a pull towards the door, but one that we wanted to resist because it didn’t feel good. I traced the source of this energy and found that it led to a water pipe coming out of the wall nearby.

I asked if I could/should alleviate this bad feeling and was told that I could do so if I wished. Without dowsing I lit three incense sticks around the door, and then got out my elemental crystals and chose the water-related crystal (a blue agate), and two clear quartz crystals. I set them up in line and called upon my water spirit to assist with the work of clearing the bad energy. Mike said he could see some white lights at work, and he described it as a “sprite”. I confirmed to him that indeed my water elemental was a sprite and was currently at work clearing the energies.

I left the crystals to work for some 30 minutes and managed to get the bad energy down from a strength of nine to a four. The source of the pollution was still inside the church and the level would increase again over time, but it was worth the effort.

Fred, Shaggy and Thelma convene about ghostbusting work

Shady work

While I waited for the crystals to do their work I watched Mike wander off to a door in the southern side of the church. M was taking a picture of the door and then moved away. Mike looked puzzled. He turned to us and said, “Did you all see that?” – we hadn’t seen anything. “There was a ghost walking up to the door, then M took a picture of it!“. M looked a bit taken aback, “I didn’t know there was anything there and I don’t know why I took that picture.” She’s more intuitive than she realises. I went up to dowse the area and found a spirit path going from a grave nearby and into the door. Interesting, but ghosts are pretty dull – they are simply recordings of patterns of movement – energetic remnants of well-worn paths taken by people and animals that have collected over time.

We felt there was something pulling us towards the southern slope of the churchyard. We followed our intuitions and ended up next to a grave of a lady who had died when she was 30 years old. We tried to feel what was going on. Mike felt that the shade was still present and that she was frustrated and annoyed with herself. I understood that feeling because that’s what I was feeling too. We agreed on this, and Mike said he would help her. He went into trance and invited otherworldly presences to come and help the shade to move on. He did this work quickly and efficiently and I was impressed with his compassionate approach to it.

We knew that the other female, the one in the power centre at the corner of the church, was still around and we knew her shade had been here for longer, but for some reason we didn’t face that challenge and free her. That would come later.

A very old yew tree at St Mary's Church, Astbury

Yew are free to enter

Mike and I then went to visit the large yew tree in the southern area and I asked if I could come to greet the tree but it refused because I was with Mike. I waited for a moment while the tree got used to Mike’s energy field and then he turned to me and said, “I just felt the tree’s energy field changed.” I hadn’t mentioned the fact that the tree had not accepted me crossing its aura. I felt the tree’s aura again and now we could enter so we stood under it and I took the opportunity to explain that yew trees were a grounding force that nullified the spirits of the recently deceased helping to pacify them and stop them wandering. Mike felt this and went off to dowse it and check it, which he confirmed moments later.

We then went around the other side of the church, followed by the two ladies. We took some photos of the ancient yew tree there, and stood inside it and around it feeling its fabulous energies. Mike marvelled at how the yew tree gave off so much “healing” energy. I told him how the yew tree bark, berries and needles could be used for trance and transportation, transformation and healing processes.

Holes in the yew's trunk perfect for hugging

At that point we all got cold and went back to Mike’s house several miles away. We settled in for a chat about what we had found and the conversation flowed.

The Scent of Candles

M is very intuitive. She often feels she doesn’t have as much to contribute to our discussions when we all get together, but she’s wrong. She c0ntributes in other ways, like this for example. M was sat in a corner chair listening to the conversation going on when she interrupted us all – “Can anyone else smell candle wax?” she asked. Everyone stopped to test the air, sniffing carefully. No-one could smell anything. “It’s getting stronger,”, said M, ” and I’m not sure I can continue sitting here.” she said. I asked her if I could sit where she was sitting and try. At first as I sat in the chair I smelt nothing out of the ordinary. A minute later I got a whiff of scented candle. The candle smelt very much like it was made of an oily substance mixed with tallow. Maddy, who was sat opposite was in a light trance and she said, “Tallow”. I agreed that this was exactly the smell. Then I got a soapy taste in my mouth to accompany the pungent aroma. It was definitely getting stronger and more difficult to stay sat in that chair. I agreed with M – now I needed to get away from it. Puzzled, Mike went to sit in the chair. Like me it took him a minute or two to begin to smell the candle aroma, but then he described it perfectly and M and I agreed with the description.

Mike continued sitting in the chair and zoned out. I recognised that look now – he was going to try to communicate with the spirit who was making its presence known to us. He went quiet and no-one spoke for several minutes, allowing him to work in silence. He came back momentarily – “It’s that young girl from the church,” he said, “She wants some help to pass over. She is confused. She thinks her friends – the people who looked after her – are still here, but they’re not. She needs help to go and meet them.” He zoned out again and this time went into a deeper trance which included some involuntary movements that appeared a little disturbing. Minutes later he was back to report. “That was a bit close, ” he said, “She almost took possession of me then, but I managed to help her to move on.” The air indeed seemed a little lighter and the room a little brighter, less… candlelit?

Suddenly Mike tightened his grip on the chair. He looked over to me and said, “I may be wrong, but I think that helping that girl has opened up the floodgates for others from that church to come and ask for help. Tell me what you see!”. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I closed me eyes and sent out a mental “tracer” of light around the room waiting for it to interact with anything that might disturb its flight. As the tracer moved across the ceiling the line began to dance and twirl. Something up “there” was disturbing the line. The tracer line was ending in little wisps of curliques of smoke that dissipated into the ceiling and disappeared into nothing. Some bright white lights were absorbing energy and were grounding it. I felt this was the “passing over” work that Mike was talking about, but instead of being one light there were about ten of them, all working feverishly to transform the spirit energy that was in the room with us. I was stunned. I reported this back to Mike who nodded. “Yes, I’m glad you can see that.” I wouldn’t have known how to see that without the help of the Ross Heaven books I had been reading recently. Thanks to him for a description of how to do that.

The rest of the afternoon was spent re-living the day’s events and talking about many other fascinating spiritual subjects. This group we have going here – M, Maddy, Mike and myself, a modern-day Scooby Doo squad, we’re doing some interesting work now that we’ve begun to trust each other and join forces. It’s fascinating and everybody seems to be learning from each others’ unique skills.


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