Arbor Low and the Phoenix

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Gwas had decided that he was going to follow the Southern Ley line that passes (starts) at Arbor Low. Being a sun aligned person, how could I resist a trip to that fantastic sacred site? So I had travelled up the 250 miles just for a hour or so at this magnificent site.

Arbor low is known as the Stonehenge of the North and having been to the more famous southern one a few times now, I have to confess, Arbor Low has energies that dwarf its more famed cousin. Why? My personal speculation is two fold, the first is that all the people visiting Stonehenge for tourism purposes rather than ritual or magic have caused its energy to diminish. Second (and more importantly) I believe that the people who visit, having to follow a directed path around it, are actually walking around the site the energetically speaking, the wrong way.

I was ready to meet Gwas at about 7:30 a.m and I got into my car at 7 and was utterly astounded to see that the very same wheel that had been punctured only three weeks ago had a nail stuck into it!

Since the weekend I have done some speculation regarding this rather unusual coincidence and rather than putting it off as literally a coincidenceI feel that it was caused by my having received a Reiki healing session (the night before) from a person that I felt shouldn’t have been doing them at the time (he seemed not energetically well). Of course this could just be me being paranoid and I wouldn’t have brought it up if it hadn’t been that right after the healing session, when we came out into the car park his car window had been smashed. Just a coincidence?

Thus Gwas came the extra few miles and picked me up from home. Our journey to Arbow Low was spent updating each other on our previous weeks exploits and so it was that we arrived at Arbow Low without even noting the passage of an hour and half. What we had  however noticed was the down pour of rain. Which seemed to be getting steadily worse.


Arbor Low

Arbor Low

At some pint in the in the past Arbow Low must have been blessed by a passing Rain God. Of all of the times we have been to the place (twenty perhaps?) it has only once been dry and sunny (and on that occasion we hadn’t intended to go, we were passing past it and saw that it was sunny and managed to sneak in when the weather was hospitable!)

Gwas had a lot of work to do at the site on this occasion and so whilst he busied himself with that I had some confirmations to make. The questions I had gone with were concerning my Knights Quest:

On a trip to the Merry Maidens I had garnered that I had to have a crest for my Knights Quest. My hints for what would make up this symbol were a phoenix, Gemini and infinity. What I wanted to know was whether these would form three separate sigils or a combined symbol that represented all three. The answer was that it should be a combined. I asked whether there would be a restriction on colours, I went through the colours with the following result:

  • Red, Green, Turquoise, Gold and Purple

Holy Grail

Right, that felt pretty safe and reasonable now for the bonus prize. I had occasionally thought about the symbolism of the Holy Grail, especially with the Rosicrucian and Templar connection I had got. Now, my curiosity had been peeked by the Dragon at the Merry Maidens being aligned with the Phoenix constellation. Mostly because the central theme of my coming book is the Phoenix. Could this be a coincidence? Of course. However, it was as I finished my Crest questions that Gwas called me over to help him out with some of his questions. Working our way down his list he had a question for Arbor Low.

  • Was Arbor Low currently aligned with any astronomical/logical body? And if so what?

Active Enlightenment

To both of our surprises it turned out that Arbor Low was currently aligned with (drum roll) the Phoenix Constellation! Coincidence surely!

This was too much for me, so I snuck off to my power centre and asked a question that my intuition was kicking me to answer. Was my book being represented as the Holy Grail? Honestly it was a tough question to ask. But what can you do? You have to follow the path even if it leads you up strange roads.

  • The answer was, rather too significantly for my liking, Yes.

I was smacked in the gob (an English euphemism for being totally shocked) once again. Seriously was this what the rods were telling me? Yes. Absolutely? Yes. Then to top it all. On a day that had no chance of the sun coming out (see Gwas’s promise) the sun broke through the immense cloud cover and briefly presented us with a sign.

Kal Malik – wondering and wandering

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