Christchurch Twyneham – The Strange Attractor

On my travels southward I had been following a line that I had felt was true, consistent, and indivisible. The energy ley was varying only in terms of its width and strength, but in terms of its direction and integrity it was whole and cardinally oriented. On the morning of the last day of my travels I stood on top of Christchurch Castle in the freezing grey morning, hardly daring to take my gloves off for more than a few seconds to dowse. Yet, I was glad I did because the results were extraordinary and unlike anything I had dowsed before in relation to neutral energy leys.

I was dowsing for the direction of the ley and my first response was that it went towards the Norman House down below me – a ruined house that stood next to an unusual water channel that split the River Avon in two. Now, Christchurch used to be called Twyneham, because it has two larger rivers running past it, and the town stood ‘be-twyn-em’. Yet, the Norman House had two parts of the same river flowing past it – the normal river course flowing fast and free, and then this narrow channel that was running slower.

Back on the castle’s small mound the rods pointed at the Norman House ruins and I made a mental note of the direction, then checked it using my compass. Damn thing must be going wrong – it was pointing East not South! I dowsed the width and strength of the line as it went to the east – it was only a few feet wide and with a medium strength. At this point I was expecting something stronger. I became suspicious.

Christchurch Castle - early morning

I began to ask more general questions such as:

  1. At this castle what is the overall strength of the energy ley connected with Arbor Low? – Ten. But…another question then.
  2. What is the width of the line passing through this place at its widest point? – The rods turned at 22 feet. That tallied with other places where the line had been strong.

So, what were the previous answers which indicated a line strength of 5 and a width of only 4 feet? I moved to the northern side of the castle to ask some more questions:-

  1. Is the energy ley line passing through this point? YES
  2. Is the line 22 feet wide at this point? YES

I instructed the rods to allow me to follow the line. I began to walk forwards and one rod continued pointing towards the distant Priory to the south, and the other rods began to bend left, towards the Norman House! Was the line splitting at this point? It seemed so. The wider, stronger line was going in the north-south direction that I expected, but a smaller line was being diverted to the Norman House down by the two rivers. Why? What was causing such a split, and how?

I asked the rods whether it was possible to take me to the cause of the split, and they twitched in my hand, directing me down the mound and towards the Norman House. OK. I got the idea and went to the house in search of the cause of this strange behaviour. I walked into the ruins expecting to be shown some feature of the house itself, but instead the rods led me through the house and out the other side only crossing when I was standing right next to the channel of water that flowed past the building’s remains. The water? I asked the rods – is it this channel of water that is causing the split in the energy ley line? One of the rods turned, but the other didn’t, indicating I was “half right” but that there was more to it than that. I looked around and saw the faster flowing river just next to the slower channel. Was it also the water in the other part of the river that was causing the split? YES – both rods turned.

The configuration of the two rivers flowing at different speeds but next to each other was causing some effect that was attracting the energy ley from close by and pulling part of it into the river itself. From the point where it touched the water the energy flowed out into the distance. We have seen this kind of effect before when we dowsed a line at Dyserth Church in North Wales. There Kal and I found that an energy line got “stuck to” some fast flowing water which swept the line along and away from its previous course. Seems like something similar was happening here too.

The Priory: The End of the Line

From the top of the castle my attention was drawn to Christchurch Priory which was in directly south following the energy line’s direction of travel. Dismounting (ha!) I made my way through the early morning Sunday quiet of the town and followed the tourist route to the church, encountering a fabulous ducking stool along the way. Be careful how you say that!

I found the energy ley coming into the church’s northern edge. The line went into the front door and stretched some 22 feet past that. I dowsed the strength of the line – a full-on 10 on my scale. Now I was wondering whether the line passed through the church, so I walked around to the other side where I was able to recognise the other side of the church’s “cross” (is it called a transept?) and I began to walk towards where the line should emerge…walking…walking…the rods weren’t crossing. Oh! I went all the way around the southern edge as far as I could – no response at all. Oh! The line must END inside the church then! Now I was excited. I had travelled all the way from Arbor Low in Derbyshire following this line and finally, here in Christchurch Priory, I would be able to dowse the end of the line. Cool!

To test my patience the church opened for viewing at 9:30am – it was 8:30am. I had to retreat to a local coffee shop where I broke with my newly-self-imposed reluctance to drink coffee and warmed myself with the only palatable hot drink they offered (Have you tried a Starbucks “chai”? You’d have a coffee too). I amused myself by draining their wi-fi signal for an hour and then returned to be amongst the first to visit the church.

Christchurch Priory from the Castle

Inside the priory I warmed myself and wandered around slowly looking for an opportunity to dowse. It wasn’t going to happen. There were too many people around I I didn’t want to antagonise anyone given that I had spent three days getting to this point. I wasn’t going to be thrown out now. I would have to adopt another strategy. Luckily a friend of mine had been encouraging me to try my hand at feeling the energies without the dowsing rods. Now was the perfect testing ground for that work. I went into a light trance and pushed my aura out into the church searching around for that familiar feeling that I had become so used to over the last few days…

…I could feel the line coming into the door, and then it seemed to…to bend…and to flow down either side of the priory….I picked one side and followed it. I walked in a kind of wavy line down the right-hand side of the church stopping to admire the stained glass pictures on the windows as I passed. I was also scanning the pictures for any hints of figures related to my energy quest – St>Michael, St.George, St.Margaret…any of these notable symbols. Sadly, there were none that I recognised, but then Christian history is not my forte.

I reached the end of the church and the feeling I was following pulled my attention into the Lady Chapel – a large alcove at the end of the priory that was the only area with people gathered in it. Of course, this being Sunday, there was some form of service going on – a christening was at the early stages and I stood at the back trying to scan the scene without paying attention to the distractions of the ceremony. Where was the line focused in this Lady Chapel, I wondered, scanning the area? My eyes were being drawn towards some purple curtains on the right of the chapel where there was a bunch of flowers and a cross in an alcove in the wall. Something was in there, and it was the end of the line! I felt it clearly. But there was no way I could walk through these people and interrupt their ceremony….I waited.

And I waited. The vicar presiding over the christening was American and was in no hurry to proceed. His leisurely pace helped to decide that I should go off and have a look around the rest of the church maybe coming back later to try to find the end point of the energy ley. I wandered down the northern edge of the priory and admired the countless strange beasts carved into the masonry of the church aisles and features. They were crawling everywhere!

View along the inside of Christchurch Priory

After what I felt was an hour but which was probably more like ten minutes I wandered back to the Lady Chapel. The vicar was still going very very slowly through the routine – boy was he giving them their moneys-worth with this!

I stood at the back and went deeper into my trace state – my eyes were continuously drawn to the alcove and curtains on the right-hand side of the chapel. It was definitely there that was the endpoint of this whole journey. My frustration at the situation rose to near bursting and I was just about to consider going out and coming back in a few hours, even though I had a 5-hour drive home and a time limit, when I noticed a white sign I hadn’t read yet. It was placed just above head height and talked about the contents of the Lady Chapel. Ahh…maybe there was something of interest here?

The statue of Our Lady of Walsingham … The shrine commemorates the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ by taking our human nature from the Virgin Mary and joining it with his divine nature.”

A union of male and female – the female energies joined with the male energies. I had been following an energy ley that was a mixture of three male and three female energy lines that had been travelling over the land to this very point. At the last moment, the line had been bent from its North-South strict course and ran along the length of the priory to come to an end at this particular holy relic – a statue that was the personification of the concept of the joining of male and female human and divine forces.

Our Lady of Walsingham - a relic in the Lady Chapel of Christchurch

Anglicans go on a pilgrimage each year to Walsingham, a small village in North Norfolk. Of the statue in Walsingham this is said:

“Our Lady, as she is venerated at Walsingham, is depicted as a simple woman, a mother.  She is seated on the throne of Wisdom, in the midst of the Church which is represented by the two pillars symbolic of the Gate of Heaven, with seven rings to signify the seven sacraments and the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The arched back of the throne reminds us of the rainbow which was set as a sign of God’s fidelity to his creation.  Our Lady is clothed in the blue of divinity, the white of motherhood and the red of virginity.  In her hand she holds a lily-sceptre with three blooms because she was virginal before, during and after the Saviour’s birth.  As the Woman of the New Creation, the New Eve, she crushes beneath her feet a toadstone, symbolic of the power of evil.  As the Queen of Heaven and of England, her Dowry, she is crowned with a Saxon crown.  On his mother’s knee is the child Jesus who, as the Word of God made Flesh, holds the book of the Gospels.  He extends his right arm in a double gesture of blessing and protection of his mother.

I think, if we see beyond the overtly Christian terminology we can understand that what is being described here is a process involving the seven chakras (‘sacraments’) and leading to a unification of the three forces – human, earth and spirit energies – male, female and neutral. There is also a strong sense of protection, which is signified by the signs of protection – blessings, light blue colour, and the protection of the divine mother.

This was the Holy Grail of my search. I had found the means by which this energy ley was preserved – by being tied to a relic that was an object infused with the blessings and prayers of hundreds of devout worshippers. The relic was a focal point of devotion, and the energy ley was bolstered by this link with human emotion and intention.



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