Arthur’s Grave and the DNA chamber

Kal had just flown back from New York where he had been taking a well-earned break from his work in Devon. I, too, had just got back from my holidays in Northumberland and was eager to get out and about to fulfill the third and final part of my Spring Equinox quest. You may remember that I had been given the promise of some form of change that would take place in me, possibly to promote my ability to grow plants, and that tis had involved me identifying three stars in three constellations that had the right energies for me to use int he process of this transformation. Having done the previous two site visits in one day (Lud’s Church and then Arthur’s Cave) I now had a final destination that was even further afeidl that I wanted to get to – Beddarthur – a sort of stone circle in the far reaches of Pembrokeshire.

Sunday 29th May began with spots of rain and dark cloud making the whole sky grey and uninviting. I had just decided to make the journey to the Preseli Mountains in Pembrokeshire when I looked at my phone to check for messages. There was one from Kal, which was a surprise because he had been unusually silent for the last week or so since I got back from Paris. I was about to send out a search party when I noticed the text message and read it. “What are you doing today? Wanna meet up? Usual place?” Aha! So, he was alive, and was around too. I texted him back – “I’m going out – wanna join me on a quest?” How could he resist? He didn’t. We agreed to meet an hour later which gave me time to get everything prepared.

When it came to leave I drove off with Kal eager to tell me his tales of New York. We hadn’t got far when I realised I had forgotten two very vital ingredients – my staff and my wallet! About turn! Kal revealed that such things were a major part of his two weeks in New York too. He had done plenty of going back over his trail in his adventures, but I’ll let him tell you all about that in his own time. For now, let’s continue with the story of the stone circle in Pembrokeshire. The journey was tediously slow. I have noticed this about this particular task. It seems that there is a particular timing to be achieved and the universal forces at work are ensuring that my timing is correct by placing barriers in my way such that I arrive at the correct time. On my other day out to the other connected sites in Derbyshire and Monmounthshire I encountered the same thing – really slow traffic getting in front of me at every turn, impeding my progress. So much so that on the first day out I could only do two of the sites in stead of all three in one day, which was my original intention. I felt that this was all designed for a reason yet still it was very difficult to live with.Driving for four hours at 40mph becomes quite a cross to bear when you are eager to get things done. Nevertheless, it seems that this slowing down of progress was necessary – you will see why timing becomes important when I mention the energy of the constellation Perseus.


The constellation of Perseus - The Hero

We arrived and began to walk up the hill. After a few minutes I stopped – I had forgotten something! The small hand-worn stone that I had collected from Le Jardin Des Tuileries in Paris during a psychic moment had been left in the car, even though I had got it out and shown it to Kal, and then left it in a prominent position, ready to be taken out once we parked up. How could I have forgotten it? I had to go back down the hill and retrieve it from the car. Yet again I had to retrace my steps. I blamed the episode on Kal. Clearly, his strange energies were creating this phenomenon, I joked.

We arrived at the summit of Carn Sian and caught sight of our destination marker – a gathering of angled bluestone rocks called Carn Bica that were the place where several paths came together on the way to Carn Menyn. Carn Menyn is the mountain from which the bluestones that were transported to Stonehenge came from. That particular summit was not our destination today – today I only had eyes from finding the small stone circles known as Beddarthur. As we sat on the angular rock outcrop overlooking Carn Menyn I spotted the stone circle just below us in the saddle between the two mountain peaks of Carn Sian and Carn Menyn. We descended the short distance and prowled around the outside of the circle warily, looking for an energetic entrance and assessing the circle. The first thing to notice was that it was not a circle! It was much more of a lozenge shape, an oval flattened at either end and with almost straight sides that only curved slightly at the ends. The stones at each end were embedded rather than prominent, giving the feeling of entrance points, and each of the standing stones that made the circle was angled inwards. The whole structure looked like a human rib cage rather than any stone circle we had seen before.


Beddarthur - looking like a rib cage

I entered by feeling for a space in the energy field. I asked permission to enter from the guardian spirit and felt like I was able, nay pulled, to enter. Straight away Kal took my dowsing rods and began to look for the best place for him to be. I already knew where my perfect spot was, my power centre, and I walked towards it and bumped into Kal as the rods in his hands circled on exactly the same spot. We laughed. Looks like we would be fighting for the best place! Someone had also found it to be an energetic centre because they had left a hand-sized chunk of quartz that was striated with layers of the local bluestone too. Interesting. For now I left if there. There was no time for playing about here – I had work to do and it would be a difficult and involved task, I felt, so I had better get on with it. This was the culmination of three sites and their energies, and I had not a clue how to proceed to make this whole energetic transformation work. The pressure was building.

Junk DNA and the act of will

I took the dowsing rods from Kal in order to establish a bit of confidence. Certain aspects of how to proceed were coming to me as I moved around the space inside the ‘rib cage’. I knew, for example, that the space looked like a cat’s cradle, like I could thread a strand of my energy between the stones on either side and that by doing so I would be forming a kind of double-helix structure. That made sense to me, seeing as my transformation may involve a transformation of consciousness or even of my DNA structure. At this point that seemed impossible scientifically, but there was something within me that held a belief that our ‘junk’ DNA is merely un-activated forms of the structure, and that through environmental factors of even an act of willpower in the right energetic environment it would be possible to activate that molecular structure and re-establish links that had maybe only existed in some past time, in the golden age of human development when we had more powers available to us that we currently allow ourselves. A crazy idea, but it was what I was working with.

I asked the rods to show me where I should go to begin this re-activation process. I was taken from the central power centre stone to the second stone on the left side. I asked if I should go anywhere else? I was taken to the third stone on the right side. Where next? The fourth stone on the left. Next? The last stone on the right. The path was clear to me now – half of the helix structure of a DNA molecule had been drawn between the stones. This felt right. I asked for a starting point and was shown the last stone on the right of the rib cage. I meditated at the stone and felt my root chakra pulling towards the ground, hinting that it should be used here. Five stones – five chakras that I use….coincidence? I began to visualise the root chakra opening at the first tone. Once this was done I moved on to the next stone on the opposite side of the structure. I repeated the chakra opening process until I reached the last stone at the head and centre of the structure. At each stone I felt a curious tingle in my spine, like a release of energy, or as though someone was tickling the chakra from the inside. Very odd!


The head stone at Beddarthur stone circle

At the central stone I looked back over the path I had traced between the stones. I opened my spiritual chakra and suddenly saw threads of energy traced between the stones – the ones I had walked to and their opposites too. Strange – why could I see both when I had only walked half of the structure? Maybe I was only responsible for half of this process? Maybe something else was tracing the other half of the structure? Now I used my smartphone to locate the constellation of Perseus. This was the energy that I would use for the final transformational act. By a coincidence that I had almost come to expect, the hand of the constellation of Perseus the Hero was touching the Sun, just as the hand of Orion had been when I worked at Lud’s Church some weeks earlier. This was indeed the correct time to be here. I drew down the energies from this star and in return I had to release the energies that I had gained from the Orion stars in an energetic exchange. I then thought about the energy of Corvus which had been the four Arthurian archetypes, and soon they were again intermingling in my energy body – the Divine Father, The Divine Mother, the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Wisdom – all interweaving in a Celtic knot of pulsating energy.

Was this enough? Had I fulfilled the requirements now? I returned to consciousness and asked Kal to dowse whether anything had changed about me. He said…NO! I had missed something. I hadn’t completed the ritual somehow. I used the rods to determine where I should go to complete the ritual, and they took me back along the path I had just walked between the stones. I handed the rods back to Kal and then went back into my meditative state of mind. Now I walked back along the path, asking for my transformation to be enacted, for my ability to help plants to grow, and for any other associated changes to take place as I walked this special path.

At the end of the path I walked directly up to the central stone at the had of the structure and took out the Parisian shaped stone. I put it under the standing stone and took away the quartz-bluestone that someone else had placed there. I needed to do that to make the process work, I knew. I asked for the dowsing rod test again – Kal, had anything changed about me now? YES! I knew I had finished the process, and I relaxed and rested, taking some pictures of the stones for a few minutes, but in my head there was a whorl of thoughts going around. What exactly had changed? Was I really changing my DNA? How is that possible? Would I really be able to promote the growth of plants now? How? A million questions circulated and went unanswered. These were things I would have to unravel in time. For now, I lit some incense and placed it at various points along the path I had walked, and then I gave heartfelt thanks to the entities involved in the process. Something imperceptible had changed, even if it was just my belief that it had done.

We walked down the hill in virtual silence, but in the car on the way home we discussed many things.  Or at least I did. Kal nodded off with his brain frazzled by jet-lag for most of the journey. He’s such a trooper, coming out on a jaunt after such a long flight. He’s as mad as I am.



  1. Kal
    Jun 2, 2011

    A very curious tale. I am aware that several authorities on the matter suggest being able to change our DNA but how can they test that? Other than, I guess, healing a genetic illness.

    Atleast dowsing gives us a kind of way to get a measure.

    Perhaps it is time to considered whether you can change someone else’s DNA?

    • Gwas
      Jun 3, 2011

      Well, here’s one article talking about new discoveries about DNA and its shape-changing abilities in response to magentic fields: link.

      And here’s auseful Yahoo Answer:
      “Junk DNA is the DNA which spans the genome between different genes and in sequences called introns, which lie within genes. Genes are made up of exons and introns. Exons are coding sequences of the gene, and introns are non-coding sequences of the gene. A process called RNA splicing removes the introns from the gene and splices the exons together. The DNA between genes and introns make up “junk DNA.” However, there are some useful sequences contained within the junk DNA. For these sequences, I am referring to the DNA located between different genes and not the introns, which are located within genes. These sequences are called enhancers and repressors. They lie hundreds or even thousands of nucleotides (DNA bases) before the promoter sequence. The promoter sequence is where transcription begins (i.e. beginning of gene). So, the enhancer sequences increase gene activity. Repressor sequences decrease gene activity. Transcription factors are proteins which bind to the enhancer and repressor sequences. This is followed by a change in confirmation of the DNA strand such that the transcription factors are able to be bound to both the enhancer (or repressor) and the promoter at the same time. This shows that junk DNA is not entirely “junk.” It is called junk because it is non-coding DNA (i.e. not a gene to make protein). However, as I have illustrated, junk DNA is still important with regard to gene activity.”

      In the same article I found this response about our junk DNA being “spiritual” DNA, and it came with a step by step instruction set of how to re-enable them all. Ready for this? Here goes -begin the recoding:-

      “To activate your spiritual DNA, you will need an attunement by your spiritual guides. Here is how:

      1. Sit quietly in a place where you won’t be disturbed. You can light a candle and burn incense if you would like.

      2. Close your eyes and go into a meditative state. That is, clear your mind of all thoughts and emotions. Remain in a meditative state for few minutes.

      3. Have the intent of connecting with your spiritual guides or angels.

      4. When you feel the connection, ask your guides or angels the following:

      “Please reconnect and reactivate all the spiritual strands of my DNA and program all my DNA so that I may reach maximum spiritual evolution in this lifetime.”

      5. Then, keeping your eyes closed, you will feel some sensations in your body. It may be a warmth, or a tingling sensation. Enjoy the feelings.

      6. After about 10 minutes, you will no longer feel anything happening, That means that the attunement is over.

      7. Thank your spiritual guides and angels and, more important, thank God for this beautiful blessing you have received.

      Once you do this, you will find that your life will be transformed and much happiness and peace will be yours.”

      Just do that, and peace and happiness will be yours. Just ask, and you will receive and be enlightened. You can order this enlightenment from the University of Online Spirituality, California for only $10.95 + P&P. Don’t forget to send them your bank account details for a faster turnaround on that enlightenment process. Ascend now!

      I mock, but I’m not a million miles away from such a process myself. It does involve some spirit guidance, dowsing and meditation, so it’s about as flaky as you can get. No hard science on this blog, thank you! 😉


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