Dowsing in the city

The city being New York which is where I am currently following the blue brick road. Specifically Manhattan, so I guess even in America a dowser might look a bit weird, I can cope with that in the UK but here I am going to keep my rods confined.

Fortunately I am getting quite good at device-less dowsing so I thought I would have a go in the famed Central Park. The park is filled with some gorgeous trees and the atmosphere is really nice. I immediately got the sense that the park likes the city. I don’t know where this thought came from, but it was pervasive throughout the park.

Starting at the mid west side (really getting used this street naming) I ambled around the park following an invisible rod in my hand. I was expecting to be taken to be taken to one the trees in the place or perhaps one of sport areas (human energies, right?). My question was: “Take me to the most energetic place in this park?”I guess my question needed to be refined a bit as it kept trying to take me over the grass and the law is that you can’t walk on the grassy undesignated bits – fair enough!

So I perambulated through the park, curious to see where I would end up…would it be a tree? One of the many seats that have been donated in someones deceased personal honour? A fairy circle?

I had walked through about a third of the park when I took a decisive turn and headed up an incline in the path. Upon getting to the top I found myself in a small clearing that had a huge stone needle in it. As I approached I knew that this was “the spot” but I wondered, surely this was going to be some latter-day 20th century piece of art? How was this going to be an en exhibitor of energies?

Egyptian Obelisk

The obelisk was some 70 foot in height and had definitely seen some wear and tear as the glyphs on it were hardly readable. After a couple of minutes confirming that this was indeed the most energetic object in the park I checked out the description on the plaque and what a surprise! The obelisk was in fact an a true Egyptian artifact! Brought to the USA in 1881. Known locally as Cleopatra’s needle, but being a some thousands of years older than her reign. See here for more details on where this artifact originated from.

I was truly surprised by my find. Central Park is 2.5 miles long and 0.5 miles wide with many attractions contained within. In my perambulation I was led almost directly to this Egyptian artifact. How curious. Interestingly, on many maps the Obelisk isn’t even mentioned other than a place marker. When I got back to my apartment I was checking up on the history of this artifact and found a totally crazy synchronicity. This stone was twinned with another stone that had come from the same source. The twin was located in Paris. Interesting? No? Well, what if I were to tell you that at the time I was in NYC, Gwas was in Paris!

The universe is truly linked by so many connections, if you walk a intuitive path you encounter these links on a daily basis. As I was to learn, this was a fabulous and portentious beginning to my two week stay in New York.

Kal Malik, on a knights quest


  1. Graham Burgess
    Aug 7, 2011

    I am querying why the 49th parallel dividing USA and Canada is where it is.

    The latitude runs into Paris and of course Canada has strong French connections.

    So is there a ley line that the ancient geographers tuned into ?


    • Gwas
      Aug 8, 2011

      Hi Graham,

      Your question is a good one, however it’s not one to which I have any answers. This is a good ‘line’ of enquiry though (pardon the pun), and I would be interested to hear if you make any connections between the two. Perhaps the line comes into Paris at a significant point that could be linked with Canada?



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