Ancestor energies and conception energy

In this post I will be explaining how I was shown that the next stage in my quest to regain the energy of my ancestors is in Ireland, and that a new form of energy at the other end of the spectrum from death energy was discovered, which I will call “conception energy”.

After visiting Dinas Bran we made a quick stop off at Vale Crucis Abbey, Llangollen’s imposing ruins that block the very light of the day. With its original furbishing it must have been resplendent. In the weak rays of a Winter morning the sun was trying to refurbish the walls with light and in parts it succeeded at re-introducing warmth. Out of the sunlight the shadows were seasonably chilly.

For me Vale Crucis Abbey was the location where I had been set upon a quest to recover ancestor energies when I encountered the shade of a holy man called St Duignan. St Duignan, I discovered through dowsing and research, had come over to Vale Crucis from Ireland. The Duignans were intimately linked to my ancestors and the region I had always known my family to have originated from. I could find no record of “Saint” Duignan in Ireland, so I presume that his canonisation may have resulted from his services whilst in Wales. I have more detective work to do concerning this.

Ancestor energy is a term I have used to describe the subtle energy imprints left at a particular place of power (a power centre, perhaps) by our ancestors – those family connections from whom we are descended and have a genetic link to.

Vale Crucis Abbey - January 2012

As Kal flitted around finding a meditation spot to work in I began to ask whether there was anything I could do here that would progress my spiritual path. Surely, in a place with such particular links for me, I would find some information source or task that I could learn from. The rods came out and I began to objectively quiz them. They gave a rapid response. NO. No? NO. Nothing to do here! Obviously, the next question is “Why?”, but as we know, “Why”-type questions are notoriously difficult to get answers to through dowsing, which requires something of a binary technique (questions with distinct YES or NO answers give the most trustworthy responses).

I began to narrow the scope down by investigating the circumstances of what I had been asking about. I had wanted to interact with the shade of St Duignan – the answer had been NO. I began to question along this line.

  1. Was the shade of St Duignan present here at this site? NO.
  2. Did the shade still exist in the form I had encountered it? YES. Then it must simply be elsewhere.
  3. Was the shade in this country? NO.
  4. Was it in Ireland? YES. Aha! But why….? Always the ‘why’!
  5. Had the shade returned to the place from which it originated? YES.
  6. Does that mean that it had returned to the place that it was born when physically human? YES.

I knew where this would be. I had done my research and have a trip planned there for late Spring this year. Now that I had located the shade, the remaining spirit energy of someone possibly linked to my own ancestors, I was curious to know why it was important that the shade returned to its place of origin. This seemed like the most important thing I could possibly need to know. An overwhelming feeling of importance flooded through me. I was riveted to the spot. This was something vital for me to know about my quest this year – something that would guide me way. The hunt began with the dowsing rods and I kept my intuitive senses alert for any other feelings or information that might filter into my tiny blank brain.

The benefit of energy

How do we know what energy benefits us and at which times? I only know through using dowsing rods to determine this, and I leave the difficult calculations up to the higher intelligence that guides my responses. One day I hope to know enough to have a go at being able to work it our for myself, but there are so many factors at play that it’s a seemingly impossible task. At this moment I decided to ask about beneficial energies. Maybe that would be helpful? There were no beneficial energies available at Vale Crucis, according to the dowsing rods! None at all!

This led me to conclude a few things. Firstly, the shade of St Duignan had moved back to Ireland, taking the link to my ancestors with it. I would have to follow it in order to re-establish connection. I would have to travel to Ireland, find the shade, and then interact with this energy form in order to follow the next part of my ancestor energy quest. It had “hopped” to the next point on the path, and I needed to go find it again – much like Kal’s ‘energy double’. It was like the ancestor energies were a trail that had to be followed, and I had done the first stage. I would have to go to the next location in order to reclaim the energy from that place. The energies here at Vale Crucis had already been reclaimed.

The first snowdrops of the year - in January!

Now I knew that my trip to Ireland this year was going to be really important, and that there was a certain inevitability about it now. It would form the second stage in the chain link of ancestor energies, and I would be going “home” to find and collect the very essence of my ancestors’ energies wherever they now remained. It was an exciting prospect.

One of the delightful finds within the abbey’s bleak high stone walls was a shot of colour provided by a bunch of snowdrops. The pristine white flowers were dangling from their verdant stems in the exact same spot as the year before, but this time they were two months earlier than last year! Two months! They were making an appearance in the middle of Winter – something has gone awry with the timing of the seasons this year, that’s for sure. Lately I have seen roses blooming and it’s still January! Mad.

The Concept of Conception

Despite the seeming lack of beneficial energies at the site for me this year, there was one energy that I found interesting. I asked the rods whether there was any “interesting” energy for me to find and they led me to a spot quite close to the snowdrops and near to my power centre. When I went through the usual categories of energy that I used to determine the type of subtle energy form I was dealing with I couldn’t find a match! Was this something new, then? It was certainly something that I had never dowsed before. I can’t remember how we managed to identify it, but Kal came up with the suggestion that it might be conception energy. I think we had gone through all other types and were trying to identify a point in the human lifecycle when the energy might be present, and he came up with birth or conception as the point when the energy was created.

Some further dowsing questions along this line of enquiry revealed that it was indeed an energetic imprint of a moment of conception that had taken place at that spot. It was a sort of “memory” imprint – an imprint created by the emotional outburst that goes with orgasm and the magical moment of conception itself. I know that the actual moment of conception may have been some time later than copulation, but it seems as though something, possibly some spirit form, had engaged with the process at that moment, at that place, and this was marked as a special place by having that emotional energetic imprint remain locked in the earth and stone of the abbey.

There is much more to learn about this energy, I’m sure, but to find a new energy after years of dowsing was rather heart-warming, and in an English Winter I take whatever warmth I can from such episodes.




  1. Liz
    Feb 2, 2012

    Hi Gwas…

    It’s really good to hear from you and thanks for your thoughts about this:-) I have to confess, I’ve been exposed to a number of what one might term ‘unorthodox theories’ lately, this one I discussed about ancestral blockages is about the most plausible one! I think it sort of lies at the foundation of one of those very fundamental questions we have about how much we as humans are entitled to ‘engineer’ our destiny, as opposed to allowing natural forces to do their thing. I honestly don’t know Gwas. Sometimes its hard to know exactly what we pick up when we go into meditation, is it genetic memory, astral beings or the thoughts of others, messages from other external things? So, I can’t be sure if what I saw made sense or not. But I can tell you, that the night after that ceremony I had an immensely powerful lucid dream in which I was initiated into an American-Indian tradition, something connected to the land of California and I assume the Tumash tribe who were indigenous to those parts in pre-Columbian times. Whatever the ceremony triggered, it was life-changing for me, more because of the dream and what I leaned about my spiritual path as a sort of ‘necromancer’ for want of a better term! At the moment, I really don’t know what to make of where my path is taking me, in some ways it feels healthy, in others i worry that it’s going into the realms of fantasy and is making me a little ‘unstable’ some days!LOL At the moment I’m looking at a webpage called ‘Rhesus’ as I’m A- and I’ve been fascinated by this, as it is a rare blood group. Some of the theories are hard to take on board, especially when it involves Reptilian aliens a le David Ike! But I do think there is something, I’m inclined to think it might be from the Neanderthals, and there does seem to be a theme of serpent magic civilizations and high percentages of this blood type. It’s high in Ireland and Wales for instance, also with the Berbers and Ethiopians, and some Jewish populations. Some think its the ‘grail blood’ either way, science doesn’t have much of an explanation (yet) as to the rhesus – origins. Anyway, I’m rambling again with a train of thought, as I say, please bear with my mild autism!

    I strive very much to understand these things and I am open-minded to all sorts of theories, so as to whether the lady was correct about ancestral memory, I don’t know. But my rule of thumb is, if it doesn’t sit right with you, then disregard it, always works for me;-) I just wanted to quickly share something else with you, if I may while I’m here:-) Yesterday I went to investigate the site of a recent suicide, the news of it had rumbled all around my neighbourhood and we knew that an unfortunate had hanged himself in the local cemetery. Not something for the fainthearted to look at I guess, but I am rarely spooked by things, if nothing else! We found ourselves guided to the right tree, which in itself was eerie (discovering the remains of flower bouquets made it seem like this must be the spot) and I was told NOT to touch the tree. So I didn’t. Any of that ‘electrical charge’ one encounters shortly after a terrifying event had vanished and I was pleased to say that the young man had moved into a place of understanding and although his presence was still around the tree, he was not a lost soul. I had an impression that the tree had absorbed that awful tragic energy at the moment of the young man’s death and that I would be required to deal with that when the weather gets warmer. So I suppose I was given a little tip about how trees and no doubt other living things can become diseased by the negative energies of others.

    Well, I shall have to leave it at that for now, as i have to take my daughter to the dentist!


  2. Liz
    Jan 31, 2012

    When I was in California I had the pleasure to be introduced to a beautiful mature lady who had trained with Michael Harner and was a gifted Shaman. She performed an ‘Ancestral clearance ceremony’ with us, which was incredibly informative. It seemed according to her tradition, that we can carry blockages and negative energies from ancestors, sort of encoded genetic memories that can be loaded with imprints of cruelty and wrongdoings generally. These in turn effect our decisions and choices in life, so that we continue a pattern that suited our ancestors, but very often doesn’t suit us. To be free of these negative charges its seems, is important as they kind of haunt the family line and we can pass them onto our own descendents. I came across what I expected in my line, the side of my family where abuse springs, it turned out as I went back through the line, that they were the descendents of what looked like Mongolian Shaman. I later discovered that there is a proportion of people in Britain who are descended from Genghis Khan, so that might have explained that one! It was a powerful ceremony, somehow your experiences here reminded me of that time:-) I also have Irish and Welsh ancestry, but as well as that I have Scandinavian and German, French and Scots, so I’m a real old mixture, something that makes simple ancestral contact with these Isles hard at times!

    Well, it seems a rather strange coincidence that you came across these conception energies, it makes perfect sense. Why not? If when a person dies they leave behind an imprint, why not at the moment they formed as life? It also might explain some of what I was talking about in my mail at Arbor Low, so I found this helpful in deciphering more about that as it was such a startling thing to witness in a vision. I wonder if the conception energy you found was from one of your own ancestors, which might explain why you were able to tune into that particular frequency so much! Wow – some really interesting ideas Gwas:-)

    Blessings, Liz

    • Gwas
      Feb 2, 2012

      Hi Liz,

      You’ve got so many intersting tales – and you’re so kind to contribute with such detail. I’m sure I’m not the only one to aprpeciate it.

      I an quite wary of the concept of clearing blocked energies from before we were born. I understand the genetic idea that traits and even personalities may be incorporated into our basic biological structure. Where I begin to get uncomfortable is with the spiritual or psychological inheritance. To me this seems like an opportunity for the therapy process to strecth its tendrils beyond both etents of our lves – in our past and even into our future. Where could it stop? How much of a difference could it make? Could it re-arrange our spiritual or psychological “DNA”? I’m not sure about this. Something doesn’t sit right with me.

      As for Genghis Khan – I’m not sure I’d want to meet any of his other descendents – are they merchant bankers? Personal injury lawyers? World leaders? Scary! You clearly came out on the side of the “light” (ooh – “value judgment”!). Many of us in these lands have a diverse heritage and it’s becoming more so with each passing generation. Who knows if this is a good thing or not, but it’s what we do now – we mix our genetics to a high degree. Maybe we’ll form a new species soon – an evolutionary leap?

      As for imprinting – I think we all imprint at momments of high emotion. Of course that depends on the environment – some materials seems to absorb and retain the imprint much better than other. Crystalline structures seem to have a good imprint capability, as does chalky rock. Our ancestors seemed to know this too. I think it all feeds into the kundalini energy we were discussing in other posts/mails.

      So much more knowledge to recover! Only one lifetime to do it in.


  3. kal
    Jan 30, 2012

    Hi Gwas,

    Just adding some more flavour to this. Here are the posts where I first encountered ‘conception energies’. It was during a house energy investigation.

    – The investigation of house energies :
    – the follow-up :

    Note: I just sent the couple an email to see how things are

    Kal Malik

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