The eagerly anticipated year 2012

Following on from what my fearless friend has begun to put out there into the Make-It-So-O-Sphere, I too have a list of things that I am anticipating doing this year. Inspired by Kal’s list I have dug deep into my bonce and lifted out some thoughts that were lurking within, and then combined them with some “I should have done that”‘s from last year. Of course, life is always more interesting than the rather rude and dull tale of it that we imagine will be its unfolding. It is always much more cleverly-crafted and exquisitely wrought than our feeble imaginations can hope to furnish. Notwithstanding my own feeble imagination, I wish to present some imaginings for the forthcoming year, but before I do that let’s just go over some of the background to this infamous date.

Planetary alignment with the galactic core in 2012

Why is 2012 being talked about?

Good question, if I do say so myself. Why is it different to any other year, except perhaps the turning of the millennium? Primarily the hype has been generated by a number of people who have not only jumped onto a moving bandwagon, but have actively gone out of their way to assist with its maintenance and enhancement, even going as far as tuning it up so that it runs faster and with more of a roar! Lots of New Age types have been “pimping the ride”, so to speak, of the 2012 bandwagon.

There are a number of phases to this 2012 ride:-

Phase 1 (20 years to go) – A few isolated voices were trying to find a reason why the end of the Mayan Calendar might be important. Some said that the Earth itself would align with other planets in our Solar System along an axis that aligned with the centre of the Galaxy itself, and that this would cause something to happen. 2/10 panic rating.

Phase 2 (10 years to go) – John Major Jenkins, Ian Xel Lungold, Carl Calleman and a few others try to explain their theory that time may be speeding up and consciousness may be developing to match it on a global scale. As the internet develops this seems like a worthy theory. 5/10 panic rating.

Phase 3 (5 years ago) – Every man and his dog have boarded the 2012 train but everyone has their own idea of where the train is headed. Splits, factions and mayhem ensue, but everyone is still thinking that something is going to happen. 9/10 panic rating.

Phase 4 (today) – The factions have split off into four main interest groups – Doubters, Touters, Slackers and Backtrackers. There are those who think that nothing will happen (The Doubters), those that think that something will happen (The Touters), those who regularly change their minds (The Backtrackers), those who are hedging their bets (The Slackers). 3/10 panic rating.

So what is my opinion? Where do I stand? As you may expect, I stand at the outside of these four interest groups in an interest group of one. I watch what they do, and I see where it takes them. I don’t intervene, interfere or offer any advice to them. They’re all mad. I have my own madness to work with, and if any of them want to follow my 2012 theories then they are free to do so. But I shan’t be telling anyone what they are. Just like a hedge druid.

Where my own path is leading me

In amongst all the 2012 theories (and I have read many of them) I come back to finding my own path through the year. Surely, that is all that any of us can do in such circumstances? In the midst of, and often in spite of, the potential for ensuing chaos and derangement here are the topics that I anticipate I may be involved with in the next round of the Sun.

a)  Ancestor energy recovery
b) Teaching and Presentation of data (one course developed, several others in preparation)
c) Diagnosing and Healing people (using some of Elizabeth Brown’s methods of causative diagnosis)
d) Learning the way ancient site energies work (an ongoing task)

Here are some of the ancient sites that I want to visit:-

  • The Pyramids of Egypt
  • The Pyramids of Bosnia
  • Rathcrogan in Ireland
  • Kilmartin in Scotland
  • St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall

I can see a theme developing there – I may be visiting a lot of mounds and pyramids. It must be something to do with the Sun energies, the male forces, that I have found can accumulate and intensity at the peak of such structures. Something in my druidic unconscious has already set about telling me that I need this energy next year. Let’s see if that is indeed what happens!



  1. Liz
    Jan 27, 2012

    So glad my post arrived safely! I’m going to draft a part 2 to all that in a mo and get it off to you both, as there was a lot more to that fertility energy thing, but I was a bit tired and fuzzy brained when I wrote that mail, so kept it (relatively speaking and by my standards…) brief! Gosh! Can’t wait for your new posts in that case!


  2. Liz
    Jan 25, 2012

    Hi Kal – thanks so much for your kind welcome, its really nice to say hi to you personally – and yes I’ve just read your latest blog about the Nine Ladies and was going to comment (I’ve got to dash soon to cook tea for the family, so will return to it later!) I don’t think I can tell you on the forum about this dream, so if that’s OK I will email both of you about it, suffice to say ‘that a storm front is gathering’ in both karmic and energetic terms as far as the work such souls as us are doing, its not in any way bad, but we have a big job to do, is the impression I get! I’m so thrilled that we could get together this year, I was worried I was jumping the gun a bit, but I keep meeting significant people this year on the Internet, who seem to alarmingly be tuning into the same message about healing the land and various other connections, which if I get to know you guys better I can share (I don’t want you scratching your heads in dismay and thinking I’m crazy at this early juncture – always one of my fears!!lol)Suffice to say it has connections to one of the worst atrocities committed in recent human history and the energy flashpoints that have been left behind on the land. Kal – I’m sure you’re no ‘second fiddler’ in you and Gwas’s work – from my dream I saw how you are able to pinpoint sites that have disrupted by the black spirals:-)

    Thanks so much gentlemen,I will catch up with you later, until then have a nice evening

    Regards Liz:-)

    • kal
      Jan 26, 2012

      Good day Liz,

      Gwas is intrigued by your email, as am I. I think Gwas is drafting a return missive as I write. What strange connections we have. A post on that coming soon.

      Kal Malik

  3. Liz
    Jan 21, 2012

    Hi Kal – I hope I’m not being incredibly presumptuous in asking if you’re referring to ‘Liz’ as in me? Only I had a very powerful dream about you and Gwas the other morning, which has haunted and unsettled me, thinking we should maybe all hook up one day this year if at all possible and of course if you gentlemen wanted to:-) I haven’t traveled to any sites in a few years now, mainly down to financial restrictions and not being able to drive. But this year I am instructed as it were, to go out, meet with others on my path and work with others on healing certain sacred sites. As I say, my apologies if I’ve jumped the gun here – one of the downsides of being Aries rising!lol

    Thanks Liz

    • Gwas
      Jan 23, 2012

      In previous years I have declined such requests, but this year it feels particularly important to meet people doing the same work. I for one would be honoured to do so.

      E-mail me ( with a general location in the country and I’ll let you know what my plans are.


    • kal
      Jan 24, 2012

      Good day Liz,
      Gwas is definitly your man when it comes to healing sacred sites. In that arena I am a poor side-kick I’m afraid. However, as far as working with sacred sites is concerned, then both Gwas and I are learning to become equal to the task.
      Thank you for your many comments across the board, we really do love your comments and sharing stories brings the world a few more steps closer.


      Kal Malik

    • kal
      Jan 25, 2012

      Good day Liz,

      Wow, I too had an unsettling dream the other day that had me venturinig to Derbyshire in search of answers (posts due soon). Can I ask what this unsettling dream was? I am always curious about the worldly or other connections that spring from the unconscious. If you can’t post here, try me at

      Imbolc blessings.

      Kal Malik

  4. kal
    Jan 6, 2012

    Looking forward to getting a chance to go global 🙂

    Also I’m quite interested in how you get on with Liz’s work (c) Causative dowsing.


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