Lammas 2012 – Healing History

The day began with the promise of something beautiful to emerge from the nascent silver-grey clouds, whose meagre partings would later reveal the full glory of the late summer sun. Intrepid as always, and eager like beagles penned until their exuberance breaks free, Kal and I rushed for the mutually agreed starting point for most of our special journeys into the magical adventures we live through in Wales. We would start at the Llangernyw Yew and see what visions it might divulge to us today – August 1st – the festival of Lammas in the pagan calendars. At the beginning of the adventure the day felt pregnant with possibilities, and it would happen that I would have a wonderful and inspiring revelation, learn a new magickal technique for self-healing the traumas of the past, and find my way onto the next part of my spiritual path. Let the tale begin!

It was mere seconds before Nature herself was showing me the signs and symbols that have accompanied so many of my special days around the Wheel of the Year. As soon as I began to drive off from home I heard first then saw a buzzard flying low over the car and circling around a nearby field. Of course – all such days should start with the aerial vision from the hawk! The hawk would also re-appear at the end of the day as we returned to the car to drive home again. Almost like a closing narrator to the proceedings, having the final word.

As well as all these coincidental and contrived moments, I was aware that we would be spending the day in the company of the invisible Grain Moon – the August full moon that was burgeoning with its astral emanations on this day and those that surrounded it. It felt like everything was gathering in order to give us the best chance of having a truly meaningful and magickal experience – which is exactly what happened when we followed our intuition and our guides.

The Safety of the Yew Tree

Llangernyw Yew in full splendour

Although yews have many poisonous parts (berries and bark to name but two) there is something that I consider to be very safe about being around this old tree. The Llangernyw Yew is so old that it baffles your sense of history to even consider when it sprouted. Let’s just say that when this tree was beginning its life our ancestors were discovering the wonders of mixing Copper with Zinc to produce a new metal for the first time.

As Kal wandered around the graveyard like a lost ghost (he always has a purpose, really) I sat beneath the tree’s canopy and felt for the right place to sit. I found my place and found that I could connect to the tree very quickly. Moon? Festival Day? Noon? My energy? More experienced? Previous encounters? I don’t know what the magic combination was, but within seconds I was asking for and receiving answers from the bowels of the great yew….

  • “Have I completed the last quest yet?” – “It is a continuous quest until the end of the year.”. Straight question, straight answer.
  • “Am I ready for a quest for this part of the year?” – “You have enough energy, yes.”
  • “Can you tell me the nature of this quest, please?” – “I can’t. You need to go to the Portal Stones.” (situated at the rear of the church). “OK – thanks!”

As I came out of my tree trance I met with wandering Kal. He told me what he had learned so far, and asked what I had got. Nothing yet, really. I’m off to see the Portal Stones. Kal pointed out that his attempts to make the sun appear through the slate-grey Welsh cloud cover was happening as we spoke. I looked up in amazement to see a fiery spotlight appear in the thick grey cloudscape. Impossible, I roared! Kal smiled. “Impossible is nothing!” he seemed to suggest.

Impossible sun appearance again – Lammas 2012

Gateway to a Quest

The Portal Stones (as I call the two standing pillars at the side of Llangernyw Church) stood with their usual air of anonymity, as though trying to blend into the newer facade of the whitewashed church and its surrounding gravestones, but my eyes picked them out immediately. They have often been a threshold or gateway into another mode of consciousness for me, and for some reason the Llangernyw Yew seems to direct me to visit them when I come seeking information about quests.

As I stood between the stones I felt the usual tingle, but nothing “spacey” or “trancey”. I was quite normally conscious. Perhaps nothing would happen today, I thought. Nevertheless I posed my question – “Where should I visit today in order to progress with my Third Eye Quest and also to learn what my Lammas tasks might be?”. I invited my spirit guide teacher to come join the proceedings – maybe she could help stir a response? The question seemed to float in the aether for a lifetime before the gentle stirrings of an answer began to emerge in my head. I was shown pictures of two places – one a waterfall, and the other was a rounded mound of a hill. I recognised them of course – it was Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall near Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant and Dina Bran hillfort in Llangollen. Not places that were close together, but reachable in a day’s drive around North Wales.

Which place would suit which quest? I felt that both places were suitable for both answers, or that the two quests overlapped in so many ways that making such a distinction was fruitless. I needed to go to both places for both objectives.

Old portal stones at Llangernyw Church

Back at the Yew Tree I found Kal and he was keen to ask whether I had seen “it”. I didn’t know what “it” was, so he guided me to where he had felt he should sit beneath the tree and pointed to a crystal on the ground. Someone had pointed a small pillar quartz crystal at the very spot where Kal had been sitting. This was an intentional act by someone, and we felt that the act was a positive one, so we left the crystal in place. Don’t want to disturb someone else’s good work! Nice to see visitors are appreciating and using the tree’s powers.

A Druid Falls

As we drove towards the waterfall we passed a place where Kal and I had first tried “sending” an image to a sacred site. The test had been to imagine an image and then see if the other person could dowse that image at the remote location. We decided to try this again, so we both thought of an image to send to the waterfall, and a place where we would place that energy. We would not reveal the shape or the place until we had both found it with our dowsing rods, and then see how close we were to the original place and shape. I sent my image – an infinity symbol, or figure of eight, and I placed it on top of the falls as close to the edge as possible so that Kal would have to look over the edge to trace it out with his dowsing rods. That would scare him! Ha ha. Let’s see how accurate this experiment would be? Were we better now than we had been the first time we had done this?

When we arrived at Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall some time later and the air crackled with a liveliness of spirit. Kal was hyperactive (more than usual) and I felt the air was alive with positive ions like a sparkling shower of possibilty. However, my sensible self suggested we eat some food before we go further because the two climbs we had ahead of us would be exhausting without eating first, and it was lunch time. The cafe beside the waterfall was open so we went and ate some of their hearty food whilst dodging the rainfall (mostly).

I have never really looked at the decor inside the cafe closely, but as we sat down warming ourselves and waiting for the soup to arrive I noticed a picture hanging on the wall. It depicted Merlin & Vivien beneath a tree. Then, straight after that, in the information leaflet available in the cafe I read that the area around the waterfall was known as The Druid’s Bowl – what a surprise! I think I have always known this was a druidical kind of place. Now I had some folklore to back that up.

Pistylle Rhaeadr waterfall in full flow

As we stood admiring the full view of the waterfall I couldn’t help but be impressed by the spectacle. No matter what the weather the view of this waterfall is stunning, and the setting is divine. Soon the spell broke and we began our ascent to the place where the real power of the falls is. After the wet and tiring climb we approached the head of the falls and I switched on my druidic senses – a sort of mindset where my mind blends with the surroundings and I feel in tune with nature. In this mind I asked to be directed to a place that would help me to progress on my path, and I felt I should go to the power centre spot that I knew existed at the point where several smaller waterfalls converged.

On arriving at the mixing point of the three streams I realised something – this was a place of re-union. The river had split into the three streams – one representing each form of energy – male, female and neutral. Here, at the power centre place was the point of their re-unification. This was why this was a powerful place. I also realised that the power of that place was in the energy of re-unification. It then occurred to me that my tarot reading about my quest included the Re-Union card! Coincidence, of course. It was a realisation that made my mind began to think of the possibilities of how this energy could be used….

The Reunion of the Streams at Pistyll Rhaeadr

…and the realisation ended with this thought. My Third Eye Quest was not only about remote viewing in the present. It was about remotely viewing the past and the future too, because with remote viewing all times can be seen. I wondered if I could therefore “re-unify” and re-integrate some of the energy that I had left at a point in my past, and re-unify with that energy in the present. To do this I would need to pick a traumatic event that I had fixated upon in my past, and then remotely view it. Kal had taught me a technique for extracting the energy from such moments, and I wondered if I too could try something similar. I became quite excited at the possibility, and the moment felt right, so I settled into a trance in order to begin the session.

Healing The Past

For me remote viewing is something that is fast becoming a simple matter. Having read the techniques explained by Russell Targ (in his book ‘Limitless Mind‘) I found that they were already the techniques I was using, so that filled me with immense confidence that I was both able and adept at the process. I had been having good results too. Today I would test it out once again, and this time I found I could play with the past. I scanned backwards in my childhood to find a point where I had been picked on and bullied at school. The incident was one particular time that had been a lasting scar in my memory. So much so that in later years, when I first started getting really good at martial arts and taking exercising seriously, I had motivated myself with the notion of getting fully fit, muscle-bound and prepared and of going to find the perpetrator with the intention of re-visiting the event upon him! Needless to say when I revealed this motive to friends they were universally critical, and demeaned my idea to the point where I had to look hard at myself, embarrassed at how tangential this reaction was to my usual calm persona. It took a lot for me to get beyond this feeling, and I realised that this was such a strong flashpoint for me that it really needed to be healed. Now was the time. The time once and for all to take all the heat, the anger and the energy out of that memory, and to forgive, forget and move on from it. But how?

I put my trust in my guides. I asked if Nature and my spirit  guide could assist me with this task. From that moment on I felt like I was performing a script that I had studied a hundred times. My mind pinpointed the scene, the moment of trauma, the specific moment when the emotion of anger, fear and disgust all welled up in my being. I was standing to one side, like a wise man watching a scene from someone else’s life, with a sympathetic but benevolent mindset. I stopped the scene at this exact moment of emotional crisis. I could see the dark energy collecting in the body of my younger self in the vision. I reached a hand into the picture and physically twirled my finger around in an anti-clockwise motion. As though I was taking the cork out of a bottle of wine using a corkscrew, or gathering a loose thread, I wound the emotion out of the prone figure of my former self, and then lifted the energy out of the scene….

…The scene faded and I was back at the union point of the three streams of water, roaring in a tumultuous frenzy of liveliness. I could feel the dark energy in mind hand, wound around my fingers, and it felt heavy and dirty – completely out of context to the beautiful surroundings and the purity of the water below me. I held open my hand, and with a little gentle smiling prayer to the spirits of the water, I blew the energy out of my hand a watched its invisible presence drop into the churning meeting point of these oxygenated waters. I asked the water elements to dissolve the energy, disperse it and to neutralise its effects. Then I watched the subtle energy from my past disappear like a drowning man in a maelstrom.

Instantaneously I felt relief. My shoulders lifted several inches and my back straightened. I felt lighter. To test what had happened I summoned up the picture of that dark moment from my past and waited to feel my response emerge. Instead of anger and feelings of revenge, they had been replaced by a pitying forgiveness. A contented benevolence at the stupidity and crassness of the perpetrator. A wondering at how he had turned out himself. I curiosity, no more than that. Then I could easily disengage from the image, and it slipped back into the depths of me memory again. Still recorded, still archived, but no longer energised with emotional content. The image was neutralised! I felt great. Really, really alive! Even now as I write this again and re-live the experience I am smiling at the scene. Truly, that psychological damage has been forever healed! How amazing is that?

Projecting energy

Happy with this aspect of my Third Eye Quest I went to sit under the outcrop of rock at the very head of the falls and Kal re-appeared. I remembered that we had remotely projected our mental shapes to particular places around the waterfall, so I asked Kal if I could go find the shape he had sent. He confirmed that he had sent his somewhere up the top of the waterfall, rather than down the bottom. I confirmed that I had done the same, so I said I would try to find his energy shape.

I dowsed for it and was taken to the edge of the falls, right to the edge where I had imagined that my shape would be! OK, whatever. So we had picked the same place. Let me dowse the shape. I asked to find whatever energy shape was here and traced three circles. Two of the circles were interlinked in a figure of eight, and the other was a big circle on top of those. Ah, was it three circles at this spot, I asked? Kal looked amazed. “Not exactly,” he said, “You’ve got the right place spot on, but the shape was an infinity symbol.” What??? I explained the exact shape I had traced. An infinity symbol but it now had a circle above it too. “Well,” Kal said, “You know how sometimes shapes transform and complexify after we’ve made them. Where was your symbol anyway?” I asked him to dowse for it. He got his rods out and dowsed to the exact same spot. He turned to look at me suspiciously, but I just smiled. “And the shape? ” I asked. He began to dowse around in a figure of eight shape, and then turned to me in complete amazement, realising what was happening. “Oh my god – we created the same shape at the same place!!“. I know – how mad is that?

In the next post I will tell you all about the new quest I was given for Lammas and how the first part of it was gathered on this incredible outing.




  1. chrystelle
    Sep 23, 2012

    Hello Gwas,

    I have been reading your posts for some time now, and I really enjoy them.
    This one speaks to me very much, as I was not very sociable as a kid and ended up bullied at school for that, indirectly… I was very unhappy altogether and ended up bullying others as well. I am older now, and fully aware of what I did. Would it be possible to use remote viewing techniques in the opposite way that you did in your post, and give energy back, like you said in the comments?…


    • Gwas
      Sep 24, 2012

      Hi Chrystelle,

      That’s a very brave admission! The technique I nentioned is open for experimentation – I am certainly not the master or keeper of these things. I’m reporting them so that they might be of use to others, so if you feel like you want to go back and try to repair some of the damage then on so many levels I can only see that being a worthy thing to attempt. And after all – only you will know if it worked or not, right?

      Give it a try. On a purely psychological basis it has to have value for you. Oh, and do tell us what you saw, and whether the Universe gave you any confirmation afterwards via a sign, won’t you?

      Good luck,

  2. Liz
    Aug 29, 2012

    Hi Gwas…

    Yes you’ve reminded me, I do need to keep a diary or something like that, I was thinking that maybe I should, I tend to write stuff down on bits of paper and inevitably it gets lost! I couldn’t agree with you more on your appraisal of 70’s film – absolutely! In which case you must see ‘Penda’s fen’ it has all those 1970’s hallmarks you speak of, its an intelligent, sensitive and very extraordinary piece, a film that will resonate with anyone who is seeking spiritual connection to the land, its become one of my favourite films. I’ve found it on Youtube – here’s a link…

    I owe you a mail Gwas, you’ve reminded me of that too – sorry I’ve been so busy the past few weeks, but I need to respond to your remote viewing of Carn Brea – it was spooky and wonderful! I think I can guess your sad news – oh dear, I am so sorry, you’re always welcome to chat with me and share grief or anything else, always a pleasure to hear from you.

    Liz 🙂

  3. Liz
    Aug 27, 2012

    Wow!! What an eventful day! I’m sorry to hear about your misfortunes as a kid Gwas, i know only too well from my own daughter who was very bullied at school, how distressing it is and how it can destroy one’s self esteem. I was never bullied as a kid (I was the one protecting the bullied from the bullies!) but I met with abuse in adulthood and I can tell you, if someone offered me a magic pill to recover my confidence and to be able to move on, I’d be very happy! Looks like you were able to do what therapy failed to do for me! I’ve always suspected that we lose soul parts during these times of extreme stress, and I reckon you recovered that part of yourself lost in childhood to the cruelty of another – it is after all, energy theft on the part of the bully. yes – quite some discovery!

    Well, you won’t believe me Gwas – but yes ANOTHER coincidence! The figure of eight is big with me and I’ve been wondering why on earth I was shown this infinity symbol in a dream a couple of years back and told to ‘finish’ some kind of esoteric work. This is actually the flash-point of discovery for me, the moment I went on this quest that ultimately led to meeting you and Kal and my friend in Cornwall. So yep – pretty bloody weird! On a side-note I’ve just returned from a night in the southwest Midlands, I persuaded my hubby to drive me to a place called Pinvin in Worcestershire on the way back, as its the setting for an obscure 1970’s film I adore called ‘Penda’s fen’. Anyway to cut a long story short – blow me down, the church seems to hold that same energy I’ve been tracking in the west country, I couldn’t believe it – and its on alignment with Wells and Sidbury! Not only that, but on the gate to the churchyard there was a plaque that bore the combined names of Rick’s grandmothers – even he was completely freaked by that! So yes, the plot thickens I think! 🙂

    • Gwas
      Aug 28, 2012

      This quest of yours is getting to be as thick with coincidences as some of ours! I hope you’re writing these all down as you go along because one day you’ll want to collect them all and review how you got to where you are, I’m sure.

      Never seen ‘Penda’s Fen, but will go look it up. I love obscure 70s films. They have an atmosphere that is quite unique, and often spooky with it.

      Thanks for your comments on the bully thing. It’s a rare person that gets away unscathed in life, so I was glad to get it out of the way at school. It was only a small part of my school life, because I then moved on to a grammar school where “book learning” was more appreciated. So now I think I’ve found a way to get over most trauma, and I’ll continue to track back through my time line and sort out the energetic wrinkles. I can think of a few points where I need to give energy back to other people, rather than reclaim it for myself! Hey – life – what are you going to do? It moves forward.

      Talking of coinciedences, we share another, but it’s a bit maudlin, so I’ll e-mail it to you instead. We can share our grief.

      Wishing you a sunny outlook,

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