Lammas 2012 – The Quest to Free Merlin

In part two of my Lammas adventures for this year Kal and I were fooling around at the top of the Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall in East Wales. I had just settled in after my healing experience at the re-union point of three streams, and now I was gazing down the valley from the top of the waterfall, listening to the sound of the plummeting water, when Kal skipped in front of me to knock me out of my reverie. He had a look in his eye that meant that something foolish was in his head, I was right.

Pistyll Rhaeadr

I saw Kal moving towards the very edge of the waterfall’s head were the rushing water began its first descent over the edge before soon dropping down into the deep gorge below. I was nervous and curious – what was he doing? When I asked him he told me that he was testing himself – he had been challenged to make the leap as a “leap of faith”. Well, I wouldn’t stop him, but I would certainly make sure I was around in case it all went wrong. I was now on high alert, but also a small smile had begun to form on my face – this could be quite amusing, I thought. I would watch this, and if necessary record the outcome. Someone else who was visiting the waterfall who had a big camera had similar ideas, and began to focus his lens on proceeding as Kal swayed back and forth on his launch spot, contemplating the leap of four feet across the churning waters. One slip…..!

My mind moved to the Fool card in the Tarot deck. Notice in the original Rider Waite card the Fool’s proximity to water and that he’s working at heights, and also that he’s drawn out the Sun to witness his folly!

Notice proximity to water and heights

Kal swayed for the fifteenth time. “Jump! I shouted encouragingly. “Jump if you’re going to!”. Could this be considered aiding and abetting a criminal act of stupidity? Kal took the urge and made a half-hearted leap to the other side. His right foot landed but his weight was uneven. He lurched towards the safer side of the falls, but then tried to regain his balance so as not to fall into the deep waters. Too late! He had lost his balance and his right foot dropped into the deep pool of the river. Shortly to be followed by his left foot. Then his arm. Then…well, he was practically swimming! I heard the quiet continuous click of a camera’s shutter as each calamitous step was recorded for posterity.

More serious matters

After the laughter subsided I turned my thoughts to the idea of finding out whether there were any tasks or contributions to an existing quest that I needed to consider for the next part of the year. I sat under the shelter of the overhanging rock and began to go into trance. I didn’t direct my attention to anything in particular, but instead allowed whatever thoughts might arise to emerge of their own volition.

My gaze was directed down the valley. As I listened to the sound of the water my gaze de-focussed and I began to hear a phrase in my head, chanted repeatedly. I began to form the words in my mouth – “Ron ron imway” I seemed to say in a low purposeful tone that seemed to resonate off the water and flow down the valley. Now i saw the words form into a cone, like that of a sonic boom, and the cone of sound travelled down the valley, directed towards a specific place. I knew the place was a settlement at the head of the valley. More information began to emerge in my mind. The settlement was for soldiers, or a local militia force. The chant was to stir them into action. It was a magickal intonement!

As I realised this I turned my attention to who was making the sound. Obviously I was making the noise now, but who in the past had made the same sounds? I saw a crowd of people dressed as I would imagine druids to dress, and they were standing at the top of the waterfall close by to me. They were all chanting together, and the ‘spell’ was being woven into a sonic wave to impel the people below to action. But why? It was to marshal the forces against invaders, and impart bravery to them for the forthcoming battles.

I let the images and feelings recede of their own accord and they dissolved back into the past, into the stream of history’s water, falling back over the edge of conscious awareness and into the abyss of time once more. This was a glimpse into something important, something related to a new quest, but I didn’t know anything more than this right now. Let’s see whether anything else would be revealed later! Off to Dinas Bran!

Lammas Quest at Dinas Bran

Usually we take the tourist route up Dinas Bran with its spiralling approach path and its relentless uphill march whose summit is visible at all times, taunting the weary visitor. However I had seen people approach from the other side so I was determined to find this alternative path. We parked in the usual place half way up the hill and then walked along a path that remained at the same level until we reached the other side of the hill. Still hoping to find this mystery approach path we found we were now walking up a small road towards the incredible layered crags opposite the famous hill. It was then we saw the other cars and vans – we could have driven around and parked much closer if we’d known! Ah well. You live and learn. The exercise will do us good.

As we found the official path with its approach sign we began to feel the heat of the day. The climb exacerbated the feeling and soon we longed for a breath of the cooler air that was always there at the top of Dinas Bran. Good thing there’s always a change in temperature and a stiff cooling breeze on top – we needed it on this warm late Summer day!

Approach to Dinas Bran

On top the temperature gauges righted themselves again and I considered my entrance to the site from this side. I had worked from the east side before, but now I was approaching the sacred site from this side which was a first. I stopped at an entrance that had a path splitting into three. It struck me that this was very symbolic of decision-making, and at this point I decided that my visit here would be to discover what my Lammas quest was going to be for the next few weeks until the Autumn Equinox.

I chose the path that felt right. I followed it until I reached the usual place where I would find Bran’s spirit. Using the dowsing rods I confirmed that the energy form was in this place and no other (for it moves around depending on the time of year). Bran would be in his “usual” spot for several months now, and would only move again towards the Winter Solstice, I dowsed.

I sat and settled into a thankfully undisturbed communion with the spirit I have come to know as Bran. During the experience I got further insight into the Third Eye Quest, but that’s not important here. What was important was when I turned my attentions to the Lammas Quest. When I asked Bran about this I was projected to a place in the north of our lands via a tunnel of energy – I saw a place within a stone circle, and the power centre inside it. I had a vision of a tree’s roots and branches growing up and down to meet in a wooden cage. Inside the wooden cage Merlin’s energy is trapped and I need to free this. I recognised the place instantly, and knew that I needed to visit it before the wheel turned again – before the Autumn Equinox.

Hold on! Didn’t I undergo a very similar quest on Dinas Emrys where I had to go into The Underworld and free Merlin from there? That was in late October 2010. Here I am two years later and I have another quest at the same turn of the wheel involving the same kind of work. What’s going on? What does this mean? Is this a regular thing I have to do now? Am I releasing some Merlin form of energy that I need for a particular purpose, or something? I don’t know yet.

Forking paths at Dinas Bran – a metaphor for decision-making

Then things got stranger. As I sat there my thoughts were cast back to the line of chant that I repeated over and over again on the top of the Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall earlier in the day. This was only one line of the whole ‘spell’, I was informed. My Lammas quest is to gather together FOURTEEN lines of old Welsh to form a poem. The poem is to be recited at the stone circle in order to free the Merlin energy. I ask where I am to get these lines from. The answer returns in several parts as a sequence of visions showing various power places that I have visited before.

After the trance has ended I needed to dowse to find out how many lines I would reclaim from each of these special places. One line I have already from Llanrhaeadr waterfall. Two I will get from The Corkstone in Derbyshire. Three will come from Dinas Bran, and four will come from Dinas Emrys. I later found out that there would be eleven lines of unique text, with the first line repeated four times to open the poem that would form a kind of inducement into a hynogogic state.

Dinas Bran with a view down the valley

So now I know my quest. I have less than six weeks to somehow extract eleven lines of Welsh poetry from various sacred sites, arrange them in the correct order, then speak them as a spell at a sacred site up in the north. Oh, that should be easy then! Especially as I don’t speak Welsh! Other questions remain too. When I unleash the Merlin energy – what will happen? And is it a positive thing to do, or something foolish? Time to find out at the northern stone circle, after I construct my poem.


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  1. Liz
    Sep 1, 2012

    Blimey Gwas – fourteen lines in Welsh (I’m assuming you’re not a welsh speaker) and not just ordinary Welsh but ‘old’ one assumes archaic Welsh? Effing hell – these spirits, they don’t ask much do they?! Clearly the youthful boy is not extinct in either of you either, Kal looks sopping in that pic – *raises eyes* what are you like?! 😉 Good to see the fool from the tarot too – as it was my near future placement in a reading I did for myself the other night. Hope you got my mail OK btw – and I hope you’re OK Gwas, I was worried after you said you’d had some sorrow to share with me, I hope my long mail wasn’t insensitively timed, my apologies if it was 🙁

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