The Heart of Paris

I found myself in Paris on a business trip with one night free to look around. Ok, so where would you go? I was starting from the centre. Would you go to the Eiffel Tower, Pompidou Centre, Latin Quarter, perhaps a stroll along the Seine? I couldn’t decide either, so I did a spot of map dowsing in order to find out where was the best place for me to be, energetically speaking, and with a hint that it might contribute to my spiritiality too.

In my mind I saw the white dome of the Sacre Coeur in late evening sunshine…..No, let the pendulum decide! I had been using a very small map of Paris given to me by the hotel. Why are they always so damned small? Actually, it was good that it was because I could quickly dowse the whole central Paris area to find the best place to be. I used the ‘dowse across until a reaction, then down down‘ method, and soon I had my finger on the spot with the strongest reaction.

The map was so small that I couldn’t read anything on it at all – the street names, the buildings, they all looked like a kind of patterned blur. That’s middle age for you! Luckily I had a magnifying glass with me on my phone so I pointed it at the map. It showed me the Sacre Coeur. No – wait! The lens of the camera is a few inches further up than the centre so I was pointing at the wrong thing! I adjusted the viewfinder until it showed my finger pointing to the small building further south on the map – it was a church of some kind – Notre Dame De Lorette.

The Other Woman

I looked for a nearby Metro station and found one in the vicinity of Notre Dame de Lorette church. Within an hour of stuffy noisy travel underground I was approaching the church with its four tall columnades looming in front of me.

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The Four Pillars of Pillardom

Snapping the Ghost

I felt the urge to take a photograph at the back of the church, not the front. For some reason I needed to take it at this particular moment. Perhaps I would find out later why this was so. I did find out later. Here’s what I took:

A len artefact caught on a poor quality camera in Paris

There was no-one else anywhere nearby. It was not raining – in fact it was perfectly still and warm. If you zoom into the picture it looks like a face, but then that’s just pareidolia, right? Later dowsing would inform me that this energy form was female, and that it was asking to be noticed so that it could draw my attention to the energetic state of the church. Interesting. At the time I felt it, but had no idea that this is what was happening, so I continued just doing what felt right.

Zoom in on the face at Notre Dame de Lorette church

I dowsed around the church, oblivious to what I’d just taken a picture of. All I knew is that there was something not quite right here – an imbalance. Why was I thinking that? Years of working at sacred sites had taught me a thing or two about energetic imbalances. What was there that was causing this? I used a very simple paradigm – male, female or neutral. There was an over-abundance of male energy in the area. Yet the church was dedicated to the female – Notre Dame de Lorette. I wondered, simplistically, whether the church needed more of a female input to right the balance? Why should I care? I was merely a visitor here.

There were no apparent female sources nearby that I could draw from so I forgot about it. Why not move on, I thought? There must be other things to see. I walked to the next road and looked up the hill. What did I see? The gleaming white dome of Sacre Coeur, of course! Had I been led here just so that I could make my way to this special dome? It was certainly one of the prettiest approaches. Coincidence? I thought not, so I headed off up the hill towards the superbly crafted and imposing dome.

The hill was tough. I had been on my feet most of the day and I was in shoes that weren’t ‘walking-friendly’. Nevertheless, the attraction of the dome drew me upwards. Soon I was standing beneath the famous steps leading up to the entrance. I made my way through the gathered group of youths, drinking and squawking, and larking and hawking. The church had just closed, so I went to the back of the building and sat to observe its magnificent architecture in relative quiet.

The Sacre Coeur at night

I looked up from the dome to see the moon, round, full, beaming. Several things occurred to me in quick succession – the proportions of the dome appeared very feminine – was this a female power source? People walked around this place and invested a lot of admiration into the building – probably empowering it greatly, abundantly. There was a great deal of female energy being beamed down by the moon. How, where did I know that might lack some feminine input? The Notre Dame de Lorette church just at the bottom of the hill! Sometimes, even in my dime brain, 2+2 = 4. Often I think I can hear higher voices whispering, “Good grief – he’s finally got it“.

Dowsing to check these known pieces of information I found my guess about the amount of available feminine energy to be correct. And the church was abundant with energy to spare, that could be readily diverted down to the other church without any bother, and with no ill consequences. To me in that moment Sacre Coeur felt like the very beating energetic heart of Paris – strong, loving, abundant, pulsing. Right then – moments later in meditaiton a bridge, a sluice if you like, was formed that allowed the female energy to flow down the slope to the lower church. The moon’s energy was drawn down through the Sacre Coeur dome and down the energetic bridge to flow like a silvery river of female energy heading for its sacred destination. A timer was placed on the work so that it would stop when the energy was re-balanced below.

With that work done I took my leave and headed off to browse the late-night stalls that lined the Montmarte alleyways and squares. Little did I know that I was probably also neutralising the ghostly energy form that had put in an appearance for the camera earlier. That would only be confirmed later by dowsing the photo. Ghost-busting in Paris! And no idea that I was doing it! My spirit guides would be so proud of how far I’ve come. Sigh.



  1. Marta
    Sep 19, 2012

    That was a fascinating read!

    I’ve been to Paris quite a couple of times (I live not too far away from there) and while I love visiting the city and exploring, I could never warm to the Sacre Coeur area. I can’t really figure out why. (and no, it’s not the steep walk up :)) The only other site there that I can’t warm to either is La Madeleine.

    • Gwas
      Sep 19, 2012

      Hi Marta,

      I have a theory about why people feel comfortable in partocular places. The theory – simply put – states that people are attuned to their own frequency of energy field. If you are a “male” type of energy person, then you like to be around male energy spots because they feed you with a familiar frequency that you resonate with. Similarly, you might be a “female” type energy person and like female energy spots. I haven’t found anyone who likes both or neutral, but I don’t go around asking people what energy types they are so I don’t know if they exist. They probably do. Of course, some people might like combinations of energy too – like male+neutral, female+neutral, male+female, etc.

      I found Sacre Coeur to be highly female-oriented. Therefore, I like the place and am drawn to it because I resonate with the “female” type of energy. You see, it’s not based on gender of the person, but frequency of the energy.

      Does that idea fit with you?

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