Delphi – The Apollo and Athena Ley Line

In a book called “The Dance of the DragonHamish Miller demarcated one of the very long ley lines that spans at least part of the way around the Earth, and possibly beyond (it’s hard to dowse in a sailing boat). He called the long ley line that he found The Apollo-Athena Line. He claimed it extended from Skellig St.Michael in Ireland to Armageddon in Turkey, and possibly beyond that. This stuck in my mind when I was a budding dowser, entranced by the notion of leys.

I never really imagined that I would actually find myself at one of the points along this Apollo-Athena line (I have a very limited imagination). Yet, after Kal had achieved everything he had wanted from the one sunny day we would get in Delphi we did find ourselves with a bit of spare time before the last rays disappeared. I turned my attentions to the secondary aspects of my visit – to see whether this fabled line actually existed at this site, and if so, what its qualities might be. I didn’t intend to trace the line as Miller had done, just to sample it and see if he was talking rot or not. Everything, no matter how holy, is open to testing.

It didn’t take long for me to use the dowsing rods to locate the approximate position of the fabled ley. I was led up the concrete ramp, back towards Museum of Delphi. Further down the path towards the entrance to the temple complex the rods began to splay apart indicating they had reached a boundary point – the outer edge of an energy line. Seeing as I had asked for the Apollo-Athena Line I checked to see if that was indeed what I had found.

I used the rods to get a direction of flow – South East, pointing down the valley away from the temple complex. Judging by where I was standing it looked like the line actually missed most of the important sites on the hillside above, possibly just clipping the western edges of the stadium above. Odd.Where I picked it up it was going through a stone bowl artefact full of water, which I thought was a nice touch.

Bearing of the Apollo-Athena ley line at Delphi

Bearing of the Apollo-Athena ley line at Delphi

The ley was pretty standard when measured. It was 22 steps wide – a measurement I have made at many national and international ley sites. Remembering the drawing of the rough direction of the ley I imagined that it confirmed pretty closely to the North-West to South-East direction of flow.

So much for its standardisation. There was, however, a curious anomaly associated with this famous ley line. A curious distortion.

Things that distort leys

I asked for another point at which the ley line crossed this site, in order to see whether it was consistent at various points. I was led back to the entrance to The Museum of Delphi. We had been in the museum earlier and had seen many of its treasures including one of the original Omphalos stones that had marked the centre point of the ‘civilised’ (read ‘militarised’) world at the time.

This ‘Omphalos Distortion’ as I am calling it, meant that the ley line here had the following characteristics:-

  • it was only 9 paces wide,
  • it was of contracted size and a denser quality
  • it was very quickly uncomfortable to be standing in

What was in the museum that held an attraction for the line? How was it causing this spacial and qualitative distortion? I began to wonder – was it perhaps the Omphalos Stone? Perhaps the stone still held an attraction for the ley energy, having been a focal point for it at some point in the past and still held some attractive quality, perhaps? Now that the stone was in the wrong place on the earth grid, was it pulling the ley line off its normal path and causing these distorted features? I could only wonder.

An attractive omphalos stone

An attractive omphalos stone

All About Athena

Not having been able to go close to the Apollo Temple in the temple complex I had not been interested at the time in finding out whether the ley line went through that particular part of the site. Honestly, I was too interested in being led around by Pan. However, at home I traced the direction as found from the point where the line had cross near to the museum. Did the line go through the Apollo Temple or the ruined Athena Temple?

Tholos and Temple of Athena area - Delphi 2013 (5) (Medium)

NO. OK – that was that straightened out! Do you get it? “Straightened out” – ley line….never mind. It’s a dowsing joke. Seriously though, the line was being pulled off course in a very localised way. Generally the line was going on its original course, and the temple complex was built next to this very long ley line. Had I had more time I would have seen whether there were any spurs of off-shoots from the main line that were being pulled into the site. That’s for another day.

I felt like this late-in-the-day investigation was contributing to some other purpose. Sure, I’m always curious about earth energy, and being at Delphi was perhaps too good an opportunity to miss, but I felt like I was being motivated in some other way to do this research. Days later, at home, I did a tarot draw to learn more about my new spirit guide – and it was then that the reasons became clear. I’ll explain that tarot draw in a forthcoming post after the Delphi series.

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  1. doodling
    Aug 8, 2014

    2014 July

    In the museum at Delphi across the room with the stone in the photo, there appeared to be an energy field – not very strong on the day I visited.

    In the main site of ruins, the place that this stone was reputed to have occupied on the slopes (a un-decorated replacement stone is there now) had very mild energy.

    An energy field line appeared out of the temple of Apollo, at an angle, crossing the steps on the east side down the hill.
    Walking all round this rectangular temple I did not detect other patches of energy that day, which is a different result than others reported on their visits.

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