Shifting Energies

It’s happened a couple of times before and resulted in interesting changes in my life.

What am I talking about? Well, a few nights ago I was sleeping peacefully. when I was woken up. Not an unusual event. But I lay in bed for a few minutes trying to get settled. It didn’t happen and I found myself in a semi awake state sitting up in bed. Some more moments later I visited the rest-room and then as I walked back towards my bed, I said to myself…”the bed is in the wrong place.”

The words just popped into my mind and before I could even seriously acknowledge them I was pushing the bed towards the far side of the room.

That was how it started. After shifting the bed I move on to other bits of furniture. Even puffing and panting with a massive wardrobe.

I don’t know how long it took me but when I awoke the room had had several transformations and gave me a start for a moment when I first looked around. Where the heck am I?

Presuming that I had acted on some energetic impulse (intuition) I dug out my dowsing rods and began to investigate…

  • Was there a reason as to why I had moved the furnishings? YES
  • Was I being informed by some external agency? NO
  • Was it my intuition? YES
  • Was the change due to external factors? YES.
  • Was it because we were moving into Spring/Summer? YES
  • I felt that there was something more than this so I asked whether it was to do with me too? YES


  • I asked whether there was any benefit to the room being in this new configuration? YES
  • What was it? Alas a futile question for dowsing rods. So I wondered whether the room was in now in alignment with my energies? NO
  • That was a surprise. I would have thought, if anything, that the energies would now be aligned to me. It made me sit and think about it some more.
  • If not aligned to me, them maybe helping me align to something else? Was that it? Was the energy of the room being a template for me to align to? YES
  • Aha…interesting. And where the energies in the room aligned to this time of the year? YES
  • I was on to a winner here…So, was I being aligned to the energies of this time of the year? YES.

Jackpot! Of course we are left with the why’s and wherefores but it seems that my inner being has plans for me. Or is it my energetic double? The thought occurred to me just as I had dropped the rods. I grabbed them again and queried…

  • Was the nudge to change my environment from my Energy Double? NO.

Again another surprise. Definitely something worth thinking about…From whence had the nudge come?

Kal Malik

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