Spirit breaks sound barrier

This is one of those headlines that lead you to think “Is that really talking about what I think it is?” What’s Spirit got to do with the sound barrier? It’s not what you think. What I’m talking about is a magical incident that occurred while I was at Psychic Mike’s house recently.

I was sat with a group of psychics, discussing the world and its ways, when suddenly I because aware of what can only be described as a “whoosh” – something travelling quickly through the bottom of my eye line, and then it “bumped” against a wooden cabinet before disappearing out of a joint between two windows.
I say “disappear” but actually I didn’t see anything at all – no physical form. I only sensed something moving quickly, and then heard a corresponding thump as it touched the wooden cabinet.

I was sitting opposite one of the assembled psychics, and saw that out of the corner of my eye she had also been following the movement of this energy at the same time as I was. As it disappeared she looked at me and asked, “Did you see that too? And did you hear it?” I confirmed that I heard the bump, but she qualified her question, “No, I meant the chatter that went on before that?“. I had to confess I hadn’t heard that, but we compared notes about what we had seen and everything tallied, including the exact point where the energy had exited.

Nothing more was said until much later when there was only Mike and myself left in the house. As we were sat eating at his table I was “pulled” to look at the corner exit point where the energy had departed. Something felt “wrong” about it. Like there was a gap there. An emptiness. The spirit or energy, whatever it was, had exited the house through the subtle energy field that Mike has within his home. By doing so it has left a hole, a gap, in the otherwise sound barrier of energy, leaving it “unsound”!
I asked Mike to concentrate his attention on that point and “see” if he could detect anything. “A void” he said, “There’s a void or a vacuum there.” Well, that confirmed things. “I’d like to sort that out,” he said, “because you never know what might come in to replace that void.”

He stepped into the kitchen and I inspected the invisible gap in the invisible energy field. As I could “see” what the gap looked like and felt I had the energy to sort it out I did some “knitting”. I gathered opposite poles of male and female energies in either hand and then knitted the energy back together using my new energy threads. Once the knitting was finished I used both hands to smooth out the joins so that it was all back in one smooth wall of energy, as it must have originally been. The former gap throbbed and pulsed like a newly-healed wound. I sat back down.

Mike returned from the kitchen and looked over at the corner. “Oh! You’ve fixed it!” he said. There’s no fooling him, and I confessed that I had been working on it. “Well,” he continued, “You’ve got some amazing healing energies in there and the colours are spectacular!” He’s one step beyond my ‘sight’ – I couldn’t see any colours, but I was intrigued that he could detect the weave of luminous threads, which he described as though they were iridescent. We sat down and continued our conversation but Mike began to get distracted. “I’m sorry, ” he said when I spotted his eyes drifting away, “But there’s some sort of angelic being in the corner, attracted by the colours of that energy you made.”

Now, how does one react to information like that? At first I was irked. If there was some sort of angelic being in the upper corner of the room behind me then surely I would sense it? I switched on my dowsing senses and felt for anything nearby. Sure enough I got a warm feeling in the direction he had indicated, but I wasn’t prepared to say anything like “angelic” at this stage.

Three things could have happened, I thought:-

  • There was nothing there, but when Mike suggested there was I created something in my imagination through his suggestive powers
  • I didn’t have sufficient powers to detect energy forms of this kind without being directed towards them, or
  • Such energy forms have the ability to avoid detection unless they decide they want to be seen

Yet, when I tried to move my eyes towards it – I couldn’t! It was like I didn’t have enough….courage, or purity, or something…..to be able to look at it. Like the stories of old I was averting my gaze from it! In the very edges of my perception I felt wings unfolding, but that could have been my imagination. I looked at Mike and noticed that he wasn’t looking directly at the energy form either, but there was a gentle curiosity and a slight expression of awe in his face.

Just then a car pulled up outside and Mike jumped up. It was a young psychic friend of ours whose natural talents were a constant surprise to both us and him. He came in and began a mundane conversation about his day’s travel, completely unaware of our very recent encounter with something special. The feeling beside and above me was receding, but while it was still present Mike asked the young lad to turn his attention to that corner of the room in question.

  1. What did he see where the windows met? “A fountain” Made of what? “Light.”
  2. What did he see if he cast his mind back into the recent past at that spot? “A well.”
  3. And what about in the upper corner of the room? “There’s a being there.”

His rustic matter-of-fact responses were done with an air of one who delivers such information routinely. His answers directly corresponded to our recent experiences, and all without any form of introduction to that situation! He’s a natural. We explained what had happened and then all agreed that something mysterious and magical had occurred. I don’t know what to make of the “angelic” appearance, but I intend to do more experimentation with this healing energy that I’m producing! Let’s see if it ever attracts such beings again!

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