Lammas 2013 – The Faery Feast

In the culmination of the Lammas work I describe a long-awaited meeting between the Lord of the Underworld – Gwyn Ap Nudd – and little old me.

Now, I have some caveats about this post which I will point out straight away. The location was given to me by a devotee of this site along with a request not to divulge the location of the site. I will honour that promise entirely – so you will need to use your imagination for this one because there will be no photos or definitive descriptions of the place – just general references.

I began that morning by collecting some fresh wild flowers. I know people disagree with the concept – I know. However, I don’t go around doing it for no reason, or simply to decorate my house. These flowers were a one-off offering that I had been specifically asked to collect as part of the ritual. Yes, I could have refused on principle, but we are ‘sacrificing’ vegetables all the time for things Like Harvest Festival celebrations. This was the same sort of enterprise – a dedication of the finest ‘fruits’ of the land to create a banquet as an offering to a major spirit form. I felt it was necessary in this case. Please forgive me if it causes you distress. And take care where you walk when you go out in the countryside. Those blades of grass don’t repair themselves, you know?

Next we had to find the right place. I had a set of printed instructions that had been left deliberately vague. Well, lets’ say there was margin for error anyway. Once you knew where you were going you realised the instructions were dead on, but you need to read between the lines. Luckily I had my Druid Glasses on. Both Kal and I walked to the spot we believed was the right one. Actually, I had been intending to go alone, but it worked out that the best time was when Kal was there too. So be it.

As soon as I got the end of the known instructions I knew the rest of the way myself. I could feel the draw, the magnetic pull of the place. Yes, this was the right spot indeed – I knew that even from the outside. A suitable entrance needed to be found, and duly I was led there by forces unseen and sympathetic to my cause. I was still carrying a large bounty of flowers, most now wilting in the harsh heat we were having this Lammas day. I got them inside the sacred site unscathed. Now what?

Stealth is the by-word

I moved around the site quietly, aware that I didn’t want to be interrupted in my work before it had even begun. My aim was not to attract the attention of humans – my work was to attract a much bigger fish – The Lord of the Realm of Faeries himself. The site seemed perfect for such an occasion, but I had to find the best place for me to work. I preferred not to use my dowsing rods for this. It simply had to feel right. I tried several places, and each seemed appropriate in its own way, but none felt perfect.

Then I moved out more into the open, returning for the third time to a small patch of grass near to a bend in a slowly trickling stream. Nearby was a small ledge beneath an apple tree. The apple tree had two trunks which looked like, well, a stag’s antlers! Of course, this was the perfect place to meet Gwyn, or Herne as he became. Apple trees have a particular affinity for magickal work anyway – I know this from my own tree in my garden.

As I sat on one of the tree’s stout root, feet dangling inches from the babbling brook, I saw that the water was half in light and half overshadowed by darkness. A perfect balance – truly, the place could not have been more perfect after the signs given to me in the morning.

I unwrapped the selection of flowers that I had carried for miles across Anglesey and now to this site. I laid each one out gently, offering them to the spirit of the moment – to Lugh, to the Light, for Gwyn. Each wild flower seemed to shine again in the dappled sunlight as though displaying their colour to the world one last time. What a radiance there was too – yellows, blues, purples, pinks, whites and a background of green stems, leaves and the grass below making a harvest tableau fit for a druid.

Next I took out my spiral stone. I needed to be able to return here when I needed a mental space to connect to Gwyn in the future. I did this by imprinting the spiral pattern into the warm earth. I made a mental connection between this place and my home, linked by a secure tunnel of energy that only I could access.

I left the spiral stone perched between the horns of Herne in the tree, then returned barefoot to the patch of greenery. In the dappled sunlight I outstretched my arms and called on the four elementals that I work with. I called their powers into this work, and began to gather the subtle energy to move between worlds, to cross the hedge and call on Gwyn himself.

Feeling the forces join into the circle in which I was working I called upon Gwyn himself to see that I had prepared a banquet in his honour. I called on him to see that I was offering the hand of friendship, wishing to establish a link to him through this action. I waited for a sign of a presence. I turned to face the patch of sea that I could see though the tree’s branches. I felt a light breeze hit my face and a pair of birds made unsettled noises in the branches of a pine tree at the edge of the site. Other than that, all was silent.

I wasn’t sure anything had happened, but I felt very happy for some reason. Having nothing else to offer, I began to clear things away, lighting some incense to mark the occasion and thanking all the elementals for joining me in my work. The flowers were gathered and placed in a secret dark place where they would be undisturbed and undiscovered until they had rotted away in their own time.

Further Along The Doubtful Path

I went to meet Kal and we remained quiet until we had reached a public path that would lead us away from the area and back to the car. We swapped stories but really I didn’t have much to tell. It had been a quiet, if lovely experience. I had kind of expected fireworks, but instead the whole event was very underwhelming and… natural? As though it was an obvious consequence of my being, not a drama to be unfolded and change my life.

I began to wonder if anything had happened at all, then something gave me an inkling.

We had walked back along the coast and I had bounded up a steep series of rocks to leap onto the upper path on top of a cliff. Kal was much more hesitant, and as I looked down at his careful climb I realised how crazy my jumping had been! I had leapt up the rocks like … stag! When Kal reached the top of the cliff we walked along the path again. In the deepening day I caught a glimpse of my shadow out of the corner of my eye – was that a pair of stag’s antlers on my head? My shadow appeared to have grown horns!!

I asked Kal to dowse me to see whether anything had changed about me. Obviously I wasn’t wearing antlers, but did I have something of Herne or Gwyn inside me now? He dowsed this question and found that I did! Then this had been a successful enterprise after all. However smoothly or silently the act had been done, Gwyn was with me now. He even asked the dowsing rods to follow Gwyn and then his path matched my own. That was enough proof for me.

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