Menorca – Your Gods are Our Gods

Naveta Des Tudons – Menorca – 9th October 2013

In the final part of my Menorcan excursions I found one more site that had any energy left at all – and that was a chambered cairn called “Naveta des Tudons” – the burial chamber of Tudons. I was on my own for this one. M stayed in the hire car – she’d seen too many stones this week and fully expected another site with me walking around mumbling about there being nothing to see here.

So, I paid the entry fee (three of those euro thingies) and walked the five minutes along the wide dirt track to the monument. As I got closer I asked the dowsing rods a couple of questions:-

  1. Is there anything I can learn here? YES
  2. What is the best way to approach the site?

The second answer had me bearing right to head out into a ploughed field next to the impressive stone chamber. Where was I being taken? To a clump of thorny bushes which grew on top of a flat wide stone which was half buried in the field. The lichen-dotted stone gave me a tingling feeling. I needed to ground and attune myself here. I just knew.

A grounding entry stone at Naveta Des Tudons

A grounding entry stone at Naveta Des Tudons

From the stone I followed the dowsing rods as I gave the instruction to be shown the correct entrance to the site for me. I was taken in the back way, through what must be an exit for most people. This is fairly typical – I always seem to get directed to the lesser-used paths and entry points.

As I approached the entrance to the burial chamber I noticed that there were iron bars preventing ingress. Shame. The bars looked fairly new, so I guess that the chamber could have been visited at one time. Now there was no way in. I would have to do any work from the outside.

Naveta Des Tudons in sharp relief

Naveta Des Tudons in sharp contrast

Directing my attention to the inside of the chamber I tried to feel around for any remaining energy inside. I felt there was something, so I opened up a communication channel with it – as though I was an ancient switchboard operator, pulling a thread out of my central bundle of connections and passing it to the energy inside to connect itself to. Here’s what I heard in my mind when i did that:

 “Your gods are our gods”

I was stunned by its simplicity and yet how profound that statement was. The statement was both welcoming (“There is no difference in our spirituality – welcome brother!“) and also challenging “(Why are you coming here seeking something when you have the same energies around you at home?“).

This got me thinking about the nature of divinity, and it’s relationship with the land, sky and sea. We become familiar with the sentient energy forms that we encounter regularly. We begin to associate spirits with place, but they are probably less constrained than we are – so why are they “of place” at all?

Time to do some dowsing to get some answers:-

  1. Are certain types of energy forms restricted/attached to a single location?
  2. Which types are not constrained in this way?
  3. Is there anything which creates the link between entity and place?

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