A Touch of Sacred

A touch of sacred

I am staying at a friend’s home in California, just a few miles away from San Francisco Bay. My friend, Tam is off traveling with her partner so I had the whole place to myself. Wonderful, right?

So, it was 8am in the morning and I got up and switched on the light. Nothing. Thinking that the bulb had blown, I looked down at my mobile phone which had been plugged into the charger. Dead!

Oh crap! That’s not good. Panicking, I checked on the lights in the corridor and then the whole house. Nada!

A vague memory of a task that Tam had asked me to do…”Keep the waterfall (feature) in the corner of the main room fed with water, it has blown the motor when it was dry” With a sinking feeling I went to check the waterfall, it was dry! The motor must have blown and taken the house electrics with it!

Now you might be thinking, “what has this to do with sacred work?” And you are right but stay with me for a few more minutes…

I ran around the house (which is actually a ranch and so quite big) looking for the circuit breaker. Cobwebs, spiders and dark places were encountered and dismissed. Of course I had my friends number but my phone was charge less and I was an hours walk from a Starbucks where I could get it charged. Also I didn’t want to call my friend, she’d worry.

What is the connection?

What is the connection?

As I tried to fend off the “worry thoughts” I absent-mindedly filled the waterfall with water. Passing by a shelf, I noted that I had left my dowsing rods there. A thought occurred to me. Could I dowse for the circuit breaker? It was worth a shot! Look, if you can find your way out of a forest, you should be able to find some electricity circuits? The theory was sound, considering my worried state!

I grabbed the rods, got in state and asked…”Take me to a place where I could fix the electricity issue.” The rods set me off on the usual winding path and then out of the back sliding doors. “Ah…” I thought, of course I hadn’t looked outside for the breakers.

The rods however had other ideas. They took me up a couple of steps (in the garden) and to a buddha statue. What the Zarquon! I had been led on a wild goose chase! I resigned myself to the long walk to get my phone charged. Then another weird thought struck me. Maybe I should be offering up some devotional energy to this artifact.

Note: When I arrived at my friend’s home I dowsed for the most powerful energy place in the home and was led to the very buddha that I was now stood before (note also that this was not the location of the genius loci)

Couldn’t do any harm, I thought and also added, rather negatively I have to say, Couldn’t do any good either. Damn cynic! So I dowsed as to whether a devotion was in order? Yes. Did I have something to offer? Yes. Take me to what it was…

I was taken to my room and my bags. Within I found a lonesome rose quartz that had made the journey across the ocean with me. That was it? Yes. Okay. I took the crystal to the statue and laid it before it. Focusing my attention on supplication and devotion. I stood before the statue, asking for direction and help.

Amongst the soft rustle of leaves and the occasional tweet of birdsong I heard a gentle tinkling noise. I stood froze to the spot as a realisation slowly and shockingly dawned on me. It was the waterfall feature. My mind went into confused overwhelm. It couldn’t be? I rushed back into the house to check.

It was! Water was trickling down the wall of the waterfall. Unbelievable though it may seem. The power had miraculously returned.

Surely a coincidence! Surely an explainable phenomena. Nothing to write home about? A sacred life is a life that is viewed as sacred.

Kal Malik – awed

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