Summary 2013 – Lessons Learned Pt1

In the second of my year-end summary posts I am listing the most important things I have learned this year. I’ve arranged them in chronological order by month as this seems to show the development of the learning in the best way. There’s too much to read in one go, so I’ve split this into two posts. Part 1 is January to June/July. Part 2 will be the back half of the year.

One of my favourite phrases is “Every day is a school day.” It certainly feels like that walking this path of druidry and divination!



  • Learned that some pet energies can be grounded through respectful burial involving knowledge of their energetic links to humans (e.g. an owner)
  • Also found a spirit that is classically called an Incubus preying upon the vibrant energies of the three teenage girls in the house. Discovered that they can be ‘ensnared’ using a spiral-carved stone to confuse their pathway, and by changing the energy flows around the house to disrupt its patterns and portals.

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Tarot Framework

  • Created a four-stage cross tarot layout coinciding with the Celtic festival dates, and drew from the Camelot Oracle to define the path, the champion and the challenges at those special dates. The result was a fantastic way to keep me on track with my progress!

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Spirit Guide substitution

  • Having found that my first spirit guide had departed, I learned that I could find another. The key learning points were that spirit guides could be replaced, and that they have their own agendas for growth too. It seems that they may be drawn to us in a spirit of co-operation.

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All in the mind

  • During the Imbolc outing I was shown the recurring visions and led to see images of swords and shields. These two symbols would allow me to focus my attention on utilising my will and putting up protection.
  • They became a developing theme as I learned their value when working, and also learned that I could use these energetic symbols instead of actual physical items. That would become a familiar theme for the year – no accoutrements!

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The Gift of Prophecy

  • In Delphi I connected to the shade of Pythia – the prophetess who worked at the temple complex giving her visions of the future for wealthy and powerful visitors.
  • From her I learned a technique for bringing the strands of past, present and future into a single point which would allow all three to be viewed simultaneously – thus effectively giving the power of foresight (and the wisdom of hindsight). Although a simple technique, doing it on a practical level will take a lot of practise!

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The Maintenance of the Gods

  • At Delphi we discovered that if thought-forms are not given attention (worship) then they cannot maintain the connection with us, and the link is broken. The Temple of Athena-Pronaia was the location for our discovery.
  • This demonstrated the power of intent, but also that the religious concept of worship did have a magical or energetic aspect to it which had an effect in the world – living gods are idolised, realised and worked with.

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A Name Is Just A Name

  • At Delphi I encountered the horned god Pan. His energy signature and behaviour felt exactly the same as Cernunnos, Gwyn Ap Nudd and Herne when I have encountered these energies in Albion’s islands. In this way I began to piece together the realisation that all of these energies were essentially the same frequency and abilities, but human culture had given them different names at different times and places.
  • I would also find out that Bran is synonymous with Arthur.

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Elemental Sigils

  • In the spirit of working without equipment I was shown a means of accessing elemental powers through tracing their associated sigils.
  • These powers had previously only been available through my ash staff.

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As Above So Below

  • Learned that there was a link between four sacred sites around Llangollen, which are connected to the Corvus (Crow) constellation.

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Fertilisation of the Land

  • I found it would be beneficial to gather elemental spirits from special places to help my newly-created garden to get established.
  • Got an Earth spirit from Snowdon, and a Water spirit from Tintagel.

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Being a Druid

  • Challenged to face the world, not hide from it as a hermit. Learned that I now have the power to face the world as a druid.

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Energetic protection

  • Shown how to create the Perfect Shield protection

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Thought Forms for Faery

  • It is possible to create energetic thought-forms which can act as gifts to Faery: “I had been able to deliberately attract some type of sentient spirit force by creating something with my own energies.”

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Attraction and Disruption

  • Some people’s energy configuration promotes valence and attracts subtle energies. They are energy attractors.
  • Other people have the reverse effect when their energy fields interact with subtle energy. They are disruptors.

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The Types of Subtle Energy

  • At Penmaenmawr’s Druid’s Circle Ash revealed that the power centres in the circle were all composed of earth energy mixed with a specific elemental force. The elemental aspect could be recognised by the feel of the energy at the power centre. Thus I ended up with this list of earth energy types:-
  1. Fire + Earth – felt impetuous, imperative and imperious
  2. Water + Earth – felt emotional, moving, and profound
  3. Earth only – felt nothing! steady, inert, stable, unmoving, rooted
  4. Air + Earth – felt sparky, light and bubbly, thrilling, exhilarating

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  • At Glastonbury Abbey four Arthurian subtle energies could be found:-
  1. Arthur – powerful, clear and purposeful. A central axis, spine. Stability and order. Rootedness. Steadfastness.Land/Earth.
  2. Merlin – in the heart, the truth. The heart centre. Chaos, power and wildness. Sky/Air.
  3. Gawain – emotional and gentle. The upper power centre (upper dantian in Chinese Qigong). Light and joy. Sun/Fire.
  4. Galahad – still, firm, and wilful. The lower power centre (lower dantian in Chinese Qigong). Emotion, sorrow, and darkness. Sea/Water.

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Spirit Guides as Dragons

  • Found out that my new Spirit Guide had the form of a dragon.
  • Learned more about the energy form of a dragon.

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Crossing into The Otherworld

  • Standing water can be used to shift your attention between the worlds

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So we have come to the middle of the year. I was learning that there are more subtleties to the subtle energy forms that I have previously and rather simplistically categorised solely as “male”, “female” and “neutral”. I was getting used to not working with any tools or props, and that was quite difficult. It’s amazing how quickly we become used to such things and feel that we “need” them! I was also being prepared for encounters with the faery world. That would become a major feature of the next half of the year.

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