Cornwall Winter 5 – The Piper and The Maidens

I was making the most of the beautiful winter weather – despite all the prognostication from the official weather channels. Tow more delightful sites to visit – one of the Piper Stones, and the accompanying Merry Maidens stone circle.

1. The Pipers standing stones [megalithic]

You can park for the stones in a lay-by on a junction of the B3315 between Porthcurno and Newlyn (at Trewoofe, just above the Lamorna cove).

There are two such stones in the area but I only had time to visit one. As I leapt into the field from the stile nearby I could see the stone standing lonely, the sea close behind it. Apparently it’s an outlier from the Merry Maidens stone circle nearby. That’s quite a distance for an outlier – outliers are usually within a hundred yards or so of the main site. This stone would be visible from the circle but it’s further away than most outliers.

Piper Stone near Merry Maidens

Had it been summer I would have followed the line I found which seemed to head off in the direction of the Merry Maidens circle. Then I could have categorically said that the two were energetically connected. There is every indication that they are, which would reinforce the idea of standing stones being a sort of relay for the subtle energy to be beamed or propelled across the landscape.

When I dowsed the stone from a distance I was surprised at the size of the stone’s aura. The boundary for the stone’s energy radiation was about 120 feet in diameter. Given that I expected low energy levels due to the time of year this was another site that was punching holes in that notion. A notion that I had held for quite a while! You live and learn. Dowsing revealed that the stone is acting as a repeater, directing energy in specific directions according to the faces and edges of the stone, and adding the energy of the place where it was positioned to amplify the subtle energy being transmitted. Seems like Tom Graves’ theory was right.

As I was visiting two days after a Full Moon the energy of the stone was pretty powerful. It was at 60% strength. Graves talks about the seven bands of the standing stone – two below ground and five above ground – and how these energy bands may be linked to the moon phase. He explains his theory like this:

“All seven bands, according to several researchers I’ve talked to, are tapping points into a spiral release of some kind of energy that moves up and down the stone, following that lunar cycle. The cycle appears to control, the release of this energy in a sine-wave form, the zero-points of the cycle occurring on the sixth day after New and Full Moon.” (Needles of Stone – Tom Graves)

This may well be true. Over the last few months I have been noticing that I am using the First Quarter and Last Quarter points as indicators of subtle energy levels. This occurs on the 14th day after a New or Full Moon. I find that I can begin to get strong magickal effects after First Quarter, and this will last until Last Quarter. My rough guide turns out to be similar to many other ‘energy workers’ and dowsers.

2. Merry Maidens

The easy-to-reach and delightfully perched stone circle called The Merry Maidens is fast becoming one of my favourites. However, unusually, on this visit I was not able to enter the circle at all! As I approached it I dowsed an aura for the circle’s subtle energy field of about 80 feet in width. Its strength was registering as a 9./10 – quite an astonishing figure considering that the circle had no male earth energy running through it at this time of year.

I went to attune at the outlier stone which can be seen several feet away on the southern side of the circle. Once attuned I began to think about moving towards the circle but something told me this was not a good idea. I picked up my dowsing rods and began to check – sure enough – it was not a good idea for me to enter the circle at this time. Of course I wanted to know why!

Merry Maidens, Cornwall - Winter Solstice 2013 (2)

After several questions a picture began to emerge based on the results. There was some energy in the circle which was incompatible with my energy field. I should stay away. I asked if the energy was beneficial to anyone and got the response that it wasn’t – I would not be the only one affected. Hmmm… what had been happening here, I wondered? Could I take positive action to restore balance, and was it right to do so? I got a “go ahead” response to each of these questions.

I set my mind to the circle. As I was working without tools this year I could not use crystals or incense, or anything else physical to remedy the situation. The change had to come from my intention alone. I sat with my back against the outlier. A visualisation came to mind immediately – I should use a healing breath to remove the dark and disruptive energy. A sort of “healing dragon’s breath” was how it was termed.

After attuning deeply, breathing thoroughly to ensure I was taking in a good deal of clean air and oxygenating my blood, then I took a swig of water and began to breathe deeply, sending my breath outwards towards the circle. There I visualised the Dragon Breath entering the circle, then moving between the stones, weaving in and out as it swirled around the circle in an anti-clockwise direction (the female way).

Merry Maidens, Cornwall - Winter Solstice 2013 (3)

Minutes later, after about ten such breaths I could see the breath circulating on its own, without any further input required from me. As the momentum of the circulating breaths diminished until finally it dissipated completely the circle was left energised and balanced. It felt harmonious again, yet still as I approached for a closer look, I still did not feel inclined to enter the circle. Not today. Maybe next time.

That was it for the day. The light was turning as the sun began to set, I was near to Newlyn, but I had to make my way back to St.Austell. What a beautiful day. I wondered if I would get another that was so clear and still this week? There were still many new places I wanted to visit. I will tell you about these soon.

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