Winter Solstice 2013 Dinas Bran and the Dragons Soul Book

Looking up to Dinas Bran

Looking up to Dinas Bran

I have mentioned extensively herein my quest to activate the Dragons Soul Book, it has been a quest that has been long in the completing (almost a year and half since inception). I already knew that this visit would not be a conclusion. But had been told that it would be a major change of direction. With this in mind, I was keen to climb the slopes to the beautiful Dinas Bran.

Upon reaching the foot of the hill I was a bit concerned. Over the months I have let my physical fitness slip some what and have been wheezing and groaning uphill. As I stood and took some pictures a thought floated down to me. “Don’t worry, I’ll look after you” Ah, Okay, with Dinas Bran looking after me the climb should be no problem. And remarkably it wasn’t. Not one jot. Which, frankly, totally surprised me.

Upon arriving at the spot where I took the above image, I was led by the rods off to the right, rather than the usual left. I’d never been up that way before, face-on if you will. Partly because the climb is steeper. But also because the ground is less stable. But I wasn’t going to argue with rods so up I went. And again I was surprised at my sudden gain in athletic ability. What was going on?

The top of the hill was cold, fresh and with a biting wind. “This is going to be a short visit” I thought to myself, trying to hide away from the wind. Since the rods seemed to be on top form, I asked where did I need to go to commune with the Genius Loci. In their usual winding way, they took me to a place I call, “the window of the energetic double” It was a place that I had history with.

Window of the Energy Double

Window of the Energy Double

I ambled over and sat down in the window and to my surprise, either the wind subsided to nothing or it was completely sheltered (in the picture above, the extreme right image with the two windows and of the two, the left hand window is where I was sat).

And thus began one of the most prolific communes I’ve ever had. Now I understand when people say “download”. Of course my most pressing question was concerning this darned Dragons Soul Book that was taking residence in my chest. What was I to do? The Genius Loci was quite explicit and to the point, “The book is a Dragons Soul book, not a humans soul one. It needs to be returned to a Dragon an Imbolc.” And on the matter of the book, that was it. I was quite disappointed in that. A year in the questing and that was it? To return it to a Dragon? What about the questions? I got nothing more from the Genius Loci on that score.

It seems auspicious that I was sat on the place de la energy double as the next piece of information was concerning my double. “The coming seasons will involve your other. You must balance the power within you to be more accepting” I know, sounds a bit strange but I was able to translate it easy enough. Basically, balance your chakras as this is the way to attract your energy double, because you’ll need to next year. See? Simple.

Caileach flies above me

Most of the time you’re lucky and you have a clearly defined notion of who you are communing with. For me it is about flavours of energy (or being). For instance there is an ancient Yew tree in the town of Llangernyw, that amazing being I would recognise anywhere (even in Ireland). There there is an Oak on the fringe of Nine Stones close, again completely recognisable.

At other times though, for whatever reason, the messenger becomes a bit blurred. Such was the case here. I was certain that the above came from the mighty Dinas Bran (Genius Loci). but the following I felt was more from Caileach, my occasional Goddess. As I sat within the window, I got a sense that Caileach was flying above me her wings covered the entire sacred site. I was not surprised by her size, after all this is the height of her power, winters solstice. I opened my eyes for a moment and caught a crow (my totem) floating gently above Dinas Bran, a sign.

Like teacher to pupil (I object to the word pupil, whatever) she sent some one liners (her favourite means of commune). Her first was that “Your path is perfectly aligned” What was that supposed to mean? Aligned to what? By whom? Serious questions in my opinion, but unanswered by that towering presence.This was the beginning of another beautiful commune. To be told in the upcoming posts.

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