Winter Solstice 2013 Valle Crucis and the Power of Promise

After the über download at Dinas Bran and an enjoyable lunch in Llangollen we were ready for our final stop of the Solstice. Vali Crucis. From memory, we have visited this place several times in the early spring. Flowers just budding comes to mind. So it was a bit off timing to be coming here at this time of the year, however for me the main attraction was that it has an easy access and was a beautiful place to visit.

Vali Crucis

Valle Crucis

When I was sitting in the seat of the energetic double upon Dinas Bran, the Genius Loci had revealed that I would gain the Power of Promise at Vali Crucis. What that was, I had no idea. So I was looking forward to learning the meaning of that.

Maybe it was the time of the year, but as with Dinas Bran, I was taken (by the rods) into the sacred site by an unusual route. The rods took me around the outside of the site to the back. From there they guided me inside and to the place pictured (top left image). One of these days we will have to explore in detail why certain places are picked.

  • Is it because of the Genius Loci?
  • Is it the energy of the place?
  • Is it time specific?
  • Is it my energy?

An endless set of questions can erupt from such an exploration I’m sure. To get on. I climbed up about 8 feet of the wall and sat down on the cold, slightly damp stones. Lovely! Closing my eyes and relaxing my breath got me into state. The power of promise I thought, what is it?

Power of Promise

Power of Promise

Power of Promise

Integrity and honour were the words that came to me. I considered them and thought back to the Knights Quest? Was this something akin to that? I got the sense that it was, kind-of. Then thoughts and a vision coalesced. The power of promise is a means to align the Solar Chakra.

Rather than keeping ones word with others. It was about the practice of giving ones word to oneself and keeping it. It seemed that the power of promise had a compound effect. The more you practiced it the more powerful it became. Another impression that I got was that this had something to do with magic, in that if the compound effect reached a certain level then the universe would bend towards ones word, it would be that powerful.

Wow! What a an amazing discovery. But it didn’t stop there. I had to start to put this into practice! And begin to fuel the compound effect. Which would then balance my Solar chakra. Which I am guessing would go towards the aligning of all my energy centres as per the instruction at Dinas Bran.

Kal Malik – Secrets of Magic

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