Expect the Unexpected Man

Druids Circle Path

Druids Circle Path

A while ago I mentioned that I had been given the option of going on a Knight’s Tour. It was to do with that old Knight’s Quest that I had completed three years ago. My presumption was that it would start at Tintagel and complete at Lud’s church. After learning of this option I was looking forward to going on the journey. The only thing that was stopping me was a question that I had put to the rods.

  • Is there something that needs to be done before I can go on the Knight’s tour? Yes.

A simple enough question you would think and yet the what to do had stumped me. I had tried asking all of the questions I could and had got nothing further than what I already had. Something had to be done before I could set off.

Frustration had led me to go with Gwas to the beautiful Druids Circle in the hope of gaining illumination regarding what I needed to do before setting off on the tour.  As we walked up towards the circle I gave Gwas an update as to my dilemma. He wondered whether I would be able to get any answers at the circle. So I dug out my rods and asked…

  • Would I be able to get any answers to my question re tour? No.

What! Surely that was an unfair response! To Gwas’s laughter I tried several variations only to come to the same conclusion in each case. No, no and no. Gwas suggested that he have a go at trying since it seemed that I was blocked from the answer. To our joint surprise he was able to enquire. On rare occasions it happens that way you know, i.e. one is blocked but the other can gain answers.

Druids Circle Path Sea View

Druids Circle Path Sea View

After some questions Gwas determined that I had to await being given direction from a strange man I would meet. This man would give me the starting point for the tour. The truly annoying thing that Gwas also got was that I could not influence when I would meet this person. It was an encounter that was written into my destiny. It would happen. We couldn’t determine when, where, how or indeed who. I was not a happy bunny I can tell you. As I said to Gwas several times, “this is agin my nature!” Perhaps that’s the point he responded. Left with this conundrum we continued our walk up to the Druids Circle, which was going to be a very interesting trip indeed.

Kal Malik

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