Light and Shade at Druids Circle

Another beautiful summer day, another opportunity to go out that is impossible to ignore. Kal texted one simple phrase – “Druid’s Circle?” Do they? It wasn’t a question – it was an invitation. I looked at the weather forecast – 60% chance of very heavy rain in that location. Still, I would be with The Sun King, the man who can make the sun appear anywhere he goes. He would be the other 40% of that prediction.

On the way along the A55 towards Conwy the weather is dreadful – rain, thick grey clouds, and an unending dismal scene as far as the eye can see. Somehow, as we get within five miles of Penmaenmawr, the clouds all disappear in that locale, and as we climb up the tiny road to the parking place the sun is shining so hard that we have to smile broadly. Yet again, I have to admit that I was too pessimistic. If I was basing my decisions on the predictions by the weather forecasters I might not go out half as much as I do. Just shows you – just go!

Yet again, I have no purpose to my visit today – deliberately. I’m experimenting with the “old ways” – the way I used to work before I began to believe that I needed a purpose. I think I used to call this “active ignorance”. On way up I ask who I might meet today. I don’t know who I’m asking (myself?) but the idea comes to mind that I will meet a known spirit, but not my spirit guide or Herne, whom I have met previously at The Druid’s Circle.

Penmaenmawr Druids Circle - June 14 (4) (Medium)

The walk up is pleasant for once. On arrival at the summit I take some photographs because seeing the circle in such light conditions is a real rarity. For some reason I take lots of the Druids Circle in the light and then some more of the small circle just beyond it,which I can only see in shadow, despite the conditions. Light and shade. Kal’s story will explain why this is so – our stories overlap quite a lot today.

Penmaenmawr Druids Circle - June 14 (12) (Medium)

Kal was sitting on the slope which faces the sea with a far-off look in his eyes when my dowsing rods swung around to cross over his head. “Do you need to work here?” he asks, and I nod in assent. “‘Fraid so!“. He moves off politely, leaving the spot free for me to use as a cleansing place. We have a quick giggle that we are both beginning to find the same places recently.

Even though it’s only a cleansing place, I take the chance and connect with the Spirit of Place for this area. I ask the question about who the spirit is that I might know, and to whom I can connect this evening. The answer returned in a blazxe of light: “Archangel Michael“.

At that moment Kal calls me to witness something amazing that’s happening over the brow of the hill.

 I feel that the two things are connected – the rainbow and the angelic spirit. Intuition presses me strongly to connect the two. I make a note of that – it will return later.

Rainbow Michael in The Circle

I move into the circle, seeking an energetic entrance point, and then asking the dowsing rods to lead me to a place of energising. I am shown to the point of the only recumbent stone – a place I know well from many previous visits. Sometimes, things don’t change as much as we believe they should. I connect to the vibration of the place, and then ask specifically to connect to Archangel Michael. Within a moment I feel the weather change – a stiff breeze, mellow and warm yet insistent. I feel Michael’s presence, and with it a pure sense of elation. I really do begin to understand the Christian stories about encounters with angels, and the aww they inspire, the feelings of joy these spirit forms exude – it’s unlike anything else.

I asked that if this truly was Michael, that he should give Kal inspiration so that he could get answers to his quest questions. I see a hand come down and a huge finger touches Kal on the back of the head. At that exact moment Kal says “Aha!” and asks another question to which the rods confirm the answer. He turns and smiles at me as though he’s now on his way with his questioning, but I’m already laughing because I know what caused that to happen!

I was called to the centre of the circle. On the way there I see neutral energy arcs coming from each stone into the centre which is where I get asked to stand. I ask for nothing, but I gather the energy from the stones and create a vertical vortex of energy which I send up to Michael, in praise of him. I know that thought-forms exist from the energy of recognition and remembrance.

Penmaenmawr Druids Circle - June 14 (6) (Medium)

I said that I was in his service, a vassal for his work, and wished nothing in return. I got a fleeting picture of a church but then something distracted me and I thought I was finished so I walked out of the circle. I checked with the dowsing rods, but they said that I still had work to do. I was taken back to the same spot as before, homing in on it by following the increasing chirrup of a bird nearby like some kind of Geiger counter.

I asked what Michael wanted of me. He showed me the picture of the church again. He said it was dedicated to Michael and All Saints, but that it had been tainted (turned) with a darker energy. He wanted me to visit it and turn it back to the light by changing the energy at the site and re-dedicating it in his name.

Penmaenmawr Druids Circle - June 14 (10) (Medium)

I know the church of which he is speaking. I had wanted to visit it years ago, but it is out in the middle of nowhere and I had never gotten around to it yet. Now I have a mission and a reason. Michael shows me what I need to do when I get there: a single crystal placed in the right location and with the right intent will change the energy pattern back to an energy frequency compatible with the god of high places, and my mini-quest will be complete.

Which church is this pointing to?

Which church is this pointing to?

I ask for confirmation that the church I am thinking of was the right one. My attention is lifted out of my reverie and in the distance I see another rainbow – this time only one half. The rainbow’s end is exactly in the direction where I beileve the church to be, and so I quickly take a snapshot of the bearing so that I can check it on a map later. That is confirmation enough – I know now that I am right about which church it is.

Penmaenmawr Druids Circle - June 14 (23) (Medium)

I asked why a being as powerful as he is could not simply change the energies himself? He says to me that powerful as he may be, and though there was much he can do to influence events, he relies upon humans to actually effect physical change. As a discarnate entity he cannot do this directly himself.

I light some incense and create a Wool Angel figure from some of the wool lying around in the heather. I leave this offering as an energetic gift for Michael. I want him to know that I’m on the case. He’s done a lot to protect me (from yself) over the years, and now this seems like a small way to pay him back. I begin to make plans for the excursion.

A woolen Archangel michael figure

A woolen Archangel michael figure

I think I will ask Magic Mike to join me on this quest. I think he’ll enjoy it, and he’s as ‘Michael’ as it gets!


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