Understanding The Energy of Hills – Summer 14 P11

Understanding The Energy of Hills – Summer 14 P11

Drombeg stone circle, West Cork, Country Cork, Ireland.

Finally, we have arrived at the last of my posts in the Summer Solstice set (for all the series see this link). It has taken much longer than expected, not only due to the number of posts that the visit generated, but also due to issues with the blog stability that we have now hopefully traced and resolved. Thank you for bearing with us during this particularly extended period of disruption. Sometimes the Universe communicates to us in peculiar ways, and certainly for me the gremlins have struck at my very heart by disrupting this blog. However, re-alignment is taking place, and I am confident that soon you will see a more unified approach to the blog. You’ll see what I mean very soon. For now, let’s finish this set of stories.

Entrance Of The Initiate

Drombeg stone circle - June 14 (5) (Medium)

Fuchsia bushes line the entrance to Drombeg stone circle

After a steep and narrow descent around Drombeg we arrived at a startlingly spacious car park, and then proceeded along the hedge-lined path to the stone circle itself. Along the way we passed a couple who had camped in the circle the previous evening. They looked like they had had an interesting evening! Along the path the fuchsia bushes reminded me of the wonderful floral displays on Iona that we had seen in September 2012.

Information about Drombeg

Information about Drombeg

There were several things to see at the site. Obviously, the circle, but we’ll come to that. Elsewhere there were some smaller oval and circular enclaves which were labelled as “Fulachta Fiadh– more ‘cooking pits’ it seems. Hmmm… As I sat on the ridge overlooking the site and connecting to the area I had a vision of how the structures were used. I saw a young man being escorted by a hooden and robed figure. He was led into the covered dome structure. Inside he was put through a ‘sweating’ process and then left alone for the night. During the night he emerged and walked into the stone circle to meditate. That relationship seemed to replicate the way I felt about the Dromagorteen circle too.

Now it was time for my own initiation into the circle mysteries!

The ‘New’ Quest

You may remember that I had dismissed my first new quest: “Kill Gwas!”. Instead I had opted for the second quest – the riddle: “Why does the serpent coil around the mountain?“. I decided to test my new-found relationship with Cailleach. Perhaps she could help me with this quest? While the circle was still quiet I used my dowsing rods to determine an entrance, and then an energetic path that would take me to a “place where I needed to be”. That statement is so valuable, as it doesn’t come loaded with any pre-suppositions about what to expect, and put the emphasis on your guides to determine all of the factors that would satisfy that condition. Soon I had wound my way around the stones to a point on the North-West side of the circle.

Sizing the Dromagorteen circle

Sizing the Dromagorteen circle

As I sat in trance, protected and connected, I felt The Sun Hag‘s presence – Cailleach had arrived. Soon we had a dialogue going that was part conversation and part visual exchange. The information I received in response to my quest question was this:-

  • Male Earth Energy (derived from the core) spirals up clockwise through conical mountains and mounds.
  • Male core energy fits this form perfectly and this is why such hills are revered.
  • At the top of the mound the male energy will emerge as a shaft of energy, looking for any “sharp” element to escape – a ridge or rock through which it can emerge.

Next I asked about the relationship with female earth energy which was produced from the earth itself (the soil and biological matter). Cailleach revealed the following:-

  • Female Earth Energy in a conical mound coils in the opposite direction to the Male energy (anti-clockwise).
  • It is sourced from the earth soil itself and gathers to join with the male attracted to it but spiralling in the opposite direction.
  • If the mound is rounded then the female energy pools at the top making it feel feminine.


There was one more crucial characteristic:-

  • The more symmetrical the hill or mountain, then the more likely that the earth energy would move through it, generating a powerful up-flow.
  • In asymmetrical hills or mountains the energy would escape at places other than the summit, and before the full potential of the upward momentum was realised, rending the energy less powerful when it emerged.
  • The most powerful energy stream is that which emerges from the summit of a symmetrical hill.

Therefore, conical mounds can be mainly male or female depending on the characteristics of the summit. If the summit is sharp, ridged or rocky then the most prevalent energy will be the male energy. If the hilltop is rounded and smooth, with no sharp rock on it, then the predominant feel will be feminine, as the female energy pools at the top of the hill. This is obviously a huge simplification, and is merely my interpretation of what I was shown. Time will tell how accurate this information is under dowsing scrutiny. Yet, it seemed to answer the quest’s riddle already! Why did the serpent coil around the mountain? Because the shape of the structure attracted the earth energy to move through it.

Drombeg stone circle - June 14 (16) (Medium)

I began to see why artificial mounds such as Silbury Hill were constructed. Obviously, if you engineer a symmetrical structure, you can determine whether you want the energy to be male or female that emerges from the top, AND you can control the intensity of the energy by controlling the height of the structure. Wow! The quest was a day old and it had been solved! What now?

I went to the ‘altar stone’ and made an offering, lighting some incense too. I gave love, joy and respect to all the spirits who have helped me during this Ireland journey: Cailleach, The Black Dragon, my spirit guide Ash, and all the Spirits of Place that I had worked with. What a tremendous experience! But what of “Kill Gwas”? Well, that story will be told next.


…for the last time!

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