Who is Gwas? All is revealed!

Who is Gwas? All is revealed!

Ladies and Gentlemen – the time has come. If you have been following this blog for any amount of time then you will be familiar with a character called Gwas. Over the years you will have witnessed his journey from a fledgling dowser and druid. Where has Gwas ended up at this point, though?

Gwas ended up being an experienced druid. His daily practices and regular outings to sacred sites became more than a serious hobby, and became his life. His experiences with Otherworldly intelligences took him from being a non-believer through to the opposite end of that spectrum – as someone who could not imagine how life could be fully experienced and enjoyed without the interactions with spirits.

As part of Gwas’s spiritual guidance recently he was told that he needed to be killed. Gwas is, after all, a pseudonym for a real person. The name means “Vassal of Merlin“. Yet over the years Gwas has emerged from beneath the coat-tails of Merlin, and has come to stand side by side with his mentor. Recent posts have talked about the instruction to “Kill Gwas” – the quest that didn’t get realised. It will be realised now.

Why now? Several reasons. There was some reluctance at first. Coming out of the shadow of Gwas is not a step taken lightly. He has been a useful character, although also a flimsy disguise. It was initially done as a protection in the working environment, but now all that has changed too, and so the disguise is no longer needed. Funny how this all happened at the same time. A coincidence, of course.

There has been a growing call amongst some readers of this blog for us to help them with information about dowsing, tarot reading, house energy work and our particular brand of spiritual interaction. Putting such material together takes time, and wasn’t possible when combined with a full-time job. Now, I have that time, and can offer those services at last.

Chris McDermott headshotMy real name is Chris McDermott.

I am now a full-time dowser, diviner and druid.

I am self-employed, and my new company is called Reconstellation.

I offer services and products aimed at harmonizing people with their environments, and bringing about positive change through re-integration of self with surroundings.

This has many applications from personal well-being, to peak sports performance, all the way through to Feng Shui and ghost-busting. Please take a look at my web site for more information.


Reconstellation - discover subtle energy

Reconstellation – discover subtle energy

I am reminded of Kal’s favourite tarot card – The Fool. A man steps bravely into the chasm of the unknown with his faithful companion next to him. I am that character today.

The blog will continue as usual,with a few minor changes. I will be signing off using my real name on posts from now on. The About page will change soon with information about me. I will be doing some advertising for my business in the margins of the site but I don’t intend to affect the main flow of the site. This blog will always remain a platform for telling the world about the magick and the majesty of the forces of Nature and the path of druidry.

One last thing. All fledgling businesses need to build a network. Please, if you can spare a few seconds, show your support for my Reconstellation and Hedge Druids United Facebook pages. It would make me proud to have you on board with me, and as I offer my services to the big wide world.

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I thank you for your continued support. Let’s make magick happen!

Wonders, wishes and wellness! Your new old friend,


  1. noel
    Jan 24, 2019

    come back and share some more Chris

  2. Stoatie
    Sep 14, 2014

    Wishing you all the best, I’m sure Reconstellation will take off – I’ll certainly keep on singing your praises. You and Kai have been an inspiration to me 🙂 Blessings

    • Chris
      Sep 16, 2014

      Hi Fi,
      Thanks for your continued support. Now that I’m “out in the open” I’d like to hope that we could meet at some point. I’ve been following your work for ages too, and I’m sure we’d have a lot to chat about.
      Lovely to hear from you,

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