A Meeting of Minds

A Meeting of Minds

Due to the nature of the way I work these days I am now coming across people who share my outlook on life. One such person is Debra Delgyn, an holistic therapist and shaman from Manchester. We had met weeks ago at a networking event and almost without having much of a conversation we just knew we would have a lot in common. Bless her, Debra made the effort to get us together for an afternoon, and so I decided to show her some one of the formative places that I had used when beginning my druidic training – Frodsham Hill.

I have no idea why I chose this particular part of the hill – it was a cliff covered in green moss and lichen which shone with an eerie fluorescence against its red sandstone background. I think the site must have drawn my attention too many times as I have passed it. I have worked at many places all around this cliff face, but never spent any time actually at that spot. Yet, here I was with an experienced shaman, and striding with confidence up the hill to reveal its presence. Luckily for me, presence is exactly what we found.

Sandstone cliff near Frodsham

I used my dowsing rods to determine the best spots for us both to sit at. For Debra it was a moss-covered rock, and for me it was beside a small oak tree who corkscrew shape showed me that it was a place of strong subtle energy forces. I wasn’t the only one to notice that, and that pleased me as it confirmed that I was working with someone on my wavelength.

The Net of Light

I watched fascinated as Debra began to unpack some of the paraphernalia from her “crane bag”. I didn’t recognise much of what she laid out – I’m such a novice in these respects.

After we had settled in we talked about the spot. I asked her if she felt the force of the subtle energy flow coming off the cliff. For me it was so palpable that it threatened to push me off the path and roll me down the hillside! She agreed that it could be felt. A good start.


We chatted briefly and she asked me about the view beyond the near trees. I told her that it was the Weaver Estuary, and that it was surrounded by chemical factories. Then I mentioned The Marshes – an area of polluted land which had taken the brunt of the chemical waste from the estuary over the years.

We then talked about the presence of rock (or ‘gnomic’) beings in the rock face behind us, and how we could perhaps interact with these forces, and ask them if they could help us to send out healing into the polluted lands below us. Debra talked of a “Net of Light” which could be used to perform healing of the land. I understood the concept, because of course I have been healing the land for years. Vocabulary aside, we knew what we meant to do, however we would choose to do it.

An Army of Terraforms

We got ourselves prepared, and I lit a triangle of incense around us to protect our space. Debra smudged me with something. Same concepts, different implementation. I put a layout of protective crystals around me so that I could dedicate my thoughts to connection. We then sat in meditation, and I began to connect with the cliff behind me. Occasionally I* heard Debra humming or singing. It was nice, not distracting. It was harmonic.

The earth spirits in the rock face were simple to connect to. It was like they were waiting for me. They moved quickly along the whole of the sandstone ridge, right the way through the Cheshire Plain, and across to its southern edges. All the earth elementals that inhabited the sandstone ridge were gathered up and brought to the cliff face that we sat beneath. The sheer weight of numbers, and the pressure this created was almost overwhelming. It was like a dam of devic force!

I released the hordes! An army of earthly elements plunged down the face of the hill, using the momentum of gravity to sweep across the town, past the motorway, and out into the marshland opposite. As they reached the polluted places they sank into the waterlogged earth, almost as though dissolving. With each “terraform” that was integrated in this way I felt the marshland respond positively.

Fantasy Arena

Ethereal dome of the land deva

Dome Angel Vortex

The marshland seemed to respond in another way too. The deva land form that governed the marshes lifted up above the land. I could see it respond to the influx of earth energy we had initiated. This large form felt like it was contorting, demonstrating its pain as the pollutants were being transformed. Then a light that I can only describe as “angelic” seemed to come down from the sky to touch the deva land form. At the point where the angelic light met the deva a ho,e, a vortex of downward spiralling energy was created. The deva land form of the marshes was being cured/fed/healed with the angelic light. The result of this was that the deva form smoothed, settled and became more integrated – it became a more solid dome shape.

I came back to normal consciousness, recounting what I had seen. Debra’s imagery had been similar in terms of the swarming hordes of gnomic forms and she had seen them integrate into the land below too. We gave thanks to the spirits of the hill and the ridge. We then cleared up our working space properly and in our own unique ways.

The work felt good, and I can’t wait to do more interesting earth healing with this fascinating lady.



  1. Debra
    Oct 20, 2014

    Dear Chris, thank you so much for recording this, it’s really helpful to review the event and I do appreciate your kind words about my work. For my part, I am deeply grateful that you invited me to one of your special places to work together – I’ve not worked alongside a Druid before! I love that you apply your druiding tools in a simple, unfussy way and your passion for our Earth shines through clearly. Your images and description are fascinating and so detailed, thank you so much for describing them so clearly!

    My experience is less visual and more ‘feeling’: I felt a flow from the rocks behind us, grounded Light in my heart and allowed it to flow into the landscape, then opened up this Net of Light (actually more like a river) for the earth energies behind us to pour forth. I saw/felt them enter into the moist darkness of the marshes and be warmly received there, each one releasing light and bringing back balance. I felt a shift in my mindset from “I’m engaged in healing this land” to “This land is engaged in healing and I happen to be a blessedly convenient conduit right now”. Might have done a bit of singing! Just felt the urge to emit the vibration in a more tangible form and I love the simplicity of singing in a landscape and allowing the soundwaves to travel at will. I remember I sang the Gayaatri Mantra when we’d both completed, which links through time and space with the lovely work of Deva Pramal.

    All in all it felt entirely timeless and blew all concepts of blame and judgement out of the water (literally!): I know that we have harmed the earth with our buildings, our industrial processes and our attitudes – but none of that is relevant or helpful once we open to healing energy. It just IS, and it is a privilege to be in a position to facilitate its flow. I’m also very grateful that engaging in that healing left me very free and open to interacting with the land in very direct ways on the remainder of our walk together. Thank you for the opportunity, and I’m very happy to come out hunting with you again!

    PS The Net of Light is a concept from Grandmothers Speak, latest post is here: http://www.grandmothersspeak.com/category/grandmothersmessages/ plus there are videos and songs to be found if you dig around. Open to all – not just grandmothers 🙂 With your permission I’ll share this blog to our groups – Sharon will love your description of the healing process and the Deva land form.

    • Chris
      Nov 25, 2014

      Hi Debra,
      Feel free to share the experiences far and wide. This blog is as much a learning tool as it is a record of events.
      Loved working with you and hope to do much more in the future.


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