Egypt: Fire, Amber and Kim Wilde

Egypt: Fire, Amber and Kim Wilde
Kim Wilde as I remember her

Kim Wilde as I remember her

Summer solstice 2014 and we were in Ireland, just on the borders of Cork. The sacred site in question was Drombeg. If you hop over here ((Drombeg, Fay and an Amber secret), you can read about that tale. One of the things that was revealed on the trip was that a trip to Ireland was in order, for two reasons…

Elemental Quest: To claim the element of Fire for my quest. In Ireland I had gained the element of Water and with it the power to see into the Depth of things. I had previously claimed the element of Earth from Carnac in Brittany, France and with it the ability to anchor (and ground) myself in the Earth. Since claiming both those elements I have been practicing combining there benefits to do some amazing work.

Wand Maker Quest: For a few years now I have been urged by beings (or the universe) to go on a quest to create a Wand. Over time, I have gained little bits of information to add to how that quest would come to being. A recent visit to the Nine Ladies sacred place resulted in the strongest suggestion (command) yet, “Create that wand!” Fortunately I had enough to go on. In fact, again, in the above Ireland trip I was told that one of the ingredients for this Wand was some Amber from Egypt.

Over the last few weeks I have had – all things sacred – on my mind. But I was stuck because, as I saw it, I had to go to Egypt. The problem was, I didn’t have the funds to do so. In fact, this post illustrates how dire my financial situation was.  Then magic came into my life in the most remarkable way. Check that tale out here (the elixir of finances). So, what was my excuse now? None! The universe had held out its hand, how could I refuse?

Yesterday, I was walking by a travel agent in fact it was a students travel agency, and I felt the pull to go in. I sat myself down and considered a quest to Egypt. Cairo and Luxor were what my mind was telling me. Then whilst I was waiting for the agent, I posted on Facebook that I was booking a trip to Egypt, Woo Hoo! The agent and I talked and searched for about forty minutes before we had 4 days in Cairo and 4 days in Luxor, flights and hotels all sorted. She was about to book it all, when my phone pinged. A friend had commented on my post…

  • “Did you know that Kim Wilde is singing in Sharm el Sheikh?”

What!! I have been a fan of Kim Wilde, like forever and have occasionally looked up her concerts, but never had the opportunity arisen. I told the travel agent to hold her horses whilst my fingers flew over my iPhone. It was true! Kim was indeed playing. I got the details and turned to my agent. “Change of plans” I said to her. “I want an extra couple of days in Sharm el Sheikh” This really messed up the itinerary, but I didn’t care. I was certain that this was a gift from the universe for me stepping up.

More minutes passed and my travel agent had rescheduled my whole trip to include this extra bonus. And due to a low-cost-airline flying into Sharm el Sheikh, the trip turned out cheaper than the previous one. Of course, I hear you cry, coincidence! So in a few weeks, before the Winter Solstice, a trip to Egypt, Fire and Amber, and the delicious Kim Wilde. Can it get better?

In fact, Yes it can!

Two days later I got the chance to Skype with a dear friend of mine, Tam. She resides in California and last September I had the amazing pleasure of being her guest, a truly hospitable time. Well, it had been a monumental amount of time since we had chatted and as luck (really, luck?) would have it we managed to connect and schedule a call. We were updating and sharing when Tam mentioned that she was travelling to Egypt this winter. My jaw dropped! Oh my Goddess! When are you going? Where are you going? Unbelievable! We would be synchronizing in Luxor! Perfect is what I would call it.

Kal Malik – Just Wow!

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