Mitchells Fold and the Element of Air

Mitchells Fold and the Element of Air
Divining the Air Element

Divining the Air Element

We arrived at this easiest of access sacred sites in the frosty morning of near mid winter. As I approached the site, I asked for a place to prepare (and indeed whether I needed to prepare). I was taken to a place just near where the path meets the place and told…here it is.

I stood in the freezing wind for a few minutes and then got the – quite clear message – “lie down” Thinking that I needed to sit on the floor, I sat. Only to have the message repeated…”lie down” So I lay down and immediately I was freed from the bristling cold wind. Wow! It was actually quite a nice breeze that rippled my collar.

Minutes later, I felt that I was done with the preparation and the urge to continue on came over me. Where and what next? I pondered witch of my current quests was to be the learning subject today. Would it be the Wand Quest? No. The element quest? Yes. I was surprised because I already knew that the next element (Fire) was to collected in Egypt. Would I learn about the final element, Air? Yes.

Now, I was excited! With quickened steps I followed the rods to a flat stone that had puddles of water on it. No lying down this time, I thought. I stood upon the stone and looked out amongst the hills and the sun, bright and cold on this frosty morning. Where is this element I asked? I felt the spirit of that place rise and give direction…

  • “look deep into your quest” it said.

Of course! Why do we forget the gifts we have been given? I grasped hold of the EARTH element and looked deep into the puddles of WATER that were at my feet. As I did so I was lifted into the air. High above the countryside and further still I went until I could see the rim of the Earth. I considered the west and the America’s but was deflected from that direction. The same with North and South too. East? I flew off in the direction I was allowed to.

China? I thought and the answer was No. A wild thought occurred to me. Ayres Rock, Australia? No. I breathed a sigh of relief. Closer to home was the thought that brushed my attention. Europe? Yes, I felt that the Element was there. Spain, France or Italy? As soon as Italy came to mind, the distinctive tower of Pisa came to mind and just as quickly vanished. Next door, Florence!

That was it! I knew it instantly! Florence was the location that I would find the Element of Air. Really? Florence?

Come on, you know me. Yes I am guided, but I am not averse to questioning that guidance. Indeed, in this instance, I wondered what was doing the guidance? Caileach, Genius Loci? Neither were the culprit. Then I heard a familiar music…my Energy Double. Without question, that was what it was. With that bit of enlightenment I was dropped back on to the earth with a final gift of knowledge and foresight…you will not go alone.

I let that last bit of knowledge settle in me…you will not go alone…who would be going with me? More mysteries remained. But I had gained a fantastic piece of the puzzle. Florence!

As I completed my work so did Chris. Of course it was pure coincidence that his experience involved an Air Elemental!

Kal Malik – Florence with someone…

ps: so I am writing this post and I get a phone call from a lady … I wonder…

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