Imbolc 2015 P1 – The Robin at Arthurs Well

Imbolc began this year for me while I was meditating in the middle of Delamere Forest at midnight. Having felt the combined feminine forces of The Maid (Brigid) and The Crone (Morrigan) then I knew that my ventures the next day would now be filled with beautiful connections.

Kal and I had planned a full day out in Anglesey. Early on February 1st we made our way down the A55 coast road. Before crossing the “threshold” of the Menai Straits there was one place I wanted to visit. I was keen to visit a well dedicated to Arthur which was supposedly positioned close to the village of Deiniolen in the foothills of the Snowdonia mountain range.

Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (1)

Deiniolen is not far from Snowdon and its surrounding mountains

Arthur’s Well Hidden

Although I had an Ordnance Survey map of the place where the well was supposedly located, and there was no foliage to obscure the hunt, still the discovery of the well eluded us initially. Even the path to get to the area near to the well was difficult! It was full of obstacles and at one point we were bounding from the crest of one murky drainage channel to another as we tried to avoid being scratched by dead spruce branches. The density and darkness of the forest seemed to go on forever! Finally, we were through it, though, and into a clearing – a crossroads of paths. Hmm.. cross roads.

Arthurs Well - Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (3)

Crossroad after a dark passage near Arthur’s Well

When we relied on the dowsing rods to show us the location of the strongest energy centre in the area that corresponded to the energy signature of King Arthur, we were both given positive readings for a location close to a small full-flowing stream.

According to the map readings we were within feet of the well, but we couldn’t locate it! I had a feeling that the well was actually on the other side of the stream close to the ruins of an enclosure, yet I felt much more of a connection being on this side of the stream. We decided to trust the dowsing rods – they were able to clearly identify that the Arthurian energy power was on this side. Also, the sun was shining beautifully on this side, filtering through a beautiful moss-covered tree, and we had access to the stream from this side.

Arthurs Well - Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (7)

A moss-covered tree near to Arthur’s Well

I faced North (as had become my recent custom) and aligned myself with the Arthur energy. At that moment a robin landed on a branch to watch me before flying off on its own business. When I got connected to everything around me, and linked in to the Arthur energy I felt that I was empowered by strength and intrepidness. The feeling I got was that the more I battle through adversity – the stronger I will become.

I spent a moment connecting all of the Arthur-related sites that I had visited this year. I was seeking to energetically link them all together to form a landscape representation of The Great Bear, and this site, although seemingly small and insignificant, felt powerful and a necessary part of the constellations.

Next I called in my current guiding spirit. I asked her if there was anything she felt I needed to do here. She directed me to wash my elemental angel crystals in the stream nearby, so I went and did that. At that moment the sun came out properly from the dull grey wintry sky and lit the stream like a lighthouse.

Elemental angel crystals being cleansed and re-energised by Arthur’s Well water

As I sat watching the crystals being cleansed a robin came to watch, too. He flitted around from branch to branch but always within ten feet of me, watching, curious. In my mind I began to connect some symbols – “Robin“, “The Green Man” and the “Arthur” myths all began to blend in my mind. This robin was a symbol of Arthur, it seemed to me.

I collected the crystals and packed everything away, giving thanks to my guiding spirit for her contribution, and to Arthur for his energy. We walked back over the other side of the stream and I felt curious about whether the “real” well was actually in that area, so we searched around. Sure enough, a few minutes later I had found it. It was nothing special, and quite de-energised! We had done the right thing to stay where we were after all!

Arthurs Well - Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (17)

The Official Arthur’s Well

We headed back by an easier path than we had taken to get there. Having battled through adversity we were now stronger and looking forward to lots of other sites to visit on Anglesey, but before that we would have a fascinating re-visit to a nearby site.


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