Imbolc 2015 P3 – Arthurs Flower

Imbolc 2015 P3 – Arthurs Flower

Having spent a lovely half hour at the church dedicated to Michael at the foot of the ridge known as Bwrdd Arthur (or “Arthur’s Table”) it was now time to find a way up onto the ridge. One of my objectives for this Imbolc was to connect more of the sites that I had identified as having a reference to Arthur, and which were part of a landscape zodiac that I was forming across Northern Wales and England.

At a junction in the road near to a signpost we found the entrance to the ridge and followed the steepest path up on to the crest of the ridge. Kal soon found a comfortable spot in a shaft of sunlight, and I used my dowsing rods to locate one too. The sun at its peak now, and as warm as it was going to get!

Bwrdd Arthur - Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (8)

Arthur’s Table on a sunny Imbolc day

Adorning the Table

It was close to lunch time but not time for us to eat yet. I had work to do. Bathed in sunshine I began a process of protection (new site – good practise), meditation, then connection with the spirit of the place. I felt that the spirit was keen to work with me, and so I began to mentally cross the country linking this site by an energy bridge to all the other Arthur-related sites I had visited so far on this quest.

That done, I asked the spirit of place to tell me about this place. What was the relationship with Arthur, I wondered? The response was beyond my expectations. I got the picture of a four-petalled lily. I was being told that this was Arthur’s emblem, and that the emblem should adorn his shield. “Shield“, I wondered? Did that mean I would need to work with the Sword and Shield energetic symbols that I had been working with at this exact time in 2013?

I considered this idea, and specifically the image of the four-petalled white lily with a yellow stamen.  The significance of this symbol is profound. Firstly, lillies usually only have any number of petals EXCEPT four (one, five and six petalled varieties are common). The significance of four is also not lost on me – the four elements, the four directions… these things have meaning to a druid.

Four petals is rare

Four petals is rare

So it seems that the Sword and Shield are going to be important again. The Shield has now become embellished – it now bears Arthur’s emblem of the four-petalled lily. The Sword is will-power from Archangel Michael. I’m wondering why these will be important this year, but it’s early and the quests are only starting.

I felt there was more to do here. As the figure “four” was in mind I thought of the Elemental Angels that I had worked with last year. I called them in to work with me this year on this Arthurian quest of creating a landscape zodiac figure. For some unknown reason that seemed like the thing to do.

Next I turned my attention to the figure of “Morrigan” – an aspect of the Triple Goddess that had begun to feature in my work at the start of this year. As I sat on the ridge in the wind, lit by the midday sun, I felt I was in the bosom of Morrigan – she became the whole of Bwrdd Arthur Hill.

Morrigan the dark lady

I felt in connection with her, and that I might ask her some questions. To me Morrigan represented a dark aspect of femininity, and the question that came to mind was:

What is the dark side of strength?” – “Abuse of power

How can abuse of power be prevented?“, I asked. “Through wisdom and the experience of age” was the response.

I felt that Morrigan would guide the use of magical ‘force’ this year while I learn to accept strength and power. For me, Arthur represented strength, and so I was happy to have Morrigan as the meditating force, governing and regulating its development.

So far, this Imbolc was proving to be a blooming marvellous experience! What next?


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