Imbolc 2015 P4 – Germination at Trefignath

Imbolc 2015 P4 – Germination at Trefignath

We have been to the interesting island of Anglesey many times. We have scoured the island for sacred sites on many occasions. We have spent literally days of time researching places to visit. Somehow, two startling omissions had occurred. Firstly, Kal had never seen the reconstructed chamber of Barlodiad Y Gawres. Secondly, we had never found the Trefignath monuments. We set both of this things right for Imbolc 2015.

We’re not going to cover the reconstructed barrow of Barlodiad here. Let’s just say we visited it. It was cold and windy (as it always is) and there was nothing energetically significant about it. Let’s move on to the fun stuff!

We were at the end of our Imbolc day. The trail of Arthur-related sites had reached the furthest tail of The Great Bear and was pointing us to Trearddur Bay near to Holyhead. That’s where we headed now, knowing that we had never found these sites before, but today we were in luck.

Ty Mawr – The Trefignath stone

Ty Mawr standing stone is set alone in a fenced field. In the background it has the delightful soundtrack of swooshing vehicles hurtling along the A55 trunk road carrying potential ferry passengers and lorries to Holyhead on their way across to Ireland.

As a backdrop it has Holyhead Mountain in one direction and a skyline of dark and square geometric buildings from the neighbouring industrial estates. It’s not a pretty setting, and yet the local council have tried their best to give the stone pride of place.

Ty Mawr standing stone

Ty Mawr standing stone – don’t look left or right!

This seemingly innocuous and out-of-place stone turned out to be strangely synchronistic!

In the falling rays of the Imbolc sun we independently decided we needed to do some healing work here. Kal went off to one side after dowsing, and I was on the other. Kal was “sun side”. I was “moon side”. He felt he needed to draw some sun energy into the stone, and I felt I needed to draw some moon energy in. Neither of us discussed this, but afterwards when we chatted we had to laugh.

So typical that we were doing the same work but from our differing strengths! Had we looked around at that point we would have seen the first glimmers of the moon rising behind the industrial buildings to the East.

Ty Mawr standing stone - Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (5)

The beautiful markings of the Ty Mawr stone

As we left the stone alone again we felt it was now perfectly balanced, as were we, which was perfect preparation for the nearby site of Trefignath Chamber.

A Clamber In The Chamber

Oddly, the road noise and visual industrial distractions are somewhat muted and obscured by the trees and the lie of the land at Trefignath Chamber. Despite being in the middle of an industrial estate once close to the chamber’s three spaces I felt like I could easily meditate here. The place had an air of tranquillity that belied its noisy neighbours.

Excellent detailed information including some more photographs of this chamber can be found at the ever-useful Saints and Stones web site.

Trefignath chamber

Trefignath chamber

Again we split like peas falling from a pod. Kal went one way and I went another, dowsing the correct way to approach the chamber. My approach was from the side where the chamber’s most intact entrance stones flanked like tall twin security staff.

I had in mind that as today was Imbolc I should call upon the energy form that was associated with this time of year – Brigid, goddess of light, fire, inspiration and healing. As the day lengthened and dimmed all those associations would be welcomed!

I moved inside the chamber, asking for permission to enter and then waiting until I had such. Inside I lay down and placed some crystals around me that I just happened to have with me. I spent a few minutes linking this site energetically to the others that I felt formed my Arthurian landscape zodiac figure.

I called Brigid in, asking for a new quest at this time of year. A slant of sunlight invaded the chamber in response, reflecting a deep warm golden glow on one of the stones to my side. I watched it lovingly, absorbing its message as much as its symbolic light and heat.

A germination chamber?

A germination chamber?

In a moment I began to hear the words of the young lady in my head. My new quest would be to “germinate”. I spent a few minutes questioning what that would mean, and the responses came in the form of pictures. Firstly, a picture of my back garden where we grow fruit and vegetables. I am shown a vacant plot where the earth is cold and awaiting the spring. The soil must be prepared for germination of the seeds.

Secondly I am shown that the sense of germination is symbolic. I see myself as a seed, curled up in preparation for growth. As the light of Spring hits me I begin to unfurl like a leaf in sunshine. For my own germination I will need the right energies. I am to grow this year too, it seems. This new quest is both a giving and a taking. Tend the seed and growth will come.

More about Morrigan

As I exit the chamber offering my thanks and leaving a small natural gift, I begin to wonder about Morrigan. I feel like I can ask some questions here, but that I need to go into one of the other chambers to do so. I hunker down out of the wind and cold, and I begin to connect in again. When I ask about Morrigan the Spirit of Place offers me these tantalising titbits of information:

“Morrigan will come into your life to offer intrigue, deceit and lust.”

I see….Riiiight!! Not sure if I’m ready for that!

Trefignath chamber - Anglesey - Imbolc 2015 (17)

Kal keeps his counsel at Trefignath Chamber amid the smell of incense.


As I emerge from the chamber I see a hawk flying around high above the site. Ah… a hawk at the start of the day and now one at the end too. What next? As we walk out of the site we stand stock still- right in front of us on a low branch is a red robin. Having established that we have seen him, he hops off then flies away. Another sign of Arthur. That’s twice today – both at sites associated with Arthur specifically.

At that moment Kal spots that the sun and moon are in perfect balance. We see that the chamber is at that moment perfectly in between both sinking sun and rising moon! Another beautiful coincidence for us to take away as a mental present.

What a stunning Imbolc day in Anglesey!


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