Time Space Place Presence Intention

Time Space Place Presence Intention

A simple question often leads to a complex answer. So it was in this instance. A couple of friends and I had the opportunity to watch a film called Oui-Ja. It wasn’t my idea, quite the opposite. However I bowed to the majority and so found myself suffering through another Hollywood attempt at depicting the para-normal.

Now, apart from all this hedge druid nonsense (or should I say Edge Wizardry?) I had and have a propensity for delving rather deeply into the nooks and crannies of the world of the Paranormal. In fact it is an interest that has plagued me for most of my life.

Time Space Place Presence Intention

Time Space Place Presence Intention

So it wasn’t a surprise when the conversation turned to the validity and usage of Oui-Ja boards. Herein I have discoursed on the matter before (hedge druids and ouija) However since that time three years ago I have refined my thoughts on the matter. Rather than changed them!

A question that is often asked is, “why doesn’t it work all of the time?” It seems a reasonable question. At least it isn’t disputing the fact that it works at all. However the question has a fundamental flaw. It comes from a basis of reason/rationality.

In the world of Energy, there are many things to consider (as the title of this post intimates). The order isn’t important. The question of whether Time is more important or relevant than Space is self-dependant. What does that mean? Simply, it means that sometimes, Time is more important and other times Space is.

Let’s take a look at Time.

Is it the morning, afternoon, evening, night-time? Sunrise or Sunset? What planets are in ascension? Where are they in the night sky? Is it a sacred day? Which culture or tradition is that day taken from? Where is the Sun and Moon?

And that is just the start! Look at this one, which tradition is the sacred day taken from? This is creating an equation that binds you, with the people, with the land. You have seen herein how some energetic presences are weakened or strengthen based on such factors. In particular when we take our journeys across the world.

Similarly Space is a factor too. Now in an extreme and yet relevant sense this can include the position of the Earth in the Universe. All the way down to, what are the energetic conditions of the environment where an activity is taking place?

Given just these two parameters alone we can see that conditions of success become tricky. Another parameter is the place. Now you might be thinking, whats the difference between Space and Place. Well, if I used the word Loci would that help? So what we’re looking at here is the literal energy of the place or Spirit of the Place or Genius Loci. If such a thing exists in the place we are conducting our work, be it ouija or other, then it has a powerful say and influence on proceedings.

Presence covers a multitude of aspects. Beginning with our own presence. In what state are we in? Is our energy affecting proceedings in a positive (successful) or negative way. Note, they are always having an effect! Coupled with this is the presence of any other beings. What impact are they bringing into the mix?

I wont use the word finally, because there is so much more, however for this post, I will end with the notion of our intention. People place a lot of a enfaces on intention these days. It is of course important, but in the scheme of the equation? Our intention, is just that, an intention. Consider this, each day, week, month, year you have a multitude of intentions. How many of them come about?

Don’t get me wrong, intention is a vital ingredient to any process and yet it must be put into its place proper. So we have time space place presence and intention as ingredients to consider when asking…

Why did (or didn’t) the Ouija board work?

Next question please?

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