The Hemlock Stone – Spring Equinox 3

The Hemlock Stone – Spring Equinox 3

We were done with going on a planned path. It always happens. We make a grand list of places to visit and pretty much get as far as 2 or 3 on the list before we are led off the yellow predicted road and on to stranger paths. Our destination happened to be the Hermits Cave. A place we had visited before and found to be an excellent sacred place.

Hemlock Stone

Hemlock Stone

However as we drove in that direction we went past The Hemlock Stone and were drawn to it immediately. A quick flick of the steering wheel and an ice-cream later we were climbing the short rise up to this magnificent stone.

The energy surrounding the place was beautiful and we approached the sun left the clouds behind and shone its Spring heart out. Perfect, is a good word to use. There was definitely work to be done here. We both settled into preparation places only a few feet apart and once complete followed the rods. Chris was slightly ahead of me and the rods took him to the fence and he clambered over. With a resigned expression I knew that mine would do the same and so they did. Somethings are just inevitable.

Kal prepares to enter the Hemlock

Kal prepares to enter the Hemlock

I clambered over the fence too and found a place to work. Just an interesting note here. After you read this, go and check out Chris’s post and you will see a correlation of energy descriptions. Of course it’s a coincidence.

I stood at the back (to the road) of the stone about a foot away and facing away from the stone. This was the place for me. I had no idea as to what experience to expect. So I just stood and let the stone (or whatever) do its work.

As I stood, patiently waiting I felt the slow rise of energy from the earth upwards within me. As it touched each of my chakras I felt a slight twist in the energy. My thought, at the time, was that it had opened the chakra. The energy continued to rise and do the same to each of my seven chakras. Then another flow of energy descended through my chakras doing the same thing. This flow however was very sluggish.

I continues to stand there and take in the chakra balancing experience. Was this a purpose of visiting the stone I wondered. After several more moments of this I felt that I was energised enough and decided to explore some questions surrounding this experience. The first that came to mind was whether my chakras had been energised. Surprisingly the answer was No.

Not expecting that, I tried the question some different ways…had they been balanced? Had they been healed? No and No and some other No’s too. Puzzled I wondered what the experience was. I asked whether it was a real energetic experience. After all, I could have imagined it. No it was real. Energy had flowed up and down through my chakras and had had that little twisty thing too.

I paced about the interior of the fence and pondered what this could mean. Several questions came to mind and were dismissed by the rods. I asked whether there was anything that could help me garner a better understanding of what had happened and the rods took me to a Smokey Quartz crystal that Chris had placed on a ledge on the stone.

How was that supposed to help me? I started and then took up my mantle of patience again and considered. Was what happened an effect of both the Stone and the Crystal. Yes. Finally an answer that moved me forward. Several more hit and misses later I got the gist of what had happened.

It seems that combining the two (crystal and stone) had caused a kind of scanner effect to occur. The energy that flowed upwards within me determined whether each of the chakras was allowing energy to flow upwards or not. It seemed that mine were doing quite well in that regard.

The same was true for the flow that came down through my crown too. However with this, the sluggish flow meant that although they were open and allowing energy to flow through, they were not very efficient at it.

One final thing that I learned was about the twist. It seems that the more twisty it was the more aligned to beneficial energy that chakra was.

What a fascinating and unexpected finding. I wondered whether I could utilise this detector/scanner when not here at the Hemlock. The answer was Yes and the rods again took me to the Smokey Quartz.

Another coincidence of the day has to be that Chris had only one crystal with him, the Smokey Quartz, which he has used in healing sessions. I have around a hundred crystals and before I set out, I had binary partitioned them to two crystals. Both of which were Smokey Quartz.

Unfortunately I had left both my crystals in the car. Doh! I asked whether I could link my crystal to the Smokey Quartz and the answer was yes. So, again, finding an appropriate spot. I did just that. Beautiful!

Chris, who had gone for a wander atop the hill returned at that very moment and we were done with the Hemlock Stone. As we walked down the hill, I asked Chris what work he had done with his crystal. “None,” he replied. “I just needed to put it there.”

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