The wand, the oil and a gift – Spring 2

The wand, the oil and a gift – Spring 2

Was it worth the long drive to reach the turf maze? Absolutely. If you haven’t checked out the insights that were gained there then you should. Nuff said! We were off.

It has to be said and indeed we said it many times on the Spring Equinox day. There just isn’t anything of note on the Eastern side of our Isle. There just isn’t. Maybe the druid or other sacred folk nipped over for a few days and gave the place up as a bad job or that the imminent invasions from Vikings and such folk scared them off. It is hard to say. One thing we did note is that there didn’t even seem to be any energetic features in the landscape.

The Right Energies in Grimstone

The Right Energies in Grimstone

Having noted that, we were at a loss. Churchyards and Wells were are only option. So we tried a few. Nothing was happening. The only thing worth mentioning in this lost period was that a particular church in the not so exciting named Grimstone an additional piece of knowledge was garnered re my Wand Quest.

I know what you’re thinking…that ‘ol chestnut…I agree with you. It is a monumental quests as such things go and I am still at the footsteps of the mountain. Still any pieces to that puzzle are like gemstones. Here I was then, in a church yard. Asking whether anything could be learned when the rods struck a YES chord.

After going through my list of things they rested on the option of Wand Quest. Brilliant! What was there to learn? I walked through the grounds of the church and found a spot that had the right kind of energies. Actually, I didn’t stand near the grave, rather it was by the church, where I could look upon the stone.

I have to say, I was a little excited. It’s not every sojourn that you get information regarding your mucho big quest. I closed my mind and let my thoughts wander and drift upon the flotsam and jetsam that forms the knowledge that I have about the Wand Quest.

Was it to do with a new ingredient? No. Was it to do with making the wand? No? Other options arose, considered and dissolved. Finally my thoughts turned to the one ingredient that I did have. Amber Oil from Egypt. Was it something to do with that? Yes. Ah…finally. What then?

I was to gift or use some of the oil, keeping the remainder for the wand. Really, I thought. So the acquiring of the material is just part of the quest. I had to also then do potentially multiple things with the items? Yes. Did I mention mucho big quest?

As always, with knowledge comes more lack of knowledge: Who or how was I to use the oil? When? Where?

No more was to be gained. The only further thing of note was the capping of the meditation/commune with the passing of a bee, right by my nose.

Kal Malik – Wand Questing

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