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Let me begin my tale by saying that the only thing I know about Pisa, Italy is that it has a leaning tower. That’s the extent of my knowledge. I haven’t got or read any guide books and I don’t even have a map. As my previous post said, I had arrived in Pisa around 3pm and after an initial wonky start I was ordering a taxi from my hotel at around 5:30 pm. The day was still young after all.

The taxi walla was instructed to take me to the center of Pisa (as he determined it) and some few minutes later I was stood in piazza amongst stalls and thronging tourista. A good place to start exploring I thought. My only mission for this late in the day was to taste as many different flavours of gelato as possible. This quest started with Melon and Kiwi flavours.

Rather trying to get some bearings and a map, I decided to let the dowsing rods decide my directional and destination fate. With ice-cream cone in one hand and dowsing rod in the other I set off. After a few spirally turns they seemed to get the scent of a destination and began along a more concerted and single-minded path. walking down the distinctive narrow alleys that are a staple of Italy I finally saw over the edge of a fence the famous tower. Ah, I thought, that’s nice of the rods to be taking me straight there.

It was early evening now, which hadn’t thinned the crowds but the temp was a lot nicer and there was a gentle breeze in the air as the dowsing rods led me t a patch of grass about 20 foot from the tower. I sat down and enjoyed Mint and Choc flavoured ice-cream whilst watching the people admire and selfie themselves with the tower.

As you know. I have a purpose in coming to Italy and so after sitting down for a while that purpose got me to my feet and I asked the dowsing rods whether I could claim the Element of Air here. It was worth a try, but the rods said no. Florence is where I would get that. Not put off, I asked whether there was anything for me to learn or do here? The rods said I could learn something here and so my questioning continued with Gusto.

Did I need to prepare? No, Did I need to do anything? No. Was this a place that I could learn something? Yes. I went through a standard set of questions and finally got to another quest that I am on. Could I learn something about my wand quest? Yes. I was surprised. With some excitement I asked whether I could acquire an ingredient for the wand here? No, but I could learn about an ingredient.

Leaning Tower

Leaning Tower

Sitting back down on the ground I tuned out the tourists and tuned into the Genius Loci of Pisa Tower. It wasn’t easy and so I lit some incense to get me further into the mood (alignment). Finally, I was able to achieve some sense of connection. After an initial exchange of pleasantries I let the question arise in my thoughts…what was an ingredient of my wand?

At first I thought that it was because my commune connection was weak, but after a few moments I realised that that wasn’t the case. What the ingredient was was something ephemeral. Even as my mind tried to grasp the answer I was given it would slip away. I described it later as trying to find a piece of hay in a hay stack. finally, perhaps at the cusp of when I was about to give up, I was given the answer…a miracle. An ingredient for the wand was a bona-fide miracle.

From my sitting position, slowly I lay back on the grass and let out a deep sigh. A miracle, I thought. Insane. What kind of miracle and from where? No answers came. Those answers where not within my reach at this time or place.

I am sure that I looked rather dazed to the other tourists as I wandered aimlessly around pondering this ingredient. Without thought, I found myself staring at an information plaque stuck in the grass. It declared that the place where I had been sat was called the Piazza del Miracoli…the square of miracles

Kal Malik – awed once again

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