Beltane 2015 – The Heart of the Merlin Staff

Beltane 2015 – The Heart of the Merlin Staff

In the second (and slightly shorter) of the Beltane stories I am following a different ‘ripple’ from the initial ‘splash’ that was recounted previously. In this second part I am concentrating on the nature of a new quest that will run from Beltane to Summer Solstice.

I already knew that the previous quest – Become The Giant – had concluded in Anglesey at Lligwy Chamber (see post). Now I was keen to see what was next in store for my spiritual development. As we were close to Bodfari, on the old Pilgrim Trail from North to Mid-Wales, it seemed fitting to try to get access to a cave that we had previously only seen from a distance: St.Beuno’s Cave.

These days we are older, wiser and bolder. What would have put us off previously was no longer an obstacle, and as we descended into the valley, following a restricted path, we arrived at a house that must surely govern the access to the cave, we thought. I strode up to the door and made our presence known. It was “an inconvenient time” for obtaining the key to the cave itself, but we were allowed to walk up to the entrance. That, the dowsing rods indicated, would be enough for our purposes.

Beunos Well and Cave - Beltane - May 2015 (9)

Beuno’s Cave – did he carve it out himself?

Beuno’s Cave entrance

Having permission to enter we walked carefully up the valley on the “right” side of the fence, avoiding treading on the newly-sown wild flowers, as we had been warned. The cave was up a steep side of the valley commanding wonderful views of the surrounding countryside.

We found that we both dowsed the exact same spot as the most energetic place for us to be. Sitting in a small hollow with a shallow shelf upon which to sit, we prepared for a meditation session. Silently, with only the soundtrack of the burgeoning Summer surrounding us, we drifted into connection with Nature.

In this sensitive state I began to ask my key question: what was my new quest for Beltane to Summer Solstice?

Beunos Well and Cave - Beltane - May 2015 (7)

The View toward Bodfari from Beuno’s Cave entrance

The answer took a few silent minutes to weave itself into a song that spoke inside my head:

Find the essence of Merlin’s staff

Merlin’s Staff? Was this referring to the oak staff that I had obtained from Sherwood Forest recently and which I was seasoning in the sunshine in order to dry it out in preparation for carving? Indeed it was. So the new oak staff is Merlin’s staff? Interesting, but not surprising.

My final question was an attempt to get more information about how such information could be obtained. How could I find the essence of the staff? An image revealed itself to me, and again once I saw it then it was obvious – I was to use the new crystal orb that I had recently bought from a highly aware lady at a Mind, Body & Spirit Fair in Bury. I needed to scry with the orb to get the information. When I chose the orb the lady had told me that it was made of “Merlinite“. Sold!

“Merlinite is a potent catalyst for shamanic journeying and past-life recall.” says Crystalpedia.

I’m sure that buying such a stone is just a coincidence at this time. I’m sure the fact that it was made of something called Merlinite was also another curious yet meaningless coincidence. A cascade of coincidences.

With that new quest defined, albeit not completely understood, it was time to move on. As we journeyed further southwards heading towards Llangollen, I had given up hope of finding or having time to visit the two small villages that were somewhere in the area. Instead we simply headed directly for Llangollen by whatever way our sense of direction dictated.

By another startling coincidence, I spotted the name of one of the places I had wanted to visit out of the corner of my eye, and I quickly turned off to follow the small sign. Within a couple of minutes we were parking at a place called Llanarmon-Yn-Ial.

Llanarmon's Faery Kingdom

Llanarmon’s Faery Kingdom

Faery Hill at Llanarmon

We parked in the village, which seemed to wrap itself around the Saxon-seeming square church in the centre. We hiked off following our noses in search of something that named itself “Tomen Y Faerdre“. In my mind this said “Tomb of the Faeries“, and in many ways the literal translation is irrelevant, because I had already formed an expectation, which was only strengthened by actually visiting the place.

The Faery Tomb - Beltane - May 15 (1)

Tomen Y Faerdre – some kind of Motte and Bailey apparently

We were very careful to enter the space in the right way. As soon as we began to walk up the approach path we could feel that there was a Faery presence to this place. It was palpable. Using the dowsing rods I ensured that I found the outer energy boundary and then respectfully stopped and asked if I might enter. It was some seconds while I was scanned, assessed and then felt as though I had been given permission to enter. Mainly out of curiosity, I felt.

I dowsed an energetic and respectful path to find a second energetic boundary. This “inner sanctum” required even more assessment, more waiting, and finally, with the use of my “key” (my druid name) I was able to request entry without hindrance. Seriously – if this hadn’t been done I dread to think what experiences someone might have had if they had just stormed up the slope! I felt like we had taken the proper precautions, and were now free to wander around and do some work. There was an air of welcoming once on top of the limestone mound. A wide ash tree welcomed us with a sparkling presence.

The Faery Tomb - Beltane - May 15 (2)

Ash tree on a faery mound in Wales

The Heart of Merlin

I meditated by the base of the ash tree as Kal wandered around then did similar. Soon I was away with the faeries – transported by their faery magick to a world of knowing. I was seeking more guidance on how I could know the essence of the Merlin Staff. The response came back to me in the wind that stirred the branches of the ash tree. The ash tree conducted the music until I heard it as a coherent language:

“See into the heart of Merlin”, they sang together.

An answer begets more questions. How could I see into the heart of Merlin to understand the essence of the Merlin Staff, I enquired. The answer slowly dawned like a Winter sun. I needed to allow Merlin to move into me so that I can see with his eyes and understand his depths.

I thanked the faeries and the ash tree for their co-operative helpfulness. I was aware of the reputation that Faery Kind has for deception, but their delivery of information was accompanied by a beautiful and solid knowing that I had felt many times with information like this. There was nothing uncertain or underhand about this encounter. They “have a bad press”, I feel, probably from people who are not prepared to approach them with respect and understanding, asking for nothing but the betterment of all.

I delivered something in return. I created a thought-form of a crystal into which I placed some loving energy, and I mentally deposited this crystal into the mound at the boundary point where I had entered. This was my parting gift, and although it was invisible on this place, I knew it had presence on another.

When I discussed what had happened with Kal he yelped in surprise: I had to understand the depths of Merlin? Then I should work with him to make use of his Water Elemental power which will allow him to see into the depths. What a lovely realisation! Then that’s what we will do.



  1. Rustus
    May 19, 2015

    “They “have a bad press”, I feel, probably from people who are not prepared to approach them with respect and understanding, asking for nothing but the betterment of all.”

    Very well said and completely echoes my feelings and experiences. Oh, there are definitely tricksters among them and some of them can be a bit spiky, especially some of the “traditional” ones. However, they all seem to play fairly well by a common set of rules based on, as you said, respect and understanding.

    • Chris
      May 20, 2015

      I like the way we’re re-building a common tradition – a concensus of approach – and spreading the information out amongst our peers. Our ‘lost tradition’ is slowly being re-built, with a little co-operation from those who also have a vested interest in seeing humans move away from un-developed, selfish or destructive ways.

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