Dark workers at large

It was a sunny Sunday morning, in a peaceful suburb of Manchester when darkness loomed. Sounds like the opening of a Agatha Christie ‘Miss Marple’ novel doesn’t it? Sadly, as with her stories, the tale gets dark pretty soon.

I was with a friend, at a laundry, just passing the time, you know. When I noticed a couple of Asian gentlemen passed by the window. I don’t know why they caught my attention, but they did. They had looked in and seen me too, but had carried on. Then, a few seconds later they reappeared and walked into the laundry.

Innocent enough so far – maybe they were lost and needed direction? They approached me and opened up a conversation. apparently they were holy pilgrims looking to raise money for some place of prayer to be built. I listened with that sinking feeling that your pocket is going to be lighter. After a few minutes of listening to this tale, I patted my pockets and brought out a couple of pounds.

The main man shook his head and carried on talking. For some reason my attention had drifted from what he was saying and when I refocused I realised that he was after a much larger donation of multiple tens of pounds! I have to confess to you that I had had a long night with little sleep so I was fairly tired, still, there was no way I was parting with that kind of money.

Again, my focus had drifted and as I gathered my thoughts I realised that the man had gone onto to talk about how my fortunes and dreams would come alive because I was a giving person and one of piety. He brought out a scrap of paper and wrote something in Arabic on it, folded it and asked me to hold it. Whilst he prayed.

It was at these strange request that I looked at one and then the other. The other guy who had seemed silent at first, I now realised was muttering something under his breath and holding some kind of medallion in his hand. Again, my focus wandered. Of course I attributed it to my tiredness.

At this point I tried to push the pound coin into the man’s hands and divest myself of the encounter. My will however seemed not to be with me and I couldn’t. Wow! What a feeling in hindsight. Was there some kind of hypnotism going on, is an after thought I had?

The main guy had moved onto to the subject of blessings and magic and how he could help my dreams come true and how the building of this prayer place was essential to such tasks. He began to write more numbers this time on the paper and explain there meaning when a sound interrupted me. It was such a shock to hear it there that it froze me out of time for a second.

The sound was the music of the double: a plain note, recognisable to me immediately, rang out and took center stage for just a brief moment. It stopped the world and for a moment I was free. But then the guys talking brought me back and I was again enthralled.

There have been only a handful occasions when I have consciously known that I was possessed. This has to be added to those occasions. The “I” that is me, stepped aside and another “I” entered me. It put my hand into my pocket and drew out a crystal. I (me) looked at it without recognition. “That isn’t one of my crystals” I thought. The other me held out the crystal to the guy who was doing the talking and there was a look of astonishment on his face.

In a strange and unrecognisable voice, the “I” said, “This is all I can give you.”

What happened then was one of the most fearsome sights I have witnessed. From the crystal a fire shot out. It was a rage filled fire because I could feel that emotion as it erupted from the crystal. In my mind’s eye, it hit both the guys in front of me and literally turned them to ash. Awesome, is a word that has become commonplace these days, but if there was a sight that deserved it, then this was definitely it.

I have no idea what the two guys had seen or felt, but they both took a step or two back. They looked at me and then the man who had taken the coin threw it on the floor and they rushed out of the place.

Crystal Fire

Crystal Fire

I was knackered. Truly drained. There was a couch in the laundry that I staggered over to and sat down. I was “I” again and could barely summon the strength to tell my friend what had just happened. I looked down at the crystal which was now in my hands.

“That is my crystal,” my friend said, “It was in my purse.” She hefted her bag and looked for her purse. How had I got it? A mystery that can’t be answered in the normal world.

I recalled that on another similar occasion (encounter with a dark lighter) I had recharged my batteries by channeling healing energy through a book. Could I do something similar through this stone? I tried and was slowly filled with zest and energy again. Still, it took about half a day before I was fully recharged.

If you see a couple of charred corpses wandering the suburbs, you know not to mess with a guy who has met his energy double! Just sayin’!

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