Faerie, Spirit, Afterlife and Time

Faerie, Spirit, Afterlife and Time
time and space

time and space

Come on! Surely that title has got to intrigue you? If you recall from a previous post (Ireland Crows and Bees) I had been given the knowledge on how to access a faerie grove. Specifically, it required a combination of the four elements, three bees and three crows. At that time I thought that such a congruence was very unlikely so I forgot about it, until…

I was visiting the grave of my mum (not that I believe in any kind of spiritual connection with the grave nor indeed a shade type connection either, I suspect it’s purely sentimental and there is nothing wrong with that). As I said, I was sat contemplating her absence when a bee buzzed past. It was the first bee that I had consciously recognised this year and I watched with interest as it buzzed around the flowers of several graves. Then a few moments later another buzzed by. This second bee brought back the memory of the Ireland visit and the three bees. I wondered whether I could find the elements nearby. Obviously Earth and Air were easy. Fire, I drew from the incense I had lit and water from the water (used on the plants) bottle. What of the crows (and the third bee)? I listened and mere moments later a crow called from a nearby tree, then another and finally almost synchronously a third call was combined with the buzz of a bee.

I was excited, all the components were in place. I closed my eyes and threw my thoughts back to Ireland the ineffable Fay. Immediately I was there. The connection was effortless. I felt the faery kin around me and realised I had no questions to ask. Thinking fast I brought a curious question to the fore (and since I was at a valued gravesite, quite appropriate).

Can you help me to commune/connect with the spirit of a person that has died?

With the question, I mentally added a proviso that I didn’t mean the shade of a person, since I already know how to do that. I was expecting a No when to my surprise the Fay (a Fay?) answered, “Yes, but not the way you think.”

The answer caught me by surprise and I asked, how?

“You need to expand your understanding of things,” The Fay answered, “See things in a different way”

I kind-of mentally gave a “…” and they (it) continued. “Time is the key you are looking for”

“We cannot connect with those whose spirit is not here now.”  The “now” was said with some emphasis. “But we can connect with it in a time when it was here”

You may or may not know that I am usually okay with temporal conundrums, having a fairly scientific background but this tongue twister had me confused. But an example was forthcoming when the Fay said, “let us show you,” There was a whirlwind of motion and I was (I felt it) thrown back in time…

Many years ago I had the amazing privilege of going on a holy pilgrimage to Mecca with my mum. We spent an amazing 28 days in each others company. I count it as one of the priceless memories of my life. They Fay, with whatever powers they possess had thrown me back in time and (of course) space to that time. There I was looking at myself asleep on the floor of our small lodgings. My mum was sat, prayer beads in one hand, the other stroking through my hair. I have no memory of this (since it seems that I had slept through it) but here I was, watching the sleeping me and my mum.

Was this a vision? Was I really there, back in time? What was the “me” that was there? My energy-self? My perception? My spirit? All these questions flicked through my mind until they Fay shook me “Be Present”

I stopped my questioning mind and watched this wonderful vision. Then at their urgency, I looked at my mum and then into her being (don’t ask how). I saw her spirit. It wasn’t her energy-self, that I would have recognised. No, it was something else. So I conclude that it was her spirit. Then an odd thing occurred. It saw me too. It began to shine, a blazing sun within. Then I felt a love so amazing it shocked me at its purity. It wasn’t a mothers love. It was just love. Boom! it consumed me completely. I was enthralled by choice. Captivated.

How long I was in that time-space I don’t know. Maybe years, you know how the Fay are. Love or Spirit, Me on the ground, My mum and her prayers and the observant (traveller) me shared some unnoticed time together. What a blessing!

Then I was back at the graveyard, Fay had closed their door and the sun was shining. As it seems to be always the case, I was left with more questions…

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