Immortality and Mad Jacks Tomb

Immortality and Mad Jacks Tomb

I often feel that people put too much emphasis on ley lines. These invisible subtle energy pathways seem to hold an endless fascination with some people. For me, the more interesting energies are their constituent energies – the male and female earth and celestial energies that ley lines transport from point to point in the landscape.

Nevertheless, on a sunny Spring evening, just as the sun was beginning to set, I found myself at one of Sussex’s most odd structures called Mad Jack Fuller’s Tomb – an over-sized pyramid tomb in the very small village of Brightling. I was therefore quite surprised to discover that the most interesting thing about this structure was its ley line connection, and how that connected with the idea of immortality.

Mad Jack Fullers Tomb - April 2015 (6)

Mad Jack’s Tomb: Over-inflated ego construction actually serves a special purpose

The tomb is in the grounds of a beautiful church building – again slightly larger than one would expect for a tiny village. Squire Fuller seems to have invested quite a bit of money in this area!

Feeding a ley line

I began my dowsing work. I had very soon identified four strong spots where earth energy was rising to the surface of the earth in a strong vortex. There were two male energy spots and two female ones. They seemed to be balanced and positioned on either side of the tomb.

When I traced the flow of these energies they were being drawn from the central vortex where they emerged and then were being attracted into the side of the pyramid. The pyramid shape was key to this. It’s flat sides meant that it was perfectly aligned with a ley line. It was sitting right in the middle of the line. The point on the top was acting as a focal point for the celestial energies coming in from the top. The pyramid was therefore a balance of earthly and celestial forms of energy which were being directed into the stone structure. But why?

Mad Jack's energy map

The subtle energies around Mad Jack’s Tomb

Fuller Forever

Having mapped the energies I now wanted to see if “the man himself” was still around. I dowsed to get the answer, and when they responded to say that Squire Fuller could still be contacted I immediately put up some full-on protection. Having encountered remnant death energies before I knew they could be quite ‘tricky’ – in every sense of that word.

The dowsing rods led me to the best place to be in contact with this energy form, and that was the grilled entrance to the tomb (although it looked sealed inside).

Mad Jack Fullers Tomb - April 2015 (13)

Once into a meditative state I could feel the presence and then the voice inside my head that I identified itself as Fuller’s. He asked who I was and I introduced myself. He wanted to see what credentials I had as an energy worker before we went any further. Well, I had never had that request before! Could be interesting?

I disconnected for a moment to think about what I could do as a demonstration for him. Then it came to me. There was something…challenging… in the way he had requested this. I took it initially to be due to our differences in etiquette, but on reflection it was much more personally challenging. There was a feeling I had that if I didn’t “shape up” then he might “do something” to me, as you might swipe at a fly that was bothering you. I determined to do something that would re-balance the power equation.

I reconnected to the  energy form of Jack Fuller, and then to the four power sources that were currently linking in to his pyramid. I re-shaped the four earth energy paths, changing their course so that they went straight into the ley line, and not into the pyramid any more. As the lines were obviously “powering” his tomb, and by extension his energetic remains – this was effectively cutting off his power supply!

It didn’t take very long at all before Mr Fuller was re-connecting with me and conceding that indeed I did know what I was doing. I put the energy back.

Mad Jack’s Song

He asked me then what I wanted of him. I hadn’t really wanted anything! I had to think quickly. M had said, as she stood close to the pyramid, that an image of someone playing a flute had come into her mind. Was this Jack? Was he musical?

I asked Jack for a song. He sang one I knew (“Dixie“). I didn’t understand it’s relevance at the time, but now I know that Squire John Fuller made his fortune in the American Colonies, in the sugar plantations. Another interesting coincidence was that he contributed to the building of the lighthouse at Beachy Head – I had walked there that very morning to see it! Coincidence.

Anyhow, as I knew Dixie, I asked him for a song that I didn’t know. He gave me this one:

When the devil comes riding you know where I’ll be – Under the tree, Under the tree

When the devil comes riding you know where I’ll be – Under the cherry tree

When he calls down the Lightning you know where I’ll be – Under the tree, Under the tree

When  he calls down the Lightning you know where I’ll be – Under the cherry tree

I can’t find any reference to lyrics like that. Perhaps this is a lost folk song? Or maybe it was just made up there and then for me. Who knows? It felt “American” in tone when it was sung.

Leys and Endless Days

My last question to him was – why did you create such a structure? His answer was simple “immortality“. And with that he disconnected, as though he didn’t want to say anything more about that, or to reveal too much to a living soul. I was left to reflect on my findings.

The pyramid shape of Jack’s tomb seems to focal point for drawing down celestial energies. The shape – directly in the flow of a ley line – also forms a soak point for four local earth energy points. Drawing in these energies into this stone shaped structure keeps the shade of Jack Fuller ‘alive’.

Mad Jack Fullers Tomb - April 2015 (14)

As a parting gift, he also hinted that the rhyme “Little Jack Horner” was in some way related to him, although I don’t know if that’s because he was the Jack character in the rhyme, or whether it was something that he associated with himself. An interesting titbit of information, though.

Well, that was a darned site more than I had bargained for when I stepped into the churchyard! The sun was just dropping behind the pyramid as we left, and my southern excursion was also coming to an end. It had been unexpectedly interesting on many levels.


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