Creating a meditation space

Creating a meditation space

I am now in the second round of my set of 21 free nature-themed outdoor meditations. I had taken a break in May in order to take stock of what we had accomplished already, and to see who wanted to go around the cycle again with me.  I was heartened by the feedback on the Spirit In Nature Meetup group and I decided to restart the meditations in June.

Free weekly Nature meditation

Free weekly Nature meditation

I had one important change to make: the location. I needed a new space to work in. Towards the end of the previous sessions we had been interrupted by dogs, walkers, kids playing and climbers, not to mention having to clear up the detritus of people who used the space as a party venue. There was too much activity in the large open quarry, and something no longer felt “right” about the place as a space for meditation. It felt like we were always counteracting the chaotic energy when we came to the site, and this affected people’s ability to settle, focus and let go.

I found a new place nearby – a small dumping ground that had been left to re-wild. I had potential, so I set about preparing the site for use.

I started by standing still near to the entrance of the site and getting in touch with the Spirit Of Place to ask permission. I didn’t detect anything about the spirit itself – it wasn’t ready to reveal its qualities to me yet – but I was granted permission to do my work. There was a condition – I must aim to use the energies of the group in order to re-invigorate the area.

My method of working energetically – a process that I call “Reconstellation” – is to follow these steps: cleansing, energising, and harmonizing. Here is my reconstellation of this space.

STEP 1: Cleansing

Firstly, I literally cleared the space of bracken and bramble. In order to do this properly, I needed to create an energetic sink with a feminine energy vortex that would draw the energies of the uprooted plants into the earth as their energies ‘leaked’.

I asked permission from the Spirit of Place to remove only the plants that I needed for creating a space. I took them all out carefully one by one, and then pruned back the overhanging branches. It was then I was grateful for going on the pruning course at the start of this year.

I lit and placed incense at three points where the energy needed clearing most, and left that to burn during the rest of the work.

Then came the rubbish extraction. I dug out and cleared away a pile of rubbish including a radiator, a rotted mattress, a huge smashed pane of glass, loads of plastic tubs and bottles, a pint glass and several black bin bags of unidentifiable assorted rotten rubbish.

The moment I was satisfied that I head cleared the space then a quick light shower of rain occurred. It lasted perhaps a minute, then disappeared as gently as it had arrived. The cleansing was complete!

STEP 2: Energising

The less arduous and more exciting stages had begun – creating a sacred energy space. I began by finding the materials for a physical circle of logs and stones, then placing them where they felt right.

An energised meditation space

An energised meditation space

The final stone for the circle was the most difficult. I dowsed for where to find it, but then allowed my rational senses to “scan” visually for it. Mistake. Half an hour later I let the dowsing rods simply lead me to where I needed to be without me trying to scan or second-guess the path and behold I found the stone I was looking for straight away.

I temporarily added a large rose quartz crystal to attune the space to my vibration so that it felt comfortable. I aimed to create a warm and welcoming feel.

STEP 3: Harmonizing

In the last step I needed to attune the vibration so that the energy pattern in the circle was suitable for everyone, and conducive to meditation.

I visualised the energy flowing around the space to create a suitable vibration for peaceful meditation, and then outwardly thanked the Spirit of Place for helping me to create this peaceful space. I was ready!

The True Test

I brought the group into the new space for the first session and it was unanimously greeted with a positive response – it was quiet, cosy, undisturbed and help sustain a focused attention.

The more ‘aware’ people in the group noticed the attention of some tree spirits and other nature spirits around the site, watching to see how we worked with the energies. I felt them too, although they were still being cautious with us. Let’s see if that changes as the weeks go by.

That was how I created a new meditation space. As we grow in our meditations and spirituality, so too will the area prosper from that work. I feel.


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