Presumed missing…

Presumed missing…

Oh dear, it happens doesn’t it. Life of the mundane kind gets in the way and when it does we have to pay the sacred paths pied piper. Fortunately (or not) for us, we have this blog to point out our missed opportunities.

Shamans Wand


As you know, in my life one thing has been begging for a while…that Wand Quest… It has been on my agenda for a few years and yet, perhaps because of its enormity, it has been left…well…begging. Recently I had the opportunity to gather some more intel on this quest and here is how the tally stands.

According to some worthy Fay I have 12 ingredients to collect and also a Gift from the author Elif Shafak – however both of these are dubious because the Fay I was communing with at the time were not reliable – an interesting thing in and of itself.

The dubiousness of this information is further compounded by an experience that I had forgotten. The link is here, but what I learned was that there are 7 ingredients to the wand. Not only that but I had a Solstice Year to acquire them. Which I have spectacularly missed. So I wonder whether missing that target has led to an increase in ingredients or whether the Fay were leading me astray…

“When dealing with the fey be sure to count your fingers and toes after you shake hands…”


  • Is it 7 or 12 ingredients?
  • Is there another time limit?
  • Is the Gift from Elif Shafak a real ingredient?

As far as other information goes. I know that Amber from Egypt was an ingredient which I have thankfully and amazingly obtained. There is Sand from a Beach on Easter Island and there is a bona fide Miracle.


  • Amber from Egypt
  • Sand from Easter Island
  • A Miracle
  • A gift from Elif Shafak

Is that 4 of 7 or 4 of 12 (eek!) whichever it is, you can tell that life certainly isn’t dull.



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