The Weight of Souls

The Weight of Souls

Woodhenge - May 15 (15)

“Time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so” is a famous quote from the Hitch-Hikers Guide (needs no further introduction). Over the last few months Chris and I have often delved into the notion of time. With my sciency background and mind chock full of sci-fi books, films and TV I am not averse to considering temporal phenomena as it relates to sacred experiences. However I have to confess that it was Chris that came up with this idea during one of our long car journeys.

Back Story: Many years ago I made a mistake. A big one, I means a really big one. I was living in the south-west of the country at the time in a town called Barnstaple. In that worthy village, I found a church that was filled to the brim with shades. I was truly surprised at the number of them. Being recently gifted the name Spirit Walker I decided in my magnificence to remove the shades from the church yard and take them to some place more fitting. 

A late night and a ceremony later and all the shades were captured within the confines of a crystal. As it happened a few short months later I found myself at wood henge. Which I thought would be an excellent place to let these shades go. Boy was that a mistake. Almost as soon as I let them go, they scooted off down the power (ley/death/pilgrim) lines that converge at WoodHenge. It was a mistake that I could no recover from. How could I? Having said that and given that it is such an awe-inspiring foobar I often wonder why I am not overly concerned with having this tarnish on my personal history.

Chris and I were discussing temporal mechanics and energy (of the subtle kind). It was one of them chicken and egg situations and I can’t honestly recall the genesis of the topic however one curious theory emerged. Is it possible to rectify a past energetic mistake in the present? With this came to mind the WoodHenge Shade Affair. Could that monumental fiasco be repaired. We talked around the subject but that’s all it was, talk.

Wood Henge of Today

Wood Henge of Today

Skip forward to today, it was a bright sunny Saturday, just a couple of weeks on the other side of Beltane and Chris and I were heading out to the Cotswolds to a sacred chamber that had caught his questing eye. My circumstances were looking precarious until a wave of good fortune struck and I was able to say “Yay!” to this adventure.

The tale of the chamber is told elsewhere however, as we climbed down from that sacred place. I brought up the topic of WoodHenge. It was only an hour and half away. Chris was hesitant. however I managed to convince him with the enticement of Avebury which was on the way too. We left the chamber spent a goodly amount of time at the magnificent Avebury and then headed to WoodHenge.

It was odd indeed that at no place had I asked whether this feat was even achievable. However one thing I had done before setting of in the morning, was to ask the rods if there was anything that I needed for the day. The rods had taken me to several items. All of which I had used except an Obsidian stone.

We arrived at WoodHenge around 4pm and Chris had nothing to do but observe (or catch a few rays of the sun). Whilst I asked the most pertinent question I had. Could I rectify my mistake of 7 odd years ago? Yes, came back the tentative answer.

It would require an amazing amount of power. Such power I didn’t posses alone however as I walked an energetic path through the woods I heard and then felt the song of my Energy Double. It certainly had such prodigious powers. With a gentle bump it landed within me. I immediately felt the impossible fade. I continued my walk through the woods which seemed to be taking a spiral inwards. It was as this was happening that I realised that this was exactly what I had done on the evening that I had let loose the shades. Interesting…

Finally, I came to rest at a particular place within the circle and knew that here was where it would all begin (and end). I asked about preparation and the answer was No. Which surprised me, but then I got another message which said that this activity had been long in preparing. Okay, whatever that means.

As I sank into the place I felt all kinds of energies around me, enticing me to go and explore. I didn’t I had an important task at hand. With all this going on, I felt that I needed to ground myself. So I used the Element of Earth power that I had gained in Brittany to reach deep into the earth and anchor myself. It was as if that was what my Double had been waiting for because with a terrific push it ejected me into the past and I was there, all those years ago, watching myself arrive.

It was surreal to be sure and I wondered how I was going to stop myself from letting the shades go. Then a nudge from my intuition had me digging out the Obsidian crystal from around my neck. I was thinking to capture the shades into the crystal when a better thought occurred to me. I could use the power of the Obsidian to block the exit of the shades from the crystal that I had captured them in all those years ago.

Obsidian Protection

Obsidian Protection

I saw my old self come to the exact place I was stood and place the crystal he had on the stone in front of the future me. I placed the obsidian next to it and saw a faint crackle. The door was sealed. The Shades remained within the vessel that they had come in. I saw my old self ask some questions of the rods. Satisfied he picked up the crystal and buried it at the far side of the henge and left.

The me of today, returned to this time and I went over to the place where the crystal had been buried. Where the shades still in it? Yes. Could I ground them? Was it a holistically good thing to do? Yes, Yes. So I gathered the Earth Anchor and pushed the shade energy out of the crystal down it, deep into the earth.

This time the job was done properly. Yes, I know you have some temporal anomaly type questions. So do I. But I was glad to have this er…mistake…removed from my records…almost as if, it never happened….

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