The Yew of the Four Glyphs

The Yew of the Four Glyphs

On a delightfully warm and sunny Summer’s evening the intrepid duo ventured forth into the heartlands of Northern Wales in search of inspiration. Our destination was the ancient and venerable Yew tree of Llangernyw.

The environs of Llangernyw were beginning to flourish with a beautiful display of wild flowers.

Llangernyw Yew - June 15 (1)

Llangernyw wild flower hedgerow

We entered the graveyard, drinking in the sounds, smells and sights of Summer as though to store them in memory for the ‘leaner times’. As we began to follow the dowsing rods I noticed that Kal was following my footsteps exactly! He was chuckling to himself as he realised that his path to the perfect spot was exactly the same as mine. How amusing! At that moment a chorus of birdsong arose from the surrounding trees – a welcoming chorus of delighted cheeps and warbles which almost drowned out any thoughts!

When Formalities Are Dropped

We both came to a halt at the same time and in the same spot. It was just inside a clump of young yew trees with fresh growth at their tips. The spot on which we were stood was lain with a carpet of damp grass cuttings, and this made me think of a time when I had stood on other grass clippings and had an encounter with the spirit of the Green Man [see this post].

There was no need for either of us to ‘cleanse’ today. For some reason we were already cleansed of outer worldly energies, and ready for work. The spot with the grass clippings was a place for us to simply tune our energies to place. It was simply about getting into the right energy state.

As we walked up the sloping path towards the grand old yew tree, following the dowsing rods to find the bets place, I felt like tree knew I was coming. Indeed, although I stopped at the perimeter of its canopy before entering, there wasn’t the usual ‘resistance’ or barrier in place. I realised that I didn’t need to ask permission to enter now. Perhaps we had become such good friends over the years? The balance of ‘power’ had shifted somehow, and was much more equal now, I felt.

Llangernyw Yew - June 15 (10)

One day I’ll get a good picture of this tree without ‘misting’!

I had two purposes for being here this evening:

  • to see if I could help my wife get through a forthcoming exam, and
  • to see if there was any work I could do to discover the Essence of the Merlin Staff

The Gift of Knowledge

My wife’s been doing an energy course called Bi Aura Energy Therapy. She’s been studying hard all year and the exam is due soon, so I wanted to try to help in a special way, not just through the usual domestic channels that such study requires of a partner. Was there something I could do energetically to help?

I touched the yew tree, and let myself be guided as to what happened next. I found myself breathing in a different way – deeper, more overt breathing, slightly irregular and in tune with some pattern that I couldn’t distinguish, but also didn’t need to. Just breathe. I remembered that once I had tried to breathe in sync with the tree and it had nearly killed me it was so slow! Now, again, perhaps we were finding a balance point between my breathing pattern and that of the tree?

In a matter of minutes I was able to connect to the tree and begin a dialogue of communications both visual and audible.

Llangernyw Yew - June 15 (16)

The amazing inners of the yew tree at Llangernyw

World Tree as Library

I asked the yew tree whether it could help M with her up-coming exam. Her exam was in two halves – one practical involving playing back particular movements, and the other theoretical involving the retrieval of knowledge. I knew that she had the information stored, but could she access it under exam conditions? What could the tree do to help this situation?

The answer was simple and sympathetic. In order to access the information she needed to imagine that she was a World Tree. In other words, her “branches” were reaching the “Upperworld” of her stored knowledge (brain) and her “roots” were extending into the “Underworld” (body). In the centre, in her heart, she would find the answers she needed come through from these two sources, once she connected using this image.

It was perfect, and I spent some time with her afterwards explaining how it could work. Of course, I may use this technique myself if I ever take an exam again, which I’m hoping not to have to do. I do enough testing and research without having to be scored on it!

Curioser and curioser

I turned my attention to the next matter that was interesting me this evening: my current quest to find the contents which constitute the essence of the Merlin Staff. In other words, which energetic ingredients should I be gathering in preparation for crafting a new staff? It is kind of a similar activity to Kal’s wand ingredients quest, but without having to travel to the far-flung corners of the Earth!

Whilst still in communion with the tree I asked whether it could help me find out what the essence was? I felt the tree acting as both library and broker for this question. My Spirit Guide was the one actually getting the information, and the resource that it was using was the tree’s vast information field as a knowledge resource.

What came back was a most curious message. What I needed to put into my staff was the ability to contract and expand in Space.


Alice gets smaller then larger

Like Alice in Wonderland with those “Eat me / Drink me” items, I needed to be able to make myself small enough to enter the Underworld through the tiny holes in the Earth’s crust. Then I needed to be able to make myself tall enough to touch the Upperworld, to become a giant figure like Bran was supposed to be.

Odd that this image came to mind as in my last encounter with the Otherworld I had met Merlin as The Cheshire Cat! Am I having a second childhood? The concepts I was being shown were an exploration of these shamanic spaces – the realms of the god, the immortals, the energetic beings that inhabit out planet.

Then I was given a different perspective. There were two other spaces I needed to know about: Inner space and Outer space. Touching the divine within me and around me. These spaces were linked to the Upper and Underworlds. The Underworld was both the Earth’s inner space and my own. The Upperworld was the home to the Gods, but also my own divinity in touch with that which is divine around me, on this planet and beyond.

So, nothing major then.

Llangernyw Yew - June 15 (13)

The Hedge Druid plying his trade at a power spot.

New life, new life.

There would be another useful piece of information to be revealed about the potential powers of the Merlin Staff – part of its essence. This was shown to me as a visual metaphor, then re-iterated with a verbal echo which resounded in my mind until it took hold, like a seed falling to fertile soil.

I was standing up resting my head on the long bough of the yew, still in meditation and connection with the tree. I had asked if there was anything else to know and my eyes popped open and I lifted my head. Right in front of me – at eye level and inches away – was a small sprig of new growth. This was made clearer when I got the message that the Merlin Staff would bring forth new life whenever it was placed with intent to do so.

Llangernyw Yew - June 15 (6)

New growth in an old branch – the yew tree revives once more

So many echoes! I had once read Janis Fry and Allen Meredith‘s book “The God Tree” in which they had formulated the idea that yew staves were brought from country to country by travelling druids, shamans and wise men in order to plant them and grow new trees from the planted staff:

“Throughout these utterly compelling pages you will read about the holy hermits who risked their lives to transport these sacred staffs from Egypt and Palestine to the British Isles. The staffs were planted and eventually grew into magnificent and significant yew trees, some of which still exist in the British Isles today. Janis Fry artfully leads us through a complex maze of historical, biblical and mythological information to the essential pulse and premise of her work – that the function of the yew tree and the secret of the holy graal are one and the same! ” (source: Yewshamanism)

Where the staff touches with intent new life will spring. A power, a promise or a potential?

Four Glyphs

Finally I bring you to the nub of the encounter. I was told that four glyphs could be found at ancient sites that represent the four shamanic aspects of the Self – the Upperworld, The Underworld, The Innerworld and the Outerworld. All I had to do was to visit the right sites and reveal them.

That will be the subject of my next posts.



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