When you walk with the Fay…

When you walk with the Fay…

You will find the Fay in the most unusual of places. Not surprising really. In this instance we were out amongst the wilds of Wales when we drove by a sacred mound. You can just tell. It had magic written all over it. Of course the name was a bit of a give away too…

Tomen Y Faerdre

As soon as I began to climb the mound I knew that it was a magical place. Indeed, I got an interesting sense of self. A while ago, when communing with some fay folk, I got told that I had a Faery Taint.What that is, I have no idea. However it seems that it makes me more noticeable to the Fay and apparently, them more noticeable to me.

The Faery Tomb - Beltane - May 15 (1)

Anyway, my point of mentioning it is that, on this occasion, I was feeling that taint, which is interesting because I don’t think that I have felt it before. I followed the rods up and around the mound. I wondered whether there was a portal here that I could open and indeed whether I should open. Even as I asked the question, I got an answer. “No, it’s already open.”

I asked the rods whether I could commune with the Fay (in hindsight a stupid question as I already had) the rods, Doh! Said Yes and took me to a place of commune. Interestingly it was on the opposite side of the trunk of tree that Chris was sat by. I sat down and let the conversation, which came very easily happen.

With almost no introduction the commune flowed in the direction of my Wand Quest. The Fay, apparently were very forthcoming with knowledge in this place. The told me that I needed 12 ingredients to the wand. Wow! Up until know I had not known the exact number of ingredients. This was a find indeed. Was there anything else that I could glean from these beings? Yes. An ingredient.

Really? Usually I have gone to some major sacred place before such a priceless piece of knowledge would be revealed. But then again, maybe this place is such a sacred place? I tuned back into the Fay’s frequency and asked about this ingredient…

Architects Apprentice Elif Shafa

Architects Apprentice Elif Shafak

My mind shifted to a book I had been reading and one that I felt really connected to. It was the Architects Apprentice by Elif Shafak. Why had my thoughts wandered to this book? And then a surprising answer came to my mind. I had to meet the author and get an ingredient of the wand from her. WHAT??!? Are you insane? I asked the Fay and the universe at large. Was this the Miracle ingredient I pondered. No. This was another ingredient.


Whilst reading the Architects Apprentice, I had felt the urge to visit Istanbul, the city where the book is set and now wondered as to whether this was part of the quest for this odd ingredient. The answer was No, but it might help if I did. Rather a vague answer I thought as I came out of the commune.

I grabbed the rods and began a verification round of questioning. One question that popped into my mind was quite interesting…”Could I trust the Fay?” No. What? What did that mean? So I have some knowledge but it’s from an non-trusted source? Seriously? I tried to clarify this with other questions but the answers remained the same. Yes, it was an ingredient, Yes there were 12 ingredients to get and Yes the answers were unreliable.

What the heck is one supposed to do with that?



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