Dinas Emrys part 2 Bees, Crows, Fay and the Wand Ingredients

Dinas Emrys part 2 Bees, Crows, Fay and the Wand Ingredients

Our climb up to Dinas Emrys had been an unexpected surprise and not a good one. That tale of test is told here. However as we reached the base of the hill that is Dinas Emrys, I heard and then saw a bee buzz by.

If you read this post from last year. In fact last (2014) summer solstice, Chris and I were in Ireland. One of the sites we visited was Drombeg. A beautiful place and one that is home to a Fay portal. It was there that I was given the friendship and ability to connect with the Fay. The process, however, required three crows, three bees and the four elements. 

Overlooking the Edge

Overlooking the Edge

As the bee faded into the distance I was reminded of the experience in Ireland. I shouted across to Chris, “two more bees”. He knew what I meant and we carried on our climb up Dinas Emrys. As we approached the top another bee flitted by and both Chris and I remarked together…”Two”.

Dinas Emrys or the Genius Loci that is Dinas Emrys was so inviting and encouraging with its welcome that I didn’t even need to use the dowsing rods to find my way around. After walking about the site, letting it get acquainted to me, I settled in a corner overlooking the edge. I lay down on the grass and felt the ware of the journey fade. Another bee floated by and I knew I had my three. You might be asking about the Crows. Well, crows are abundant in the land and thus never really a cause for seeking. Plus they are my totem and seem to be ever-present.

The four elements were formed by the Earth, Air (there was a wild wind), Fire (the sun) and Water (from my pouch which was actually from the well of St Winifred). As soon as I put all these ingredients together I was ready. Mentally, I noted to myself that I was ready and within an instant I was transported to the Gateway of the Fay.

Now I have to say, this wasn’t some kind of remote viewing, nor – do I feel – it some kind of astral projection. Also it wasn’t my Energy Body transporting me (that feeling I knew well). This was some other as yet unidentified form of travel. Nevertheless, there I was…

Fay Gateway

Fay Gateway

The size of the gateway was stupendous. It reached high into the heavens. I was quite literally dwarfed in size in comparison. With a whoosh I was through the gateway and into the land beyond.

One of the things I have noted with the Fay is that you don’t seem to connect with them in the singular. What mean is that when I commune with them, it feels like I am communing with the collective. An odd sensation particularly when I describe it because you end up writing it in the sense of “…and they said…” Just a side note. 

I met with the Fay (was it the same Fay as before? Who knows? As I said above collective) It was only then that I realised that I hadn’t a reason for connecting with them. It had been purely on impulse that I had done so. I floundered for a moment and nearly lost my connection when a thought occurred to me regarding another Fay encountered I had had recently.

In that encounter with the Fay they had given me some knowledge regarding my wand quest. Specifically, they said that I needed 12 ingredients and that one of them was a Gift from the author Elif Shafak.  However upon the conclusion of the commune I had felt an unease and when I queried the rods, they told me that these fay were not trustworthy. An odd state of affairs.

Here I was with a source (of Fay) that had provided me with an immeasurable benefit of knowledge for they it were that sent me to Egypt on the quest for Amber. So I asked them about the other Fay and what they had told me. These Fay then confirmed that the Gift from Elif Shafak was indeed an ingredient but the number of ingredients remained unchanged at seven. The other fay had tried to trick me.

I thanked them for their clarifications and was about to ask if I could do anything in return when they said something odd…We will thank you when you visit our home… and with that I was politely pushed out of their land and back to Dinas Emrys. Where I sat for a good while and pondered both the ingredients, which I now knew to be…

  • Amber from Egypt
  • Crown from Morocco
  • Sand from Easter Island
  • A miracle
  • A gift from Elif Shafak

The second thing on my mind was…what would the Fay be thanking me for?

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