Magic of the Fay p2 Solstice 2015

Magic of the Fay p2 Solstice 2015
Seat of the King

Seat of the King

After playing with three of the chambers of the Loughcrew the rods had brought me to the central mound and what looked like a seat. I was about to sit on it when I felt that it was already occupied. By what? I wondered. Taking up a position of to the side somewhat I tuned out this world and tuned in another. It was the world of the Fay.

Now, usually (he says in a of hand way) my communes with the Fay have been pluristic. What I mean is that the commune seems to be with a collective, rather than an individual. In this instance however I communed with an individual. A being that had a king like stature, however, I had a feeling that he was a king rather than the king.

The energy around the commune felt friendly and receptive and indeed such was the case as the demeanor of the king was a friendly one. I wondered about bees and crows for a moment. Surely I needed those to create a ceremony of connection.

Not here, the king said, this is our home.

Of course, I thought and yet another nagging feeling came to the fore and the king, reading my mind said…

Yes, you opened a portal to our land

It had been at the three chambers I had visited, each had been one the three places to use to open the portal to the land of Fay. Aha! I thought. And what pray tell was the reasoning behind this? Even as I asked the question, I knew the answer. Only a week or two ago. I had been told that the Fay in Ireland would thank me for something. What that was and where it would be was a mystery until now.

The king looked at me and into me. You have a gift that allows you to see into the hearts of others?

Yes, I have, in fact it was a coin that had been blessed by the fay in another land. A coin that could be used to look into the heart of others.

If you are willing, I can use it to look into your heart, the king said.

Hmmm, did I want him to do that? Was my first thought, my second being, Why did he need to use the coin? I considered both of these along with an age old warning…When you shake hands with the Fay be sure to count your fingers afterwards…and your toes! With a “Why else are you here?” thought I agreed and pulled out my pouch…

In my inside coat pocket there is a plastic pouch tied together with drawstring. Inside this pouch is another cloth pouch which has two items in it. The aforementioned Gold Coin and a Quartz crystal. I took out this pouch and felt inside. All that was there was the quartz crystal.

I was shocked! I knew I had put it in there. That morning I had dowsed for what was needed (on this journey) and the coin had been one of the items. Now it had vanished. I couldn’t believe it. How could it have been lost? This was the first time that I had opened the pouch and yet it was gone! More like a mad man than anything else, I tried to back track along my steps all the while thinking of the impossibility of the task.

Where could I have had lost it? When had I put my hand in my pocket? Had I checked the contents at any time? Maybe at the airport? Maybe when I was looking for the lighter? All these rational thoughts flicked into my mind and yet all the while there was an underlying feeling…how had it got out of two pouches?

A sign of Fay Magic

A sign of Fay Magic

As I wandered through the chambers and the mound I heard the King call out…

Have you not learned patience?

What? I thought. How will patience help me? However, I did slow my pace down somewhat, in the attempt to practice some patience. Then a thought occurred to me. I wasn’t learning patience. I was learning to read signs. On that journey I had had to learn patience. Signs…were there any signs? I looked about. In the distance I saw the descriptive sign for this site. I had taken a picture of it earlier. For some reason I was drawn back towards it. As I got close, there on the ground by it was the Gold Coin. I couldn’t believe it and yet there it was. How? Fay Magic came an answer that I had to accept. It was impossible and yet there it was.

I returned to the King on the Seat and shook my head…what had just happened? The king was laughing…Then he leapt from the seat and came to me.

We wish to thank you for the stories of us that you have told and the tales that you will tell, he said

I was a bit non-plussed, nevertheless I mumbled a humble thank you and you’re very welcome. The king gestured at the seat and asked me to lay the coin there. I did and also felt that the crystal should go above it…


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